1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 1 Round 2 Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Terry Tsang vs Sam Lau

Terry Tsang, 1998 Canadian National Team member, coming off of his recent top 8 appearance at PTNY 1999 paired up against Sam Lau, a player from Ontario in this exciting feature match.

In the first game, Lau takes the initiative and plays second turn Goblin Masons. Tsang plays only land on his turn, and prepares to take some beatings. Lau swoops in for 2 and the turn passes. From that point on, the game was all Tsang's. Summoning a Weatherseed Fairie that Lau had no way to deal with and following it up in consecutive turns with a Sigil of Sleep, Expendable Troops and a Tormented Angel. Lau tried to find some defense in the form of Keldon Vandals and Thornwind Fairies, only to have them Radiant's Judgemented and Rescinded at critical moments. Tsang's flying beats were just too much for Lau to handle.

The second game was a study of control. Nothing was played until the 3rd round, when Lau played a Hulking Ogre, and Tsang played Thornwind Faeries. On his turn, Lau Parched the Faeries and attacked, after playing a Braidwood Sextant. On his turn, Tsang did nothing, leaving Lau open to attack, but Tsang had a surprise for Lau, a Defender of Law that saved Tsang from getting hit. Lau went on a rampage after that, in consecutive rounds summoning A Ghitu Slinger, Pendrell Drake, Viashino Runner and Mantis Engine. Meanwhile Tsang built his defenses slowly, with Path of Peace, Tormented Angel, Sustainer of the Realm and Voice of Grace. In one turn, Lau powered up his Runner with Shiv's Embrace and Parched Tsang's Voice. Tsang followed up the next turn with a Rescind on the runner and a King Crab that drew a frown from Lau. Lau had an answer for that, as he cast an Iridescent Drake and brought back the Shiv's Embrace. The next turn had Tsang dropping most of his hand, casting Radiant Judgement on the Drake, and Pacifism on the Mantis Engine and attacking for 11. It was all downhill for Lau after that, and Tsang flew in for the win 3 turns later.

Tsang 2 - Lau 0

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