2001 Grand Prix Amsterdam

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Top two and shining, congratulations to both of you!

[view] Deep blue for the Grand Prix banners of 2001

[view] Chris and trophy, both polished

[view] Ed Bear was kind enough to offer an original piece of his own art to the winner of this Grand Prix . . .

[view] . . . Chris Benafel, winner of Grand Prix Amsterdam

[view] Xavier Curto Vives, a happy runner up

[view] Felix proudly announces the Top 8 of Grand Prix Amsterdam

[view] Felix Huybrechts, Organized Play Manager for the European Territories having the night of his life

[view] Chris Benafel faces Xavier in the finals

[view] We think Xavier is rather photogenic

[view] Xavier Curto Vives made the grand finals. Spain, be proud

[view] Xavier Curto Vives in his semi final against Daniel OMS.

[view] Brian Davis' good luck charms.

[view] Chris Benafel looking very happy.

[view] Brian Davis and Chris Benafel at the beginning of their semi final.

[view] Brian Davis looking very happy about his hand.

[view] Daniel OMS carefully considering his options.

[view] Semifinal between Daniel OMS and Xavier Curto Vives.

[view] Brian Davis beating Alexander Witt

[view] Dan OMS, "judge"

[view] O help, Dan OMS

[view] David Price and Dan OMS

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] In the quarterfinals, Dan OMS is taking it up against Menno Dolstra

[view] Chris Benafel, another tongue

[view] Chris Benafel having fun

[view] Alexander Witt (facing Brian Davis): pay special attention to the little tongue

[view] And again, Antoine: triple A for a fine player

[view] France's finest, Antoine Ruel

[view] Xavier facing David Price in the quarterfinals

[view] Southern flavour in hot Amsterdam: Xavier Curto Vives

[view] "Oh dear, what's happening now" David Price

[view] Brian Davis playing Alexander Witt

[view] Menno Dolstra gets a nice color from doing the quarterfinals

[view] Gijs Hoogendijk overlooking the draft

[view] Antoine Ruel defending the French colours at Amsterdam. Xavier will surely do the same for Spain.

[view] Xavier Curco Vives and Alexander Witt brotherly next to one another. Alexander losing his interest

[view] Menno Dolstra shuffling cards

[view] The top eight drafting for the quarterfinals

[view] The Dutch Rob van der Steenhoven fighting his last battle with James Stroud

[view] The American James Stroud came all the way to the Netherlands to be featured in the last round

[view] An all Dutch feature match in round 14

[view] Alexander Witt proves to be the stronger of the two

[view] The last round features another Dutch guy, Bas Postema

[view] Xavier Curto Vives, who came all the way from Spain, will be starting sixth starting the quarters

[view] Defending his fifth place after round 14, Chris Benafel

[view] Brian Davis and Chris Benafael giving us their very own opinions on the event. Check out the player profiles

[view] Brian Davis, first to go into the quarterfinals

[view] The judges, a dream team!

[view] The best eight players before going into the quarterfinals

[view] And again

[view] The best eight after round 14

[view] Alexander Witt, eight after round 14

[view] Chris Benafel, fifth after round 14

[view] David Price, third after round 14

[view] Newcomer in the field Nele Van der borght

[view] Vicky Korstanje having fun

[view] More Sideboard staff

[view] The gentlemen of the team

[view] Ben Ronaldson from England is taking his job very seriously

[view] The ladies

[view] The Sideboard Online team from left to right: Ben Ronaldson, Craig Jones hiding, Mark Wraith, Nele Van der borght and Vicky Korstanje

[view] Gary Wise is losing this round 12 feature game

[view] Here he starts looking more serious

[view] Now look close, here Gary Wise is smiling, very confidently

[view] Chris Benafel, glasses coming down

[view] David Price: "Gary, you really think this is a wise card to play?"

[view] Chris Benafel, smiling this time

[view] Almost hidden: David Price

[view] Chris Benafel, facing Michael Debard in a round 12 feature match

[view] Micky's back, Gary Wise and David Price

[view] Michael Debard and Chris Benafel featuring in round 12

[view] Michael Debard, a bit vague maybe

[view] Gijs Hoogendijk, who is the head judge on day two, still talking with Jaap Brouwer

[view] Gijs Hoogendijk and Jaap Brouwer, who was head judge on the first day of the Grand Prix

[view] Brian Kibler, Warren Marsh, Zvi Mowshowitz and Sigurd Eskeland talking about constructing decks for Pro Tour Tokyo

[view] The English Scott Wills' big smile for the Sideboard

[view] Antoine Ruel and Jan Doise featuring in round 11

[view] Antoine Ruel has been playing very well this year, and it's no different today

[view] Jan Doise from Belgium in round 11, eyes wide open

[view] Oh oh, Eivind Nitter, this does not look good

[view] Sturla Bingen and Eivind Nitter in an all-Norwegian feature match in round 11

[view] Sturla Bingen, competing for fame and glory

[view] Superman is actually Dutch and is called Bart Genders.

[view] Tom Harle (UK) as a Dutch supporter and Gabriel Nassif (FR) in yellow brightening up the event.

[view] Kai Budde from Germany. No comments

[view] Dave Humphreys was the first to win a team Pro Tour, together with Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty for Your Move Games.

[view] Kai Budde, the favorite of this round 10 feature match, did not beat Gary Wise.

[view] Gary Wise, green and red, that is a lot to think about.

[view] Dan - the Man - OMS featuring in round 10.

[view] Veikko Montonen, Mario van Leeuwen and Diane Thirring, judges sharing ideas

[view] Scorekeeper at Grand Prix Amsterdam - at any European event? - Cajus von Engelmann

[view] A Nordic match: Jim Herold from Germany having a hard time standing up against Nicolai Herzog from Norway

[view] Dutch judge Angelique den Brok keeping a keen eye on the American Dan Clegg

[view] Alex Shvartsman in a feature match against Brian Davis in round 9.

[view] Brian Davis enjoying the sunshine.

[view] Alexander Shvartsman, check out the T-shirt.

[view] Alexander Witt in a feature match against Bram Snepvangers in round 9. Way to go, Holland!

[view] This guy's day cannot be beat anymore: Alexander Witt being featured.

[view] David Price in the background seems happier with his pick than Gary Wise.

[view] Janosh Kuehn at the draft.

[view] Olle Rade's pick is important for Alex Shvartsman.

[view] Drafting, Alex Shvartsman passes his cards on to Janosh Kuehn

[view] Not sure whether Brian Davis is happy with the cards Sturla Bingen gave him.

[view] Girlpower amongst the judges! English Diane Thirring and Dutch Angelique den Brok.

[view] Sideboard Online reporter Mark Wraith is looking attentively while Kai Budde is building his sealed deck.

[view] SBS, a Dutch commercial television station, will be broadcasting the Grand Prix at 7 pm on Saturday night during their news broadcast.

[view] Cyril Grillon (level 4 from Belgium) together with Christine Sienkiewicz (level 1.5 from France).

[view] Jan De Vries (level 2 from The Netherlands), Henk Claassen (level 1 from The Netherlands) and Stefan Blanchon (level 3 from France) are waiting to hand out the sealed decks.

[view] Paul Barclay, level 3 judge from England, and Cajus Von Engelmann from France are preparing everything for the first round.

[view] Jaap Brouwer, level 3 judge from The Netherlands, is head judging the third Grand Prix in Amsterdam.

[view] Ivan Stanoev and Antoine Ruel closing the feature matches of day one

[view] Ivan Stanoev, from the Czech Republic, seems to be happy

[view] Must be hard, concentrating at ten in the evening: Rob van der Steenhoven from the Netherlands

[view] Antoine Ruel, we've seen him a lot this year

[view] Sturla Bingen makes his opponent green with envy

[view] Rob van der Steenhoven and Sturla Bingen, feature-matching in round 8

[view] David Williams and Bram Snepvangers in a round 7 feature match

[view] Nothing can distract Bram Snepvangers, not even his fans

[view] Dan Clegg got nervous over facing Rookie of the Year Brian Davis

[view] OK, not really a rookie anymore

[view] David Williams picks his cards gentily

[view] The American Dan Clegg is getting nervous in round seven

[view] Is this kid fast or what?

[view] David Price needs support for his head: having heavy thoughts

[view] No tablecloths for these tough guys

[view] Yellow glasses, did Jon Finkel finally reveal us his secret of success?

[view] It's your move, Alex

[view] Veterans Alex Shvartsman and Dave Humpherys

[view] Smart boys facing each other in a round six feature match

[view] And you should see the beast Dave Humpherys has on his back!

[view] And the wwinner of this feature match, is the American Mike Pustilnik

[view] Tom van de Logt playing against Mike Pustilnik in round five: just imagine his mother talking about her son to the neighbours tomorrow

[view] Or maybe not. Mike Pustilnik beats the local boy

[view] Olle Rade happy over Crimson Acolyte

[view] The diminutive pair featuring in round five

[view] Tony Dobson was not lucky this time - only this time

[view] Some players brought their own energy drinks

[view] Lots of people in a hot place, this is Amsterdam!

[view] Judges update in between rounds.

[view] Mark Wraith does not play this time; he decided to do online coverage instead.

[view] Vicky of Online Sideboard dreaming

[view] Jon Finkel, current world champion, and Martin Zuercher from Switzerland have a different opinion on color.

[view] Noah Boeken plays a local game against Steven O'Mahoney Schwartz.

[view] A round 4 feature match between Brian Kibler and Darwin Kastle.

[view] Darwin Kastle

[view] Noah Boeken is not in the mood for the second feature match of round 4

[view] Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz is!

[view] US Brian Kibler being very alive against US Darwin Kastle, feature match in round 4

[view] Michael Sochon from France

[view] Worth a feature match: the Austrian Benedikt Klauser playing

[view] Colorful threesome

[view] Ryan Fuller, blue because there's only two players from Canada?

[view] Rickard Oesterberg, recently made Top 8 in Helsinki, against Warren Marsh, second in Pro Tour New York 2000.

[view] Sideboard reporters Alex Shvartsman and Patrick Mello sharing a table.

[view] What's up in 2001?

[view] Taking a break in between rounds three and four

[view] Dinesh Mehta from Switzerland avoiding the crowds

[view] Ed Beard's gift to the Grand Prix winner

[view] David Price is not yet qualified for Pro Tour Barcelona and is therefor planning on going to every European Grand Prix leading up to it.

[view] Gary Wise is one of the two Canadians to make the trip to Amsterdam.

[view] Bram Snepvangers made Top 8 Grand Prix Amsterdam in 1999 and recently finished 2nd at Grand Prix Florence.

[view] Dave Humpherys is here with the rest of his "Your Move Games" team members.

[view] Trey Van Cleave, currently living in Denmark, brought his girlfriend to Amsterdam to play her first Grand Prix.

[view] Michael Sochon from France making an appearance after staying away from the Grand Prix circuit for a while.

[view] David Williams concentrating very hard on building his deck.

[view] Darwin Kastle, from team "Your Move Games", is one of the 28 Americans to come to Amsterdam.

[view] Craig Jones from England looking very happy with the deck he just built.

[view] Sigurd Eskeland, The big Viking from Norway.

[view] Dominik Hothow from Germany.

[view] Tony "No Fear" Dobson.

[view] Mark Wraith from England is covering the event for Sideboard online.

[view] Kim Eikefet came to Amsterdam not to cover the event, but to play in it.

[view] Mattias Jorstedt (Sweden) and current English champion Ben Ronaldson.

[view] The new Grand Prix shirt featuring all scheduled Grand Prix in 2001.

[view] And this one is especially for you Marjorie ;-)

[view] An English threesome: Scott Wills, Mark Wraith and Tony Dobson.

[view] Ed Beard, signing cards and making drawings for his European fans.

[view] Ed Beard, Magic artist on site, is giving away the original painting of Sulfur Vent to the winner of the Grand Prix. This painting has a value of 975 US$.

[view] Dirk Baberowski played the finals here against good friend and team mate Kai Budde in 1999.

[view] Nicolai Herzog from Norway, European Champion in 1999.

[view] Marc Hernandez from France.

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