Eighth Edition Rollout - Antiquities

Posted in Feature on June 26, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Eighth Edition Rollout

The first printing of this card had 53 words in its rules text.

Antiquities Information:

Released: March 1994
Design and Development Team: Skaff Elias, Jim Lin, Joel Mick, Chris Page, Dave Pettey
Art Director: Jesper Myrfors
  New Mechanics: artifact theme, protection from artifacts (early version), Urza lands
Factoid: Antiquities' artifact theme focused on the Brothers' War between Urza and Mishra, the conflict that set the background for most of the storylines on Dominaria.

Cards in Eighth Edition that originated in Antiquities:

Sage of Lat-Nam Urza's Mine Urza's Tower Wall of Spears
Millstone Urza's Power Plant

Bold indicates a card that has never appeared in a Core Set before.

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