2000 Grand Prix Singapore

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Goodbye from Singapore!

[view] Mountain Hung and his excellent and diligent judging staff

[view] Photographer Alex Tinsman

[view] Head Judge Mountain Hung

[view] Champion, Sam Lau

[view] Runner Up Jonathan Chan

[view] Semifinalist, Tzu-Chang Kuo

[view] Semifinalist, Masuyuki Higashino

[view] The Top 4

[view] Runner up, Jonathan Chan

[view] They can't BELIEVE it!

[view] The game-ending handshake

[view] Can you BELIEVE it?

[view] Sam Lau cannot BELIEVE it!

[view] Jonathan Chan

[view] The story of the match - Trix vs. Ponza

[view] A happy, happy Sam Lau

[view] Tzu-Ching Kuo, of Taiwan

[view] Wong Consults

[view] Nick Wong finally hit the wall, losing a close one

[view] 1700 Flag winners are announced and awarded

[view] Trophies. Trophies!

[view] The scorekeeping station

[view] Head Judge Mountain Hung presides over a rules situation

[view] The main stage, featuring Chris Zantides, Alex Tinsman and Some Jerk

[view] Judge Certifier Chris Zantides

[view] Chris Zantides ejects Nick Wong's duck from the tournament. There were allegations of failure to agree upon reality

[view] Ang Jun Yang had a tough time with Law's Trix deck

[view] Albertus Law, of Singapore, plays a round 12 Feature Match

[view] Dueling Necros

[view] DURESS! The word of the tournament

[view] Pong sets out his hand for a Duress. Lau chooses the Force of Will

[view] Sam Lau, with the combo in a bad place

[view] Robin Pong vs. Sam Lau

[view] It's a rough country, without any of the creature comforts Americans are used to

[view] Guest scorekeeper A Dragonfly

[view] Singapore's Derrick Yeo

[view] Consult for Firestorm

[view] Masayuki does the math

[view] Higashino has two wrecking balls - an Unholy Strengthed Black Knight and Necropotence

[view] Derrick Yeo was fighting an uphill battle all match

[view] Derrick Yeo and Masayuki Higashino shake hands

[view] Taiwan's Tobey Tamber is piloting a Stompy deck

[view] Happy players gunsling against Research and Development member Henry Stern

[view] Random.Americans. Seattle's Team 25:17

[view] Chai has an amazing Trix hand

[view] Cool character Komiya Tadayoshi

[view] Top ranked Singaporean player Chai Royce

[view] After a Brainstorm, Komiya Tadayoshi has nothing to discard - all Victual Slivers and land

[view] Head Judge Mountain Hung mediates a rules dispute

[view] Nick Wong and his Lucky Ducky

[view] Scorekeeper Adrian Teh trains others to use the high tech scorekeeping system

[view] Even little judges have to take the test

[view] Cupcakes on a Spike Weaver? Only in Magic

[view] Satoshi's lucky salamander

[view] Satoshi needs to mise

[view] DURESS!

[view] Satoshi Nakamura may or may not be wearing pants

[view] Fujita, like most pro players, pile shuffles before his match

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita plays against Satoshi Nakamura

[view] Satoshi chose to wear a rather subdued hat

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita is not at all pleased with his opponent's play

[view] Japan's Satoshi Nakamura

[view] Fujita has a tough decision - Demonic Consultation, Unholy Strength, Duress or Carnophage

[view] The GP is being held inside a huge mall - crowds of people on four levels watch the coverage

[view] The view from the top

[view] Bob Maher, Jr. presides over GP Singapore

[view] Leong plays a Winter Orb, shutting down Cursed Scroll

[view] Koon uses a Seal of Fire on Felix's Jackal Pup. Take two!

[view] Koon Ming Ng plays the Sligh vs. Sligh matchup

[view] Felix Leong plays in his round 2 feature match

[view] Crowds of people watch the feature matches

[view] Khim Wai Woon is playing a tough matchup against 10-land green

[view] Chandra Purnawan plays at the feature match in round 1

[view] Daniel Tan is a determined youngster - he's playing mono-blue

[view] Trading was rampant before the tournament

[view] The cutest judge in the whole wide world, Qiu Zhixiong

[view] Players register their decks

[view] Apparently, they have buried treasure in Singapore, too.

[view] Though most of the architecture is Western, Eastern influences can be found all over

[view] Downtown Singapore

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