2000 Grand Prix Kyoto

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Top eight players at Grand Prix Kyoto.

[view] Tobey Tamber smiles as his little green friends attack.

[view] The battle of the Tsuyoshis - Tsuyoshi Fujita plays Tsuyoshi Doyama in the quarterfinals.

[view] The beginning of the end - Katsuhiro Mori starts the turn that will win him the game.

[view] Crowds gathered to watch the semi-final match between Katsuhiro Mori and Tsuyoshi Fujita.

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita in the quarterfinals.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori plays Tobey Tamber in the quarterfinals.

[view] All the excitement of a Grand Prix can get very exhausting.

[view] Crowds, along with local television cameras, gather to watch the semi-final match between Ryan Fuller and Yuki Murakami.

[view] Yuki Murakami studies his hand in the semi-finals.

[view] Jamie Lynn's T-shirt reveals her patriotic fervor as Ryan Fuller plays the semi-finals.

[view] Tomohiro Maruyama in his round 11 feature match. He was top 4 at GP Sapporo.

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita has won many miscellaneous tournaments around Japan and is a regular on the Pro Tour. He was the highest finishing Japanese player at World Championships 1999, coming in top 32.

[view] Tomohiro Maruyama versus Tsuyoshi Fujita in a feature match.

[view] Masashiro Kuroda awaits the start of his feature match against Toshiki.

[view] Toshiki Tsukamoto is a great player, but sometimes plays a little slowly.

[view] Toshiki Tsukamoto, winner of GP Manila, former Japan National Champion and well known Pro Tour player.

[view] Satoshi Nakamura caught in a rare moment without a zany chapeau.

[view] Canadian National Champion Ryan Fuller with Sideboard reporter Jamie Lynn.

[view] Kotaro Ando comes from a family of strong Magic players.

[view] Feature match between Ryan Fuller and Kotaro Ando.

[view] Newcomer Naoki Sanno hopes to improve his 1600 ranking level at Grand Prix Kyoto.

[view] Japanese National Champion Tsuyoshi Doyama carefully shuffles his deck.

[view] Naoki Sanno faces off against Tsuyoshi Doyama in a round 12 feature match.

[view] Jun Nobushita ponders his options in the final moments of game two.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori studies his cards at the Feature Match table.

[view] Yuki Murakami, despite how it may look, is *not* a natural blonde!

[view] Yuki Murakami and Katsuhiro Mori look to the judge for guidance during this round 13 Feature Match.

[view] Kazuya Hirabayashi pile shuffles after a double mulligan in game one.

[view] Canadian prima-donna Ryan Fuller brings over head judges and interpreters to discuss a ruling.

[view] Fumihiko Sano, top four at GP Kyushu. also known as a good deck builder around Japan. In this round 10 feature match he tried his fairly unique mono-blue deck against Eisaku Itadani's Survival deck. Unfortunately, Survival is tough to beat once Squee comes out to play.

[view] Fumihiko Sano (left) versus Eisaku Itadani in a feature match.

[view] Eisaku Itadani played Tradewind-Survival to win his round 10 feature match.

[view] Kazuya Hirobaya in a round 10 feature match.

[view] Murakami Yuki in a round 10 feature match.

[view] Murakami Yuki versus Kazuya Hirobayashi.

[view] Hayashi Shinsuke (right) tries to beat Canadian National Champion, Ryan Fuller. Shinsuke was victorious against Alex Shvartsman yesterday, but lost to Fuller today.

[view] Masayuki Higashino, 1999 Japan National Champion.

[view] Goro Matsuo, former Japan National Team member.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori versus Goro Matsuo in a feature match.

[view] Kazuyuki Momose, Grand Prix Sapporo and Grand Prix Sendai top 8 finisher. He also finished in the top 8 of APAC Championships 1999.

[view] Top players Kazayuki Momose versus Masayuki Higashino (1999 National Champion)

[view] Katsuhiro Mori gets ready for his feature match.

[view] APAC Champion Masaya Mori is interviewed for Japanese television.

[view] Tom Wylie of Wizards of the Coast Research and Development runs a quiz show for attendees of GP Kyoto. Tom Wylie was the lead designer of MLB Showdown trading card game and a former Pro Tour head judge. Ron Foster translates into Japanese.

[view] Kiyotomo Kageyama is a good player, but has yet to acheive any high level results.

[view] Masaya Mori mentally preparing for his match.

[view] Kiyotomo Kageyama in a round 8 feature match against Masaya Mori.

[view] World reknown Japanese player, Satoshi Nakamura.

[view] Youichirou Yamakawa, is a teammate of "hat man" Satoshi Nakamura. He plays Satoshi in this round 8 feature match.

[view] The essential Satoshi

[view] An exterior view of the Grand Prix site.

[view] A gateway to a Japanese shrine right outside the Grand Prix site.

[view] A Japanese temple down the street from the Grand Prix site.

[view] The entrance into the Grand Prix site.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori is one of Japan up-and-coming young players. He was invited to the Magic Invitational in Sydney, but could not attend because of school committments.

[view] Tsyuyoshi Douyama is the 2000 Japan National Champion.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori versus Tsyuyoshi Douyama in a feature match.

[view] Fumihiko Sano versus Masashiro Kuroda.

[view] Ms. Jaime Lynn takes notes as Ryan Fuller is almost defeated in his round 6 feature match.

[view] Kenishiro Ito in a round 6 feature match.

[view] Jaime Lynn covers a match between Japan's Kenishiro Ito and Canada's Ryan Fuller.

[view] Kazuhiro Nakamura, a young Japanese player with lots of potential.

[view] Goro Matsuo, former Japanese National Team member.

[view] Goro Matsuo versus Kazuhiro Nakamura in a feature match.

[view] Takayuki Nagaoka.

[view] Okamoto Jin has the nickname of Djinn.

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya is well respected for building great blue decks. Today he is playing Counter-Oath.

[view] Okamoto "Djinn" Jin versus the "blue master" Tadayoshi Komiya.

[view] The charming Matthew Vienneau handily covers a feature match. Matt has been in good spirits since winning Grand Prix Dallas.

[view] Several members of the press were on hand, taking photos and videos of the competition.

[view] This young man is Hayasi Shinsuke - he is the apprentice of Jun Nobushita, a top Japanese player. The youngster was very excited to defeat Alex Shvartsman, the god of GPs.

[view] Osama Fujita, 1999 APAC Championship finalist.

[view] Itaru Ishida, top 16 at Pro Tour New York 1998.

[view] Itaru Ishida explains to Osama Fujita how he will use his superior skills to beat him in this feature match.

[view] Hiroki Okamoto competed at the APAC Championships in 2000.

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita a Pro Tour regular. He has one of the highest Pro Point totals in Japan.

[view] Hiroki Okamoto versus Tsuyoshi Fujita in a round four feature match.

[view] Satoshi Nakamura and his cool "Hershey's Kiss" hat.

[view] Tobey Tamber, resident (and highest rated player) of Taiwan.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori, top 8 player from Japan Nationals and Japan Regions. Katsuhiro Mori was invited to the Magic Invitational in Sydney, but could not attend because of school.

[view] The amazing Alex Shvartsman.

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya with Morphling.

[view] Tsuyoshi Ikeda, famous player from Kyushu. Ikeda is on the 2000 Japan National Team.

[view] Goro Matsuo, former national team member and well respected constructed-format player.

[view] Takamasa Fukada, Buddhist priest and finalist of GP Sapporo.

[view] Jun Nobushita, Pro Tour regular and highly skilled player.

[view] Hiroshi Harada, top 8 at Japan Nationals 2000.

[view] There was a long line to see the two artists, Brom and rk post.

[view] Hiroto Watanabe finalist at APAC Championship 2000.

[view] Toshiki Tsukomoto, winner of GP Manila 1998, two-time Japan National Champion, four-time National Team member and Magic Invitational 1998 player.

[view] Takehumi Ichinohe, the newest Japanese level 3 judge.

[view] The side tournament registration desk with a cool Hammer of Bogardan backdrop.

[view] Players poured into the tournament area as soon as the outer doors were opened.

[view] As soon as the artists opened for business, a huge line of several hundred people formed.

[view] Dealers had all manner of cards and card sleeves for sale.

[view] Check out these cool Grand Prix staff shirts.

[view] The main stage for Grand Prix Kyoto.

[view] The Grand Prix banner.

[view] The team hard at work. From left: Ron Foster, Jeff Donais, Chris Zantides (supervising), Matt Vienneau and Keita Mori.

[view] Kenichi Fujita and Masayuki Higashino greet each other before the tournament.

[view] Top Japanese Magic players (from left): Itaru Ishida, Kenichi Fujita and 1999 Japan National Champion, Masayuki Higashino.

[view] The world famous Masaya Mori. Mori played a unique version of the Survival deck, known as "NWO" in Japan. Many Japanese players call a Survival deck, "NWO" (a reference to WCW Wrestling).

[view] Round one feature match: Hiroki Yamazaki (left) vs. John Taro Kageyama.

[view] John Taro Kageyama is the leader of Team John and a well respected player from Yokohama (site of the 1999 World Championships).

[view] This was Hiroki Yamazaki's first tournament. He was in a first round feature match with John Taro Kageyama.

[view] Osamu Fujita, 1999 APAC Championship finalist and Tsuyushi Douyama, 2000 Japan National Champion relax during their byes.

[view] Masahiko Morita and Masashiro Kuroda, famous players from Osaka.

[view] Koby Okada, member of Team John, is ready to start his round 2 feature match.

[view] Itaru Tanikawa played in a round 2 feature match.

[view] Itaru Tanikawa versus Koby Okada in a round 2 feature match.

[view] Mike Long got a deck from Ryan Fuller, then dropped out before round 4 to spend time with his girlfriend and sell some cards.

[view] Takashi "Robin" Aida is the head judge for Grand Prix Kyoto. Here he sets up the first round of pairings on DCI Reporter.

[view] An amazing 725 players attended Grand Prix Kyoto.

[view] Keita Mori will be providing Japanese coverage for events, including GP Kyoto.

[view] Chikara Hayashi, one of the best deckbuilders in Japan. He has made many decks for Tokyo players including the two-time APAC Championship winning decks of Masaya Mori.

[view] A Japanese TV crew was at the event filming and doing interviews.

[view] Staff from Hobby Japan coordinate the event.

[view] Players are excited to participate in the world's largest Extended tournament.

[view] Two time APAC Champion, the amazing Masaya Mori.

[view] Masaya Mori practices with his team before the Grand Prix.

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya is known as the "Blue Master" in Japan. When the metagame has strong blue decks, Komiya is strong. He was incredible during the popular during the Counter-Post and Academy periods.

[view] Tsyuyoshi Douyama, the 2000 Japanese National Champion. He is from Osaka.

[view] Itaru Ishida (left) and his apprentice, nicknamed "Desk" Tomohiro Maruyama. Maruyama was top four at GP Sapporo.

[view] "John" Kageyama, leader of Team John, one of the best teams in Japan.

[view] Winner of the Friday Grand Prix Trial, Isamu Fujieda. Fujieda played mono-red to win the GP Trial, which was the largest in history at 212 players.

[view] Kenichi Fujita, one of Japan's top players. He is a two-time former Grand Prix champion. Both of his wins were at limited Grand Prix. Fujita is well-respected for his skills in Limited formats.

[view] Yuta Shimobayashi, an interesting Japanese player.

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