2001 European Championship

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The top four players and their trophies. Come home safely and congratulations

[view] Eivind Nitter happily takes over the heavy duty of representing Europe as its Champion from Noah Boeken

[view] Last year's European Champion Noah Boeken looks a bit sad giving the trophy to Nitter

[view] Craig Jones at work for the Sideboard

[view] Daniel Zink receives his fourth place trophy

[view] Event Manager Christophe Weyers calling the winners on stage

[view] ...together with Gary Wise, for a nice balance of personalities

[view] Ben Ronaldson is the commentator in English...

[view] Andrea Santin joins in with the comments

[view] Marco Makuz and Davide Bonate giving life comments in Italian

[view] Dave Montreuil receives the second place trophy

[view] Sergio Simonelli handing out the trophy to winner Eivind Nitter

[view] Red alert

[view] Dark room, concentrated audience

[view] A look at the finals match on stage

[view] Tomi Walamies - that close to being one of the finalists - in the dark at the Sideboard table

[view] The trophies

[view] The finals match

[view] Eivind Nitter versus Dave Montreuil in the finals of the European Championship 2001

[view] Daniel Zink versus Wolfgang Eder in the quarter-finals

[view] Sturla Bingen versus Tomi Walamies in the quarter-finals

[view] Jens Thoren versus Dave Montreuil in the quarter-finals

[view] Eivind Nitter versus John Ormerod in the quarter-finals

[view] The Sideboard's own Alex Shvartsman

[view] Rui Oliveira, the Sideboard's Mobile Fort

[view] Ladies and gentlemen, the best eight European Magic players in 2001

[view] Haunted Angel, Yawgmoth's Agenda and Explosive Growth are from the hands of Arnie Swekel

[view] Mark Tedin, the creator of Sol Ring, Mana Drain and Juzam Djinn

[view] Kev Walker made Void, Orim's Chant and Obliterate

[view] Tomi Walamies versus Svend Geertsen in round fourteen

[view] Many hold the opinion that Tomi "Jelly" Walamies is the best deckbuilder in Finland

[view] Tuomo Nieminem versus Frank Karsten in round fourteen

[view] Tuomo Nieminem is friends with Tomi Walamies. There is definitely a Finn going through to top 8

[view] Frank Karsten finished ninth last year and does not want to see this happen again. Well Frank, you won't...

[view] The Argentinian Gero Maier lives in Germany this year and is making the best out of it

[view] Tom van de Logt and Gero Maier in round fourteen

[view] Andrea Santin versus Svend Geertsen in round thirteen

[view] Andrea Santin, probably the only Italian to have ever asked the supporting crowd to be a bit quieter

[view] Svend Geertsen, the guy who released Stompy on the unsuspecting Magic community at Worlds 1997

[view] Ben Ronaldson and Franck Canu following the Fuller-Jocumsen match

[view] Flix Schneider

[view] Sigurd doesn't know what he's getting

[view] Sigurd Eskeland versus Felix Schneider in round thirteen

[view] Bjorn Jocumsen's daughter is called Justitia

[view] Ryan Fuller, champion trash talker

[view] Tomi Walamies versus Thomas Rosholm

[view] Thomas Rosholm from Sweden in round thirteen

[view] Did you know this guy is the Welsh Champion? Philip Brett

[view] Top 8 Competitor Tomi Walamies

[view] Top 8 Competitor Jens Thoren

[view] Top 8 Competitor Eivind Nitter

[view] Top 8 Competitor Daniel ink

[view] Top 8 Competitor Wolfgang Eder

[view] Top 8 Competitor John Ormerod

[view] Top 8 Competitor Sturla Bingen

[view] Top 8 Competitor Dave Montreuil

[view] After some matches

[view] The Italian side of the web coverage table

[view] Gary Wise curious about how Antoine Ruel is doing

[view] This happens when the air-conditioning breaks down

[view] Sucking inspiration from a pen

[view] Antoine and Olivier Ruel, Ben Ronaldson and Farid Meraghni discussing decks

[view] Alberto Adesso's pictures will be in the next issue of the Sideboard magazine

[view] The fabulous Federico Faenza, responsible for the Italian version of the Sideboard

[view] Sideboard reporters Rui Oliveira and Gary Wise on a diet of bits, bites and water

[view] Owner of Urban Legend, Davide "Tolle" Bonati, looking elsewhere for inspiration. Backed up by Gaetano Gagliardi, new at Wizard of the Coast, Italy

[view] Marco Makuz takes care of the webcoverage for Urban Legend

[view] Nexus' boot, editor of the Oraculo magazine

[view] Good deal, huh?

[view] Side events are up and running

[view] Playing at the side events

[view] Registration at the side events: Federico Calo and Gianluca Panebianco

[view] Judge Jeroen Vercruysse gives us a big smile for his girl

[view] Sergio Simonelli, Vice President Europe

[view] Sergio "Seen my badge? It's officially me!" Simonelli

[view] Daniel Zink

[view] Jens Thoren

[view] Wolfgang Eder

[view] Dave Montreuil

[view] Sturla Bingen

[view] Eivind Nitter

[view] John Ormerod

[view] Tomi Walamies

[view] Nicolas Labarre in round twelve

[view] Tom van de Logt in round twelve

[view] Kai Budde in round twelve

[view] Tom van de Logt, one of the Dutch still making a chance at top 8

[view] Antoine Ruel versus Pierre Malherbaud, not the first time these last weeks. They faced each other in the French Nationals already

[view] Antoine Ruel, "the calmer half of the Ruel brothers"

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/851.jpgNicolas Labarre verus Rickard sterberg in round twelve

[view] Crazy Noah

[view] Would be nice for the picture if Nicolas Labarre would be drafting black and red here

[view] Tuomo Nieminem keeps an eye on Pierre Malherbaud at the drafting table

[view] Picky Ryan Fuller

[view] Tommaso Natale and Marcus Angelin pulling a face

[view] Jos Schreurs between Roc Herms and Paco Llopis at the second draft

[view] Stan van der Velden looking for a broken card out of his pack

[view] Wolfgang Eder at table 1 making Exclude his first pick out of the first booster

[view] Bram Snepvangers, highly skilled player

[view] Kamiel finished his round eleven match with applause from his Dutch supporters

[view] Kamiel Cornelissen and Bram Snepvangers before they beat each other up

[view] One of the old names in Italian Magic is Andrea Redi

[view] Antonino hypnotized by cards

[view] Nice tan, Sigurd

[view] A careful choice of three time Grand Prix top 8 player Svend Geertsen

[view] Svend Geertsen versus Sigurd Eskeland in a round eleven feature match

[view] Mattias Kettil gets beaten up by a Drake

[view] Mattias Kettil and Sturla Bingen playing their deck a last time today

[view] Sturla Bingen, dreamy look

[view] Sturla Bingen, clear look

[view] Trey Van Cleave had to give the round ten match to Antoine Ruel

[view] The Battle of the Kings

[view] Pierre Malherbaud, the current French Champion

[view] Oliver "Ollie" Schneider, the current English Champion

[view] Noah Boeken competing with Bram Snepvangers

[view] Kai Budde, the other big B

[view] Ondrei Baudys facing another big B in round ten

[view] Shady picture, the real Trey Van Cleave

[view] Patrick Mello and Konstantin Firsov in round nine

[view] Konstantin Firsov, probably the only one who doesn't lose his cool now that the air conditioning has broken down

[view] Patrick Mello didn't only make Top 8 at the German Nationals, he also came fourth at Pro Tour Barcelona

[view] Klauser versus Luehrs in Round 9

[view] This guy made top 8 at German Nationals, Christian Luehrs

[view] Benedikt Klauser's calm has swept more than one player off his feet

[view] Eivind Nitter versus Wolfgang Eder in round nine

[view] Wolfgang Eder has a startling 8-0 record in round nine

[view] Eivind Nitter claims he is "so good at this game!"

[view] Italian top player Federico Dato

[view] Federico Dato versus Helder Coelho in round eight

[view] Jakub Slemr's biggest tournament achievement is still his 1997 World Champion title

[view] Antoine Ruel, the French Superman?

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/895.jpgJohnO versus Raphal Lvy in round eight

[view] The Drake lead John Ormerod to victory

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/897.jpgRaphal Lvy up against a strong opponent

[view] Posing for pictures is no fun

[view] Gary Wise and Nele Van der borght make believe that working for the Sideboard is fun

[view] Antoine Ruel versus Jakub Slemr in the first round of the day

[view] Svend Geertsen in a pensive mood

[view] A Scandinavian feature match, Svend Geertsen versus Tomi Walamies

[view] A bit vague, Tomi Walamies

[view] Budde's draft table

[view] Kai Budde, happy with the deck he drafted

[view] John Ormerod deserves to win something big for a change, according to the English players

[view] Gary Wise and Andrea Chiarvesio report on the draft of table 2

[view] Table 16, notice Dutch Frank Karsten and Bram Snepvangers

[view] A lot is at stake for all the Dutch at table 16, here Noah Boeken and Kamiel Cornelissen

[view] Holland has high hopes for Kamiel Cornelissen

[view] Sideboard reporter Rui Oliveira keeps a keen eye on Kamiel Cornelissen's draft

[view] Nicolas Labarre and Sinan Bolca at the draft

[view] Tonino

[view] By now Craig Jones manages to smile

[view] Federico Dato and Ellis Romero building their deck for the day

[view] Craig Jones surprised to see the sun shine without his dark glasses

[view] Hangover from day 1, Ben Ronaldson went 1-6

[view] Italian breakfast

[view] Gis making it sound like samba, "...and draft"

[view] Eivind Nitter next to Roberto Focherini

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/921.jpgRaphal Lvy next to Andrej Brglez

[view] Nele Van der borght had to wait ages to capture a good picture of the Head Judge

[view] Fuller made his pick

[view] Rochester makes the grey cells work

[view] Jan Sorensen, Peter Myrvig and Antonino de Rosa at the draft

[view] Raffaele Lo Moro

[view] Kai Budde

[view] Bram Snepvangers

[view] Sepp Neff, what can you do with a name like that?

[view] Olivier Ruel from France versus Lazar Szabo from Hungary

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/931.jpgRaphal Lvy versus Wolfgang Eder in the last round of the day 1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/932.jpgRaphal Lvy, seems the European Championships are good for him

[view] Guido Pacifici hard at work

[view] ...and Urban Legend reporter Marco Makuz, who takes advantage of that

[view] Dirty looks from a player from Modena, Roberto Focherini

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/936.jpgHelmut Summersberger versus yvind degaard in a round six feature match

[view] Cute smile from Helmut Summersberger

[view] The Swedish Jens Thoren, who came second at Grand Prix Prague, plays Italian Roberto Focherini

[view] Kai Budde versus Daniel Paskins in Round 6: this is how you play

[view] Daniel Paskins left Magdalen at home this time

[view] We caught him smiling. Kai Budde in his old Pro Tour Washington CCC shirt

[view] John Ormerod versus Dave Montreuil in a round six feature match

[view] Dave Montreuil, one out of three Canadians at the European Championships. Gary Wise tells you more in one of the side articles

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/944.jpgThe match Raphal Lvy - Svend Geertsen almost made Gary Wise throw his computer out of the window (and jump after it) 1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/945.jpgA modest Frenchman, Raphal Lvy

[view] Andrea Santin, one of the best deck builders in Italy

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/947.jpgNicola Herzog versus Sturla Bingen, two players who have to live up to high expectations in their home country Norway

[view] Time for thought, Benedikt Klauser versus Ondrej Baudrys in round five

[view] Paco Llopis to Nicolas Labarre: "Get going, I haven't got all day"

[view] Alexander Strakhov

[view] Nicolas Labarre

[view] Noah Boeken

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Andrea Redi

[view] Nicolas Olivieri versus Andreas Redi in round four

[view] JohnO versus the Spanish Carlos Barrado

[view] John Ormerod did well at Pro tour Mainz and Grand Prix Manchester, now Milan?

[view] The French Nicolas Olivieri "is not quite as well known as he should be, he's way underrated, a very good player", according to Pete Norris

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/959.jpgThe ex-European Champion and current Norwegian Champion Nicola Herzog faces Jos Schreurs, who won Grand Prix Gothenburg this year, in Round 4

[view] Just a little argument between friends

[view] Cyrille de Foucaud, an example for our youngsters

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/962.jpgYann Hamon versus Raphal Lvy. The French are well represented with a total of 18 players

[view] Rui Mariani, Portugal's pride and glory

[view] Pete Norris versus Tom van de Logt, maybe the opponent who chased Pete out of Holland

[view] Daniel Paskins, an English guy who occasionnally writes about Magic

[view] Scott Wills, an English guy who occasionnally writes about Magic

[view] Richard Edbury versus Noah Boeken in round two

[view] Alexander versus Alexander

[view] Bram Snepvangers versus Cyrille De Foucauld in round two

[view] Bram Snepvangers' unorthodox decks saved him more than once

[view] 'Old school' Cyrille De Foucaud, started with Alpha at the first GenCon

[view] Last-minute Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk

[view] Olivier Ruel versus Benedikt Klauser in round two

[view] Benedikt "Sorry" Klauser, but he beat Olivier Ruel anyway

[view] Olivier "I'm such an idiot" Ruel

[view] Tom Harlie, Stuart Creswell and Jonny Chapman rooting for Ben Ronaldson

[view] Federico Dato

1playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/EURO01/979.jpgyvind degaard

[view] Tom van de Logt

[view] Antonio De Rosa

[view] Yuri Kolomeyko

[view] Craig Jones

[view] Olivier Ruel

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Sigurd Eskeland made a good start, winning his first round

[view] Ben Ronaldson is here to win but got smashed in the first round

[view] Being featured so early in the day, the cost of being famous: Ben Ronaldson versus Sigurd Eskeland

[view] Eivind Nitter, Norwegian star from the seventies, according to some

[view] Eivind Nitter versus Antonino De Rosa in the first round of the day

[view] Antonino De Rosa is one out of three Italian players here today that plays on an international level (next to Luca Chiera and Andrea Passelli)

[view] Gary Wise, Lord of the Birds

[view] Gary's friends

[view] Two and a half Sideboard reporters - Rui Oliveira and Alex Shvartsman

[view] The Sideboard Squad, ready for action

[view] Il Duomo, the ultimate reason to visit Milan

[view] We'll be on top of things, keeping you informed of the latest developments at the European Championship 2001 in Milan

[view] The EC banner, another splendid design of Vanessa Embrechts

[view] All packed and ready to get going

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