2001 Grand Prix Boston

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Still Life with Junk Food

[view] The average age in this semi-final matchup was 41!

[view] This combo just never gets old. Tom Swan advanced to the finals by trampling over Alan Comer with a Brian Kibler approved Armadillo Cloaked Rith.

[view] Top 8 group shot. From left to right that's Scott Johns, Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn, Chris Benafel, Matt Vienneau, Brian Hegstad, Kyle Rose, Tom Swan, and Alan Comer.

[view] These two quarter-finalists have four Pro Tour Top 8's each.

[view] A veritable army of Midwestern Magic players surrounded Kurtis Hahn as he and Matt Vienneau battled in out in the quarterfinals.

[view] Tom Swan was the #1 seed after the Swiss.

[view] There's a lot more to team AlphaBetaUnlimited than just Benafel, Fuller, and Boeken. Here Brian Hegstad plays his quarterfinal match against Scott Johns.

[view] With a win here Scott Johns can pull within one point of third place in the Player of the Year race.

[view] Two of the best players in the game duked it out with Top 8 on the line in the final round.

[view] "Must crush hopes and dreams," but the Fat Man overcame.

[view] Do not draft green/white next to this man.

[view] "Cloak this guy," says the Fat Man

[view] Qualifying for your first Pro Tour is cool.

[view] Chris Benafel has been on a Grand Prix hot streak in recent months.

[view] Reigning Player of the Year Bob Maher tried to add another title to his resume this weekend.

[view] It was Grand Prix Dallas all over again when champion Matt Vienneau met runner-up Chris Benafel in a round 13 feature match that oozed with Top 8 implications.

[view] Matt Vienneau Singed Chris Benafel's only other creature - a 3/3 that just needed to be black for a while - in the key play that won him game 1 of his round 13 Grand Prix Dallas finals rematch against Chris Benafel.

[view] Chris Benafel drafted an absolutely sick red/green deck at the top table.

[view] Does the Team Sped webpage still say "Farkas Mizes DC?" Here are Ben and his fans during round 13.

[view] Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn celebrated upon learning that he was going to be covered in a feature match, saying "I'm going to be a blue link!"

[view] "I smash" annonuces Kurtis Hahn as his Armadillo Cloaked Halam Djinn tramples over Kyle Rose's team.

[view] Scott Johns asks his Artic Merfolk "Can you do any neat tricks for me?"

[view] The Hump shuffles his sleeves before putting them onto his second draft deck.

[view] Another Limited Grand Prix, another OMS in contention for Top 8. Here Steve builds his second draft deck.

[view] Quite a crowd gathered to watch the round 11 feature match between Tight Tommy Guevin and Jason Opalka - the self-proclaimed Type 2 King.

[view] Kyle Rose had not yet lost when he sat down to play Darwin Kastle in this round 10 feature match.

[view] Darwin Kastle would love to win his home town Grand Prix.

[view] Justin Schneider let out quite a yell when - facing down Matt Vienneau's Crosis, Duskwalker, and red Battlemage - he top-decked Maggot Carrier for the win.

[view] Andrew Johnson followed up his perfect Day 1 by drafting a vicious green/white deck at table 1 that splashed for Fact or Fiction and Flametongue Kavu.

[view] Tom Swan was one of only two green drafters on table 1 first thing Sunday morning.

[view] Matt Vienneau explained before round 9 that he wants to break Finkel's record from the last Grand Prix Boston (16-0) by going 17-0 at this one. "Then people will say 'Who's Finkel?'"

[view] Russian citizen Zhanna Davydova came to America to visit her boyfriend's parents and left Grand Prix Boston with $250 in 1700-flag money

[view] For the second time this season, Matt Vienneau is undefeated after Day 1 of a Limited Grand Prix.

[view] Dennis Bentley had to stop and read Bob Maher's cards in a round 7 Feature Match

[view] Bob Maher got to Disrupt two Plague Spores in his round 7 Feature Match against Dennis Bentley.

[view] Justin Schneider came out of semi-retirement for Grand Prix Boston and posted a 6-0 record to start the event.

[view] Kyle Rose and Justin Schneider each made their first senior-level Pro Tour Top 8 at Chicago '97, the greatest Pro Tour ever, according to this intrepid Sideboard reporter.

[view] CMU playground legend Dan Silberman watches on as Mike Turian trashed Zvi Mowshowitz in a round 6 feature match.

[view] Zvi's cackle can be heard clear across the tournament site.

[view] Baby Huey was not happy to be reduced to feature match coverage by round 6, but at least he got to watch his buddy Matt Linde from the front row.

[view] Laurie Dunning, a storeowner from Tampa, Florida and member of Team Goodfellas, smacked around 1998 US National champion Matt Linde in a round 6 Feature Match.

[view] Chris Pikula watches on as his idol Dave Humpherys in a round 5 Feature Match.

[view] What could be more appropriate for a Grand Prix Boston feature match than this matchup of Team Your Move Games regulars Darwin Kastle and Dave Humpherys?

[view] Only Jon Finkel has more career Pro Tour Top 8s than this man (Darwin Kastle).

[view] Potato Nation member Scott Johns is hoping for more Pro Tour points this weekend so he can move up from his current 4th place position in the Player of the year race.

[view] English gigolo Warren Marsh came to Boston to see a lady friend and decided he'd try out an American Grand Prix while he was at it.

[view] Michelle Bush is looking to top her second place performance at GP-New Orleans

[view] Pro Tour regular, Mark LePine

[view] Round three Feature Match: Mark LePine vs. Michelle Bush

[view] Deadguys Chris Pikula and Dave Price reminisce about the good old days.

[view] Brian Kibler was thrilled to get to sit next to legendary complianer Matt Vienneau for deck registration.

[view] Head Judge Nat Fairbanks has all 590 players in control.

[view] Alan Comer carefully double-checks that the cards he got to build from were properly recorded.

[view] Dave Williams takes a close took as he tries to fiure out which cards to play.

[view] The Juggernaut

[view] 590 players storm the castle.

[view] ...the final frontier.

[view] As long as it's here, we might as well have a Grand Prix in it!

[view] A castle in the middle of a city? Who would do that?

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