1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 1 Round 1 Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

- Elijah Pollock

Gary Krakower vs. Sam Lount

This round pits two-time Canadian national champion and GP Austin winner Gary Krakower against fellow Canadian (obviously) Sam Lount. Gary is playing a very powerful mono-black deck with a pestilence against Sam's solid green and white deck which features Radiant Archangel.

Game 1:

Sam wins the die roll and after choosing to play, decides to call a Paris mulligan on his first hand. Sam begins the game by playing a forest and a plains over the first two turns and casts a Wall of Glare. Gary follows up by playing his second swamp and a Lurking Skirge. On the third turn Sam plays another forest and casts a Cradle Guard, Gary keeps pace by laying a land and casting a Skittering Horror. On the fourth turn Sam pays echo and lays a land. Gary also lays a land and says done, apparently because casting a creature would destroy his horror. On his fifth turn, Sam lays a land but has no spells to play so he says go, Gary Swatt's the wall at the end of turn activating his Skirge. On his turn Gary attacks for 2 putting Sam at 18 and lays a land to end his turn. Sam cycles a Slippery Karst on Gary's end step, lays yet another land and ends his turn. Gary cycles a sicken on Sam's end step and on his turn dispondencies the guard and attacks with both his creatures for 7 to put Sam at 10 life. Sam attacks with the 2/4 Cradle Guard for 2 damage and busts out his bomb, the Radiant Archangle. Unfazed, Gary attacks with the Skittering Horror to put Sam at 6, drops a Chime of Night on the Horror, and casts a Phyrexian Monitor, which causes the Horror to be sacrificed and the Chime kills the Archangel. Sam casts Path of Peace on the Skirge putting Gary back up to 22. Gary then casts another Monitor, and an unworthy dead and says go. Sam draws a Treetop Seedlings and casts it. Gary then draws a swat, kills the Cradle Guard, recasts the Despondency and quickly ends the game with his regenerating beats.

Krakower 1 - Sam 0

Game 2:

Sam plays first and lays a Slippery Karst. Krakower has a strong draw with 3 land and 4 3-cost creatures and plays a swamp. Sam plays a plains and says done. Krakower draws... a Pestilence! He then plays a swamp. Sam lays a forest and plays a Markar Beatles. Gary then lays a land and casts a Blood Vassal. Sam attacks for 2 and casts an Angelic page. Gary lays another land and plays his champion creature for this game, a Phyrexian Ghoul. Sam plays another plains, attacks with his Page for 1 and casts a Mantis Engine. Gary responds on his turn by laying his fifth swamp and casting a plague dogs. Sam decides to use the Engine's flying ability and it hits Gary for 4 after the page pumps it up. Sam continues loading up his side with creatures by casting a Cradle Guard. Gary calmly casts an Unworthy dead and continues to set Sam up with the Pestilence in his hand, he also lays another swamp. Sam pays echo and repeats his attack from the turn before dropping Gary go 9 life. It was then time for Gary to finally unleash the plague of Pestilence. He sacks the Dead and the Dogs to the Phyrexian Ghoul making it 5/5 after the Dogs ability goes off. Gary the Pestilenced for 4 dealing lethal damage to all the creatures on Sam's side and attacked for 5 bringing Sam to 11. Sam tries to hold on too the game by casting a Treetop Seedlings but the Ticking Gnomes and Skittering Horror in Gary's Hand prove to be far to much beatdown to handle and Sam succumbs to the power of Pestilence.

Krakower 2 - Sam 0

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