1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 8 Feature Match

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

- Elijah Pollock

Terry Tsang vs. Ryan Fuller

This feature match paired off two of the top players from Vancouver, both had 6-2 records and have excellent shots at the top 8. Before the first game, Fuller thinking that Tsang is playing Death as well, tries to pump Tsang about information on his deck. Tsang tells him that he isn't playing with Oath of Ghouls . They roll the dice and Terry wins and decides to play first.

Game 1:

Terry begins this game by mulliganing a hand that contained no creatures. He then plays a swamp and a Sarcomancy, totally suprising Ryan who thought he was playing Death because of the Oath comments from before. Ryan then asks if it is too late to declare a mulligan, Terry tells him that it is. Ryan plays a City of Brass on his first turn. Failing to draw a second land, Terry attacks for 2 and casts another Sarcomancy. Ryan plays a Phyrexian Tower and casts a Monk Realist. He points at the Sarcomancy token and tries to destroy it, but Terry puts the enchantment in the graveyard. On his turn, still stuck on one land, Terry attacks for 4 and casts a blood pet. Ryan then plays a forest and taps all three of his lands for a Yavimaya Granger and gets a forest out of his deck, he also takes a damage from his city putting him at 12. Terry draws a card and it is finally a second swamp, not wanting to trade a Sarcomancy token for the Granger with unpaid echo, Terry just casts a Dauthi Slayer. Ryan decides not to pay the echo on his creature, then he sacks the realist the tower for 2 black mana and drops a Spike Weaver which will almost completely shut down Terry's game. Terry manages to get one more hit in, but Ryan plays a Survival of the fittest, and sets up a Living Death that sees him bring back a Darwin, a Deranged Hermit, a Phyrexian Plaguelord, a Tradewind Rider, and an Uktabi Orangutan. Terry Concedes.

Tsang 0 - Fuller 1

Game 2:

In between games, Terry boards in Rapid Decays and Perish, and Ryan boards in Worship, and Spike Weaver. Terry begins the game by casting a Duress and sees a Survival and two Deaths in Ryan's hand, he chooses for him to discard the Survival. Ryan then plays a forest and a Llanowar Elf. Yet again having no second land, Terry casts a Sarcomancy. Ryan then casts an Uktabi Orangutan, and when Terry cannot play a land the next turn, Ryan casts a third turn Masticore. Terry is quickly forced to concede again.

Tsang 0 - Fuller 2

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