Eighth Edition Rollout - Homelands

Posted in Feature on June 24, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Eighth Edition Rollout

One of Homelands' more potent and interesting cards.

Homelands Information:

Released: October 1995
Design Team: Kyle Namvar and Scott “Scooter” Hungerford
Development Team: Charlie Cantini, Skaff Elias, Jim Lin, Joel Mick, Dave Pettey
Art Director: Sandra (Everingham) Garavito
  New Mechanics: tri-color lands
Factoid: Homelands was designed by two people from Wizards' customer service as opposed to Research & Development.

Cards in Eighth Edition that originated in Homelands:

Merchant Scroll Anaba Shaman

Bold indicates a card that has never appeared in a Core Set before.

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