2001 Grand Prix Atlanta

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The new Champ.

[view] Half of Eugene's Zealot army.

[view] Harvey/Swan Top 4.

[view] Swan in the Semis.

[view] Harvey in the Semis.

[view] Linde/Jonhnson Top 4.

[view] Andy J in the Semis.

[view] Linde in the Semis.

[view] Brad Swan and Craig Wescoe in the Quartefinals

[view] Craig Wescoe

[view] Brad Swan

[view] Matt Linde and Antonino De Rosa in the Quarterfinals

[view] Antonino De Rosa

[view] Matt Linde

[view] Andrew Johnson

[view] Alex Borteh

[view] Andrew Johnson and Alex Borteh in the Quarterfinals

[view] Eugene Harvey and Bin Chen in the Quarterfinals

[view] Bin Chen

[view] Eugene Harvey

[view] Harvey, De Rosa and Swan in the Finals draft

[view] Borteh, Chen and Linde in the Finals draft

[view] Linde, Wescoe and Johnson in the Finals draft

[view] The Top 8

[view] Crowds gather to watch the key matches in Round 13.

[view] Ho battles Borteh for a shot at the Top 8.

[view] Alex Borteh and his tasty pen cap.

[view] Ken Ho in Round 13.

[view] Pustilnik vs. Wescoe: only one will advance.

[view] Craig Wescoe plays for it in the last round.

[view] Mikey P needs to win to make Top 8.

[view] Matt Linde needs Top 16 to stay on the "train."

[view] Linde and Wescoe prior to the I.D.

[view] Montreal's Mauro Bongiovanni is in contention in Round 12.

[view] Kenny Hsiung of Team Egghead.

[view] Bongiovanni and Hsiung in Round 12.

[view] Fatty, edt, and Ben Bleiweiss bring you the news.

[view] Andrew Johnson of CMU.

[view] Matt Ranks in the 11th Round.

[view] Antonino DeRosa is hovering near the top of the standings.

[view] Freneau and Ellis lock horns.

[view] Hugs 'til next time from Chad Ellis.

[view] Phil Freneau from ABU.

[view] Ranks/Johnson in Round 11.

[view] Draft 2, Table 1: Harvey, Johnson, DeRosa, Froehlich, Ranks, Chen, Swan, and Dougherty.

[view] ABU's Phil Freneau didn't go to Hong Kong, and needs to 3-0 this draft.

[view] Andy J drafts between Eugene Harvey and Antonino DeRosa.

[view] Mike Pustilnik drafts before Round 11.

[view] Draft 2 commences.

[view] Brian Kowal, Cub Reporter.

[view] Eric Kesselman surveys the action.

[view] Maher and McKenna watch the Ellis/Stern match.

[view] Round 10: Ranks vs. Karem.

[view] Laura Karem is 8-1 and drafted mono-green.

[view] Matt Ranks in a Round 10 Feature Match.

[view] Harvey/Froehlich to see who gets to be King of the Mountain.

[view] Eric Froehlich keeps on winning.

[view] Eugene Harvey at 9-0.

[view] Froehlich and Chen in a battle of the 8-0's.

[view] Bin Chen was undefeated in Round 9.

[view] Froehlich in Round 9.

[view] Hey, everyone! It's GeDDeS!

[view] Godinez battles Malka in Round 9.

[view] Sol Malka - Georgia's highest rated player.

[view] Gerardo Godinez traveled from Mexico for this GP.

[view] Kibler/Dougherty in Round 8.

[view] Brian Kibler and his saucy playmat.

[view] Rob Dougherty lays the beats.

[view] The Hump vs. Trevor B.

[view] Trevor Blackwell in Round 8.

[view] Dave Humpherys in Round 8.

[view] Deke calls the draft.

[view] Eugene Harvey was the leader going into the draft portion.

[view] Trevor Blackwell drafts between Kenny Hsiung and Andrew Johnson.

[view] Rob Dougherty drafts between Brock Parker and Tammy Ehrhart.

[view] The sign lets the world know we're here.

[view] Undefeated after Day 1: Chris Lovelace, Eric Froehlich, Bin Chen, Eugene Harvey, and Brad Swan.

[view] Huey vs. Andy J. Savage!

[view] Andrew Johnson in a Round 7 Feature Match.

[view] Jensen plays for Day 2.

[view] Comer and Froehlich trying to be 7-0.

[view] Eric Froehlich under the watchful eye his father.

[view] Alan Comer was #1 seed going into Round 7.

[view] Mikey P, active player.

[view] The Davis/Harvey Feature Match is good times.

[view] Brian Davis, Worlds Competitor.

[view] Eugene Harvey studies the board.

[view] Humpherys and Crosby in Round 6.

[view] Joe Crosby is locked in.

[view] The Hump.

[view] Godzilla's Scott Johns.

[view] "I'll block your pen lid with three matches, and let the puffy dragon through."

[view] Blast from the past: Frank Hernandez.

[view] Andrew Johnson and Dustin Stern.

[view] Cool guys Jensen and Kibler.

[view] Ho vs. Taylor, Round 5.

[view] Cali's Ken Ho.

[view] Eric Taylor does the math.

[view] Onlookers surround Dougherty vs. Swan.

[view] The younger Swan.

[view] YMG's Rob Dougherty.

[view] Thomas Pannell and Deke Young verify all match results twice.

[view] Meeting of the minds.

[view] Zack Franks and Daniel Humpherys... Hide the children!

[view] Judge Jensen Bohren aka "The Orgg."

[view] Brian Davis and Georgia's own Andy Wolf.

[view] Hometown hero Sol Malka and Mike Turian.

[view] Eugene Harvey and Rob Dougherty.

[view] Hubble/Borteh in Round 4.

[view] Alex Borteh with a peel.

[view] Bryan Hubble creates an Elephant token the old-fashioned way.

[view] Comer vs. McKenna in Round 4.

[view] Tim McKenna stuck on two land.

[view] Alan Comer takes a break from Dark Age of Camelot to play a Feature Match.

[view] Tournament Organizer Anthony Edwards sports the limited edition GP Atlanta windbreaker.

[view] Tom Swan, under the watchful eye of son Brad, duels Matt Linde in Round 3.

[view] Matt Linde, Round 3.

[view] Tom Swan scoops 'em up.

[view] Mike Long battles Eric Kesselman in a Round 3 Feature Match.

[view] Eric Kesselman in Round 3.

[view] Mike Long in Round 3.

[view] Kurt Hahn had a shave, and then a nap.

[view] The Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center, aka "The Site".

[view] Jason Rose defeats Jon Becker in a Round 1 Feature Match.

[view] Tim Bonneville versus Richard Stephens in Round 1.

[view] Alabama's Richard Stephens in a Round 1 Feature Match.

[view] Amateur Champion Tim Bonneville.

[view] Eric Taylor and Mexico's Gerardo Godinez Estrada put the finishing touches on their decks.

[view] Baby Huey rocks out as he builds.

[view] Wild-maned Alan Comer confirms his deck reg sheet.

[view] US National Champion Trevor Blackwell leafs through his sealed deck.

[view] Basic land as far as the eye can see.

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz and Jon Becker register decks. What fun.

[view] Brian Kibler will melt your heart!

[view] Scorekeeper Scott Larabee hard at work.

[view] Head Judge Thomas Pannell wows the crowd with his Karaoke.

[view] 376 players turned out for the event.

[view] Where it's at.

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