1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 1 Round 5 Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

- Elijah Pollock

Terry Tsang vs. Gary Wise

Terry, having one of the best decks at the table is paired up against Gary Wise's Blue White control deck. Terry is playing a Green Red deck with an insane amount of burn spells.

Game 1:

Terry plays first and over his first two turns lays a mountain and a forest. Gary plays a pair of plains and casts a Field Surgeon. Terry cycles a Smoldering Crater at the end of turn, and on his turn plays a forest and a Heart Warden. Gary plays an island and says go. Terry plays a forest and Lava Axes Gary to deal the first five points of damage to him. Gary draws, plays another island and casts the incredible Thieving Magpie. Terry responds on his turn by dropping a very fat Yavimaya Scion. Gary draws hits with Magpie and draws another card, he then pacifies the Scion. On his turn, Terry Multani's Decrees, destroying the Pacifism and beats down Gary for 4. He also Flame Jets him to put Gary down to 8. Gary hits with the Magpie again to keep his card advantage flowing. He then drops a Disappear on the Scion. When Terry declares his attack phase, Gary responds by making the Scion disappear, "Where'd it go" jokes Terry. Terry then Lava Axes Gary to 3. The next turn when Terry tries to Flame Jet for the finisher, Gary Congregates for a total of 4 life when Terry sacks his Heart Warden. It's all in vain though as Terry plays the Scion again and Abandon's it at Gary for the finisher.

Tsang 1 - Wise 0

Game 2:

Before this game, Gary boards in Quash and Energy Field for burn control. Gary's second turn play is once again a Field Surgeon. Terry responds on his turn by playing Heart Warden again. Gary plays a Raven Familiar on his third turn and grabs a Snap over the other two lands. On his turn, Terry asks: "still at 20"? and Flame Jet's Gary to 17. On his upkeep, Gary uses the new sixth edition rules by responding to putting echo on the stack for his Raven by Snapping it. He then plays a Sustainer of the Realm. Terry cycles on the end of turn and plays an Argothian Swine. Gary attacks for 2 with the Sustainer, Pacifies, the Swine, and recasts the Raven. Terry plays another fattie in the form of Yavimaya Wurm. Gary chooses not to pay the echo and attacks again for another 2. He then Radiant's Judgements the Wurm. Terry Axes Gary down to 12, but when Gary's next three turns include a Sanctum Custodian, Cathodian, Weatherseed Fairies, and Magpie, Terry concedes.

Tsang 1 - Wise 1

Game 3:

Terry begins this game by mulliganing and starts with a first turn Goblin Patrol. Unfortunately, he didn't get another land for 4 turns and by that time Gary had a Disciple of Law, Lilting Refrain, Raven Familiar, and Weatherseed Fairies in play. Terry then starts drawing mountains but still cannot cast the Crosswinds in his hand. Gary casts a Sustainer of the Realm, and counters a few of Terry's red spells. A turn before he would die, Terry finally draws a forest for the Crosswinds, but it's too late as Gary's Bubbling Beetles finish him off.

Tsang 1 - Wise 2

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