2000 Grand Prix Sydney

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Combo vs. Control - the classic matchup

[view] The finals were incredibly intense

[view] Gordon Lin vs. Will Copeman

[view] Gordon Lin with head judge Paul Barclay and Chris Zantides

[view] Champion Gordon Lin

[view] The top 4 competitors

[view] Anatoli Lightfoot

[view] Play was heated in the final rounds

[view] Will Copeman played a great Grand Prix

[view] Satoshi Nakamura is probably most famous for his incredible hats

[view] Royce Chai is one of the Top 8 competitors

[view] Joe Connolly played Turboland to the semifinals

[view] Gordon Lin, eventual GP Sydney champion

[view] The hair! Kim Brebach plays in the Top 8

[view] Nakamura's run for the championship ended in the semifinals

[view] Will Copeman plays in the semifinals

[view] The Top 8 area was highly organized

[view] Will Copeman vs. Anatoli Lightfoot

[view] Quarterfinalists Kim Brebach and Gordon Lin

[view] Satoshi Nakamura's lucky salamander is clearly visible

[view] Brainstorm resolves

[view] What Trix doesn't like to see when it Duresses

[view] Being Satoshi Nakamura. Note the Illusions of Grandeur (generously Donated to him). Somehow, he wins this game

[view] In response to Time Warp, Doecke Consulted for a Misdirection

[view] John Ou plays against Dave Humphreys, while Jamie Lynn reports

[view] John Ou

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz watches Dave Humphreys play

[view] Japan's Satoshi Nakamura

[view] A complicated stack - Arcane Denial targeting Necropotence. Misdirection targeting Arcane Denial (onto itself). Arcane Denial targeting Necropotence. Doecke gets to draw four cards, Nakamura, only two.

[view] Michael Doecke Consults for a miracle

[view] Dave Humphreys plays against John Ou

[view] Humpherys was close to making Top 8. After drawing in the final round, he just missed the cut

[view] Satoshi Nakamura vs. Michael Doecke

[view] Nearsighted players struggle to see the standings

[view] Matt Vienneau and Satoshi Nakamura share a laugh

[view] Many GP matchups featured combo decks vs. control

[view] Winners don't just get the cash - they get snazzy trophies

[view] Diligent judges calculate the Top 8 scores

[view] Many Extended players refuse to play with anything but the rarest cards

[view] Time Warp resolves. Satoshi Nakamura is happy

[view] Sideboard reporter Matt Vienneau falls asleep while covering a match. He is so fired.

[view] Judges diligently check decks

[view] Dave Humphreys squeaked into Day 2 in the middle of the pack - today, he's fighting for some prize money

[view] Kim Brebach vs. Chris Allen

[view] John Ou and Royce Chai play in a Feature Match

[view] Australian players came by the hundreds to play against these superstars

[view] Looks like gunslinger Noah Boeken is going to win this game

[view] Mike Long gunslings, as part of his Invitational weekend

[view] Australia is an interesting country

[view] Alex Shvartsman is among the many participants

[view] Mark asks a difficult question

[view] Mark Rosewater conducts his Quiz Show

[view] Satoshi always arrives in style

[view] Satoshi Nakamura gives his opponent "The Stare."

[view] In the early rounds, lots of people get Feature Matches

[view] Bronwyn Bruce

[view] Tobi Helvik

[view] Bronwyn Bruce and Tobi Helvik play a round 6 Feature Match

[view] Australian players are in your face!

[view] Several arrests were made over the course of the weekend

[view] A brave Ironman player rips an Armored Guardian in half

[view] Sam "Wardy" Ward

[view] Famous Australians Nathan Russell and Sam Ward

[view] One of the many Feature Matches

[view] Your Move Games' Dave Humpherys is playing in GP Sydney

[view] Nick Wong accompanied by his lucky duck

[view] The famous, hat-wearing Satoshi Nakamura

[view] Sideboard reporter Early Nguyen didn't fare well in the tournament

[view] Players are always happy to be photographed

[view] Diverse decks showed up to play

[view] Chris Zantides won't take no guff from no one, no how

[view] Lots of people played in GP Sydney

[view] The Ben Seck plays in a Feature Match

[view] A good-natured feature match

[view] High profile competitors play their matches in the Feature Match area

[view] Players of all ages came to play

[view] Extended is chock full of variety. Here, a Survival deck faces off against a black weenie deck

[view] Round 1 Feature Match: Cole Swannack vs. Jim Bandas

[view] An overhead view of the action

[view] A nice shot of the Grand Prix logo

[view] Players from all over APAC (and a few from the USA) came to Sydney for the tournament

[view] Diligent judges go over the decklists

[view] Gaea's Cradle... What a bargain!

[view] Trading was heavy before the tournament began

[view] R. E. Dalrymple updates DCI information for players in Australia

[view] Worth Wollpert gunslings with a little miser

[view] rk post shows off his Bog Initiate

[view] Artist Mark Zug with his alternative art Rhox behind him

[view] A large overhead projector keeps track of time at GP Sydney.

[view] The amazing GP Sydney banner.

[view] Scott Larabee flew in to be scorekeeper of GP Sydney.

[view] Grand Prix Sydney Head Judge, Paul Barclay. Paul is one of England's finest level 3 judges and was flown in for Sydney.

[view] Players start to gather at the Grand Prix site.

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