Eighth Edition Rollout - Ice Age

Posted in Feature on June 24, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Eighth Edition Rollout

Use Vexing Arcanix on your opponent for damage, or on yourself to draw cards.

Ice Age Information:

Released: May 1995
Design & Development Team: Skaff Elias, Jim Lin, Chris Page, Dave Pettey
Art Director: Sandra Everingham
  New Mechanics: cantrips, cumulative upkeep, depletion lands, “ally helping” cards, pain lands, snow-covered land
Factoid: Ice Age was the first true "stand-alone set" in that it reprinted several Core Set staples along with the five basic lands.

Cards in Eighth Edition that originated in Ice Age:

Vexing Arcanix Balduvian Barbarians Fyndhorn Elder Sabretooth Tiger
Wrath of Marit Lage Dark Banishing Lhurgoyf Zur's Weirding
Abyssal Specter Deflection Pyroclasm

Bold indicates a card that has never appeared in a Core Set before.

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