Eighth Edition Rollout - Urza's Saga

Posted in Feature on June 18, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Eighth Edition Rollout

Creature protector or combo piece?

Urza's Saga Information:

Released: October 1998
Design Team: Mike Elliott (lead), Richard Garfield, Bill Rose, Mark Rosewater
Development Team: Mike Elliott (lead), William Jockusch, Bill Rose, Mark Rosewater, Henry Stern, with contributions from Beth Moursund
Art Director: Ron Spears
  New Mechanics: cycling, echo, “free” spells, “growing” enchantments, “sleeping” enchantments, “perpetual” enchantments
Factoid: Urza's Saga was the most overpowered large expansion ever created; it featured several rule-breaking and ban-worthy cards.

Cards in Eighth Edition that originated in Urza's Saga:

Catalog Angelic Page Glorious Anthem Phyrexian Colossus
Fecundity Blanchwood Armor Hibernation Reflexes
Fertile Ground Confiscate Intrepid Hero Telepathy
Redeem Eastern Paladin Looming Shade Vernal Bloom
Rewind Elite Archers Okk Western Paladin
Spreading Algae Elvish Lyrist Persecute Worship
Urza's Armor      

Bold indicates a card that has never appeared in a Core Set before.

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