Eighth Edition Rollout - Arabian Nights

Posted in Feature on June 27, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Eighth Edition Rollout

Special premium Rukh Egg cards will be available at the upcoming Global Celebration tournaments.

Arabian Nights Information:

Released: December 1993
Design and Development: Richard Garfield
Art Director: Jesper Myrfors
  New Mechanics: coin-flipping, djinns and efreets, expansion hosers, real world theme, "Spirit Link" ability
Factoid: Arabian Nights almost had different card backs from the base set of cards, but a last minute decision prevented that from happening and shaped the future of Magic expansions for all time.

Cards in Eighth Edition that originated in Arabian Nights:

Rukh Egg Aladdin's Ring City of Brass Flying Carpet

Bold indicates a card that has never appeared in a Core Set before.

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