1999 Magic: The Gathering World Championships
Day 4 Round 6 Pairings

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By Wizards of the Coast

Australia (AU) (1)1764France (FR) (8)175
Belgium (BE) (3)1608Denmark (DK) (7)157
Brazil (BR) (4)15310Canada (CA) (5)151
Canada (CA) (5)15110Brazil (BR) (4)153
Chile (CL) (6)12013Indonesia (ID) (11)141
China (CN) (31)7214Malaysia (MY) (16)145
Denmark (DK) (7)1578Belgium (BE) (3)160
Finland (FI) (32)14415Turkey / Russian Federation (TR) (28)137
France (FR) (8)1754Australia (AU) (1)176
Germany (DE) (9)1902Mexico (MX) (17)178
Hong Kong (HK) (10)1783Netherlands (NL) (18)177
Indonesia (ID) (11)14113Chile (CL) (6)120
Ireland (IE) (12)116 *** BYE ***
Italy (IT) (13)1716Japan (JP) (14)165
Japan (JP) (14)1656Italy (IT) (13)171
Korea (South) (KR) (15)1569Singapore (SG) (24)155
Malaysia (MY) (16)14514China (CN) (31)72
Mexico (MX) (17)1782Germany (DE) (9)190
Netherlands (NL) (18)1773Hong Kong (HK) (10)178
New Zealand (NZ) (19)15111Philippines (PH) (21)151
Norway (NO) (20)1851United States (US) (30)209
Philippines (PH) (21)15111New Zealand (NZ) (19)151
Poland (PL) (22)1685Sweden (SE) (27)172
Portugal (PT) (23)1617Spain (ES) (26)167
Singapore (SG) (24)1559Korea (South) (KR) (15)156
South Africa (ZA) (25)15012United Kingdom (UK) (29)145
Spain (ES) (26)1677Portugal (PT) (23)161
Sweden (SE) (27)1725Poland (PL) (22)168
Turkey / Russian Federation (TR) (28)13715Finland (FI) (32)144
United Kingdom (UK) (29)14512South Africa (ZA) (25)150
United States (US) (30)2091Norway (NO) (20)185

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