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Australian Nationals 2000-2001

April 27-29, 2001

Invitation List
Player Pack
Side Events

What is the date for the AU National Championships?
April 27-29, 2001

Where is the AU National Championships going to be held?
National Convention Centre
27-31 Constitution Avenue
Canberra ACT

How can I play in the 2001 AU National Championships?
2001 AU Nationals is a closed event. Invitations are awarded based the following criteria:

  • 2000 World Champion (not applicable in Australia's case)
  • 2000 Pro Tour Player of the Year (not applicable in Australia's case)
  • The Current Australia National Champion (Stephen Campbell)
  • The Current Australia National Team
    • Ben Seck
    • Kim Brebach
    • Craig Hong
  • Players from Australia with 20 or more pro points as of the most recent pro standing preceding the National Championships by at least four weeks. (In this case the Pro Tour-Tokyo standing, to be published on March 19, 2001)
  • Top fifty (50) previously uninvited players based on Australia Composite DCI ranking taken on March 20, 2001. (announced March 21, 2001)
  • Top eight (8) finishers from each Regional Qualifying Tournament.

    Regional tournaments take place on March 31 or April 1, 2001 as follows:

    City Date Contact Phone
    Adelaide March 31 Dale Aitken 08 8227 0020
    Brisbane April 1 Mel Parry 07 3366 9166
    Canberra April 1 David Low 0413 556 683
    Darwin April 1 Robert Wilcox 0418 633 797
    Hobart March 31 Stan Hutchinson 0417 447 826
    Melbourne March 31 Russell Alphey 03 8344 8884
    Perth March 31 Matthew Nippierd 08 9324 3002
    Sydney April 1 Chris Foggin 0402 231 366
    Townsville March 31 Mike Puccini 07 3366 9166

    All tournaments are to be Standard Constructed format.
    Number of rounds shall be based on the attendance.

  • Top four (4) finishers at each of the Australian National's Qualifying Open events taking place on Friday April 27, 2001.

If I already have an invitation, can I play in events that offer invitations to AU Nationals?
Players who already have an invitation may not compete in events that will allocate invitations.

I read that National teams are only going to be 3-person teams. Is this true?
Yes. All National teams will consist of only 3 players. The top 4 finisher are invited to attend the 2001 World Championships, but only the top 3 players will play in the team competition. The losing players in the semi-finals at AU Nationals will have to play off to see who will play on the Australia team.

What do I get if I place in the top 8 for AU National Championships?
Money! The pay out for 2001 Australia Nationals will be $5000 USD paid out as follows:

1st   $1,700
2nd   $1,100
3rd   $700
4th   $500
5th-8th   $250

What are the other prizes?
Product prizes will be awarded from 9th to 32nd place.

Once I am qualified for AU National Championships, how much is the entry fee?
Free. There is no entry fee for the AU National Championships.

What paper work do I have to complete in order to register that I am going to play in the AU Nationals?
In order for all players to be eligible for competition all invitation winners must sign and complete the both the information sheet and the waiver contained in the players pack, you must return these waivers back to


WOTC, Attn: Dale Aitken
570 Blaxland Rd.
Eastwood NSW 2122
- or -
Fax: 02 9874 0956

These must be received by the 22nd April 2001.

What hours is the venue are open?
The venue is open from 8:00am until 11pm on all days the Nationals are run.

Where can I find accommodation in the area? Contact Helen Logas of Travel Corp on 02 9663 3422 or for information about hotel and travel.

Can you give me a timetable of the AU Nationals?

April 27
9am - 11pm Nationals Player Registration
9am AU Open registration Opens
10am AU Open #1 Starts (Sealed Deck) - 4 Invites
1pm AU Open #2 Starts (Constructed (Standard)) - 4 Invites
3pm AU Open #3 Starts (Sealed Deck) - 4 Invites
6pm AU Open #4 Starts (Constructed (Standard)) - 4 Invites
11am - 11pm Ancillary Events running

April 28 Day One
9am - 9pm Nationals Rochester Draft (6 rounds)
Noon - 11pm Ancillary Events

April 29 Day Two
8am - 4pm Nationals Standard Constructed (6 rounds)
4:30pm - 10pm Nationals Finals
Noon - 10pm Ancillary Events
10:15pm Final Presentation
*Timing may change due to unexpected events

What are the formats for the AU Nationals?

Day One Format

  • Rochester Draft (IN/PS) Draft twice
  • 50-minute rounds + 5 extra turns

Day Two Format

  • Standard Constructed as of the 1st of April 2001
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns

Finals Format

  • Standard Constructed (Deck from Day Two)
  • Best 2 out of 3 Modified Double Elimination
  • 90 minute rounds (The winner is the one who has won more games, else they finish the current game, and then we determine who is the winner)

Will 7th Edition be legal for 2001 AU Nationals?
No. 7th Edition becomes legal for Standard on May 1, 2001. 6th edition will be used.

What is the story with the meat grinders?
This year we have decided to run four meat-grinder tournaments at AU National Championships. This year, we are again offering both Sealed and Constructed grinders.
These events are run SINGLE-elimination.
Entry fee for Sealed is $25 and for constructed (standard) $15. All of the grinders carry 4 invitations to the AU National Championships

How will the draw work at the AU National Championships?
It will be 12 rounds of continued Swiss-style pairings. You may play the same person up to three times (once during draft 1, during draft 2 and during the standard day). If you make the DOUBLE Elimination finals, it is possible for you to play that same person once again.

If I am interested in Judging what do I do?
Information about judging will be posted at a later date.

If I have further questions, whom do I contact?
You can email Scott Larabee at scott@wizards.com.

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