2000 Pro Tour Chicago

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Kamiel Cornelissen sideboards

[view] Armageddon is bad

[view] The finalists go at it, Sheldon Menery judges and reports. What a guy

[view] The finals stage, very nice

[view] Gotterdammerung? (Or, in English, "Armageddon?")

[view] Kai Budde blazed through the Top 8. He was on fire

[view] A lovely picture of Kai Budde and his new trophy

[view] Richard Garfield gives Rob Daugherty a stern talking to

[view] Dougherty, Kibler, Cornelissen and Budde: the Final Four

[view] The triumphant Kai Budde

[view] Pals and rivals, Jon Finkel and Ben Rubin

[view] The finals end, Budde wins!

[view] One of the four finalists' chairs

[view] Kai Budde, Pro Tour Champion

[view] Cornelissen defeats Dougherty

[view] Rob Dougherty has some cool token creatures

[view] Cornelissen, playing in the semifinals

[view] Brian Kibler plays Kai Budde while judge Sheldon Menery presides and reports

[view] Kai Budde hopes to ride his sweater to the top

[view] Kai Budde made his way to the finals

[view] Rob comes across the table into the red zone

[view] Rob Dougherty has control over the game

[view] Kamiel Cornlissen studies his hand carefully

[view] Brian Kibler, all sideboarded for the rebel matchup

[view] The Top 4, on the ESPN2 stage

[view] Elarar and Budde shake after their quarterfinal match

[view] Brian Kibler encourages Kai Budde to win his quarterfinals - he liked the matchup

[view] Little kids love the fatties

[view] Kibler and Mowshowitz shake after a brutally quick match

[view] IN YOUR FACE!

[view] Bad times for Mr. Mowshowitz

[view] Kibler's hand is pretty good

[view] Kai Budde is a happy, go-lucky kind of guy. However, he appears to have brought an army to watch his back.

[view] Jon cuts Kamiel's deck

[view] Finkel concentrates on taking his match

[view] Can you believe this happened in the Top 8 of a Pro Tour?

[view] Rob Dougherty plays against "Mikey P" Pustilnik in the quarterfinals

[view] Jon Finkel, Top 8

[view] Mike Pustilnik, Top 8

[view] Kai Budde, Top 8

[view] Kamiel Cornlissen, Top 8

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz, Top 8

[view] Brian Kibler, Top 8

[view] Rob Dougherty, Top 8

[view] Kai vs. Elarar, they're in the red zone

[view] Brian Kibler smashes down Rith, the Awakener

[view] Kamiel Cornlissen advanced to the semifinals

[view] Quarterfinalist Zvi Mowshowitz, from New York

[view] New Yorker Mike Pustilnik made the Top 8

[view] Rob Dougherty shakes hands after his win

[view] Arto and Kai play for the Top 8

[view] Side events were huge - drawing locals and PT regulars

[view] The Feature Match area was packed all day

[view] Becky Hiebert rides Rob Dougherty. Exciting!

[view] Arto sideboards

[view] Kai Budde is on a hot streak, after a long cool streak

[view] Herzog is in a very tight match

[view] Finkel topdecks like the miser he is

[view] They work hard and they play hard

[view] JSS'rs are good sports

[view] Standard fever gripped everyone - even those not competing in the Pro Tour

[view] Canadian Gary Wise and Frenchman Raphael Levy shake hands after a tough match

[view] Finkel defeated Herzog for a spot in the Top 8

[view] HA! Five color Magic at its best

[view] One of Magic's many teams

[view] Players in the QT fight to go to Tokyo

[view] Finkel arranges the stack

[view] Jensen is beating up on a disconcerted Finkel

[view] Nicolai Herzog vs. Jinpei Hassaku

[view] William "Baby Huey" Jensen is just shy of the Top 8

[view] Jon Finkel shuffles up, hoping to stay in contention

[view] Jinpei Hassaku is the highest ranked Japanese player still in contention

[view] Eh. What are you going to do?

[view] Rob Dougherty plays yet another fat Jade Leech

[view] Travis Turning has recently made a PT Top 8, in New York

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz is definitely riding the bubble

[view] Invitationalist Gary Wise vs. Noah Boeken

[view] Godinez offers to deal Budde some damage

[view] Kai Budde concentrates on the board situation

[view] "Saproling Burst or no?"

[view] Dougherty is one of several players having great success with his Fires deck

[view] Rob Dougherty is all over this game

[view] Zvi's asleep at the wheel

[view] Kavu Chameleon has been a favorite of pros playing Fires

[view] Finkel is worried about the health of his attacking Kavu Chameleon

[view] Noah Boeken is engaged in a staring contest

[view] Gary Wise, somehow angry about his resolving Absorb

[view] Gerardo Godinez plays Scott Johns in the late rounds. Both players are near the top of the field

[view] The crowds gathered to watch Jon Finkel

[view] Brian Kibler shakes his fist

[view] Kai Budde, angry at the world, chops the feature match table in half

[view] A happy Brian Kibler

[view] Sigurd Eskeland is a very, very surprised person

[view] Hampton Court Palace's Ben Ronaldson

[view] Sigurd Eskeland plays against Ben Ronaldson

[view] Jon Finkel vs. Brian Kibler

[view] Mike Pustilnik vs. Jamie Parke

[view] Hiltunen looks over at Maher's side of the table

[view] Brian Kibler got to live every kid's dream - beating an undefeated Jon Finkel in a Pro Tour Feature Match with an Armadillo Cloaked Rith, the Awakener

[view] Jon Finkel gets the smackdown

[view] Jamie Parke is a fine young man

[view] New York's Mike Pustilnik is a happy man

[view] Newly converted Buddhist Gerardo Godinez Estrada generously donates his deck to the poor

[view] Noah Weil poses with his girlfriend

[view] Diligent judge applicants take an often-difficult test

[view] QT players are the next generation of Jon Finkels

[view] Jon Finkel has the upper hand on Rob Dougherty

[view] Norway's Nicolai Herzog plays against Seth Burn

[view] The always well-dressed Warren Marsh plays against Raphael Levy

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz plays against Ben Ronaldson

[view] Zvi takes his time and untaps properly

[view] Englishman Ben Ronaldson, popularly thought of as one of the best resources in the world

[view] Rob Dougherty looks over at Finkel's side of the table

[view] Jon Finkel draws a card

[view] Dirk Baberowski and Nicolas Labarre look over the standings

[view] QT players try to earn a slot to play at Tokyo

[view] Magic's ESPN2 logo

[view] Judges in the side events area host a Qualifier Tournament - this is how most players get their big break on the Tour

[view] Dealer tables reported that Absorb was the most sought after card this weekend - the value of it more than doubled

[view] Sometimes, the pressure just gets to you

[view] One cool thing about the Pro Tour is that players can watch older Pro Tours on television monitors located around the building

[view] There are a few disturbing sights, at the highest level of competition

[view] Justin Gary sides in rebels sometimes. Sneaky

[view] Justin Gary asks Tony Dobson for a high five

[view] Slemr moves some guys into the red zone

[view] The board: Kai Budde vs. Jakub Slemr. Rebels abound

[view] Jakub Slemr plays his match while Mark Rosewater phases out

[view] Tony Dobson eyes his fresh-drawn card

[view] Valkyser preps to play another threat against the Rebel deck

[view] Eskeland passes his turn

[view] Stephan Valkyser plays against former Pro Tour Champ, Sigurd Eskeland

[view] Andres Konstanczer plays against Matthias Jordstedt to kick off Day 2

[view] Germany's Kai Budde, one of Magic's greats

[view] One of the many perks of judging is the stylish shirt. You stand out in the crowd

[view] Diligent judges wait for Day 2 to begin

[view] Noah Boeken is a calm and compassionate player

[view] Maher's cards are hot. Very hot

[view] Masayuki Higashino considers his options

[view] Sigurd Eskeland approximates the size of his deck

[view] Pustilnik taps some mana to cast Ghitu Fire. Finkel has to read the card

[view] EEK! Mike Pustilnik is clearly not happy

[view] Finkel attacks with his River Boa

[view] Jon Finkel, piano maestro, is currently 7-0

[view] Dan Cervelli, William Jensen and Jon Finkel are hangin'

[view] Nicolas Labarre and Jon Finkel play at the top tables

[view] Artist Tony Szczudlo

[view] Borer laughs manically as he looks down on Mr. Burn

[view] Tom Guevin uses his elbows a lot while playing

[view] Terry Borer is all hopped up

[view] Is that Igor? That is Igor

[view] Tommy Guevin is, they say, "tight"

[view] Seth Burn, Mindripper columnist

[view] Maher vs. Slemr in a late Day 1 feature

[view] Bob Maher Jr. is one of the best players around

[view] Former PT Chicago Champ, Jakub Slemr

[view] Dojo founder Frank Kusomoto popped by to check out the action

[view] Artist Matt Cavotta

[view] Zvi is flabbergasted!

[view] The best Fact or Fiction ever

[view] The irrepressible Zvi Mowshowitz

[view] Stefan Valkyser plays against Satoshi Nakamura

[view] Fuller vs. Shvartsman, two Invitational competitors

[view] Davis plays Maher. Again.

[view] Sideboard writer Alex Shvartsman looks good for Day 2

[view] Canadian National Champ, Ryan Fuller

[view] Bob Maher, The Great One, is doing well in both the Masters and Pro Tour

[view] Renee Roub tests out the demo area

[view] Chicago looms above the competition

[view] Dave Humpherys has long been known for his ability to defy physics

[view] Humpherys and Pikula are two of the friendliest opponents around

[view] Chris Pikula is, well, Chris Pikula

[view] Scott Johns of Mindripper

[view] Adrian Sullivan plays against Laurie Dunning of Team Goodfellas

[view] Steve O and Frank Adler, two Pro Tour champs

[view] Eskeland and Frayman, possibly two of the tallest competitors, play

[view] Levy cast a Saproling Burst, prepping to run Dougherty over

[view] Rob is very ready to untap. Playing Fires of Yavimaya makes players incredibly proactive

[view] Rob Dougherty of Your Move Games plays against Frenchman Raphael Levy

[view] Chicago is a beautiful Midwestern city

[view] Some of its skyscrapers have been around for quite some time

[view] Chicago has its share of tall buildings

[view] The Hyatt Regency hotel, hosting Pro Tour Chicago

[view] Jensen was quickly swept in this Feature Match

[view] German favorite, Andre Konstanczer

[view] William Jensen. There are rumors that people call him "Baby Huey" behind his back

[view] Superman: Ben Rubin

[view] Big Ben: Englishman Ben Ronaldson

[view] The battle of the Bens: Ronaldson vs. Rubin

[view] Gary Krakower vs. Tadayoshi Komiya

[view] River Boa or no?

[view] This is the highest level of competition - the top tables of a Pro Tour

[view] Frenchman Raphael Levy

[view] Steve O'Mahoney Schwartz plays against Pro Tour Atlanta Champion, Frank Adler

[view] Sigurd Eskeland plays against Igor Frayman

[view] Igor Frayman sends his creatures into the red zone

[view] Sigurd Eskeland is a happy Viking

[view] Willkomen Frank Adler, old pro

[view] New York's own Steve OMS

[view] Scorekeeper Gordon Culp is beat, so Tournament Manager Jeff Donais gives him a sensual massage while Head Judge Mike Donais presides

[view] Gary Wise plays for the love of it

[view] The Noble Panther and its painter, Artie Swekel

[view] Artist Glen Angus poses with the art from the popular Tangle Wire

[view] The controversial Trey Van Cleave asked if there would be a gray zone on the new play mats, for "sketchy plays."

[view] Former PT-Chicago champ, Dirk Baberowski

[view] A good shot of the new Feature Match playmat

[view] Nicolai Herzog shakes hands after his match

[view] The Feature Match area gained a couple of new features, including guard rails and dramatic lighting

[view] Forsythe and Cuneo were the first set of friends to play each other in a Chicago Feature Match this year

[view] Two World Champions play: Budde vs. Selden

[view] Old friends Gary Wise and Dirk Baberowski were paired early on

[view] Rose plays Van Cleave in round 2

[view] Virginian, Kyle Rose

[view] Gary Wise reads his opponent's Fact or Fiction. Maybe, if he looks at it long enough, it will be countered

[view] Former World Champion, Kai Budde, wearing a non-striped sweater

[view] Players, including Invitational participant Gerardo Godinez Estrada, check out the pairings

[view] Sturla vs. Satoshi, Norway vs. Japan

[view] Pro Tour Chicago drew players from around the world

[view] Andrew Cuneo eyes Forsythe's Absorb

[view] Aaron Forsythe prevents an overeager opponent from cutting his deck

[view] Satoshi Nakamura plays well, despite allegations that he's wearing an old hat

[view] Norwegian Sturla Bingen

[view] Chapin and Snepvangers play for a first round victory. No one wants to start 0-1

[view] Chris Pikula plays Ben Rubin. Both players just got back from the Magic Invitational in Sydney

[view] Pat Chapin eyes creatures in the Red Zone

[view] Abraham Snepvangers concentrates. The early rounds of a Pro Tour are just as important as the later ones

[view] Ben Rubin, early in his first Feature Match of the day

[view] Chris Pikula is a sly, sly dawg

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