1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 1 Round 3 Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

- Elijah Polock

Pete Radonjic vs. Vincent Boulanger

This feature match pitted last year's national champion Pete Radonjic against an excellent young player from Quebec, Vincent Boulanger. Both players drafted aggressive Green and Red decks, the best card in either deck probably being Vincent's Shivan Hellkite.

Game 1:

Both players begin this game by mulliganing their opening hands. After Vincent declared he was mulliganing as well, Pete thanked him for being such a nice guy. Pete plays first and lays a forest, as does Vincents. Pete then lays a second forest and casts Acridian. Vincent just lays another forest. Pete attacks for 2 and plays a mountain. On Vincent's turn, he plays a third forest and cycles Wild dogs on his main phase. Over the next three turns Pete plays a Yavimaya Granger, a Goblin Mason, and a Mantis Engine. Meanwhile an extremely mana screwed Vincent looks at his hand of red cards with nothing but forest in play and concededs.

Radonjic 1 - Boulanger 0

Game 2:

Vincent has a much better start this game and plays a first turn Wild Dogs. Pete plays a forest and starts to get a little scared on Vincent's turn when he Rancors up the Dogs, lays a mountain and beats down Pete for 4. Pete then lays a mountain and casts a Goblin Mason. Unable to draw a third land, Vincents decides to keep the beatdown going by attacking with the Dogs who trade for the Mason and do 3 trample to Pete. Vincent then decides not to cast the Taunting Elf in his hand which at least could have possibly, been Rancored for more damage on his next turn. Pete then lays another mountain and brings out a Goblin Spelunker. Vincent once again doesn't draw land and this turn decides to cast the Taunting Elf. Pete casts a Yavimaya Enchantress and attacks for 2. Vincent on his fifth turn finally draws a third land and casts a Goblin Medic. Pete attacks again with both his creatures for 4 bringing Vincent to 14, he then casts a Viashino Runner followed by a Treetop Mystic, and a Gang Elk on the next two turns. Vincent who never drew another land tries valiantly to keep Pete's creatures off him but quickly gives in to the attacks.

Radonjic 2 - Boulanger 0

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