2001 Grand Prix Kobe

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Top 4 competitors

[view] Itaru Ishida,Grand Prix Kobe Champion!

[view] Head Judge Masayuki Kunimitsu's final announcement

[view] Amazing level 2 Judge, Lee Jumin from South Korea

[view] Head Judge Masayuki Kunimitsu watches over Finals

[view] Finals

[view] Shuhei Nakamura in his Finals Match

[view] Itaru Ishida in his Finals. His long-time friend,Koichiro Maki covers his final step

[view] This is the Finals: Shuhei Nakamura vs. Itaru Isida

[view] Artist David Martin poses for the camera

[view] Semifinals:Shuhei Nakamura vs. Kei Ikeda

[view] Shuhei Nakamura considers his next move

[view] Kei Ikeda in his Semifinal Match

[view] Semifinals:Itaru Ishida vs. Takayuki Nagaoka.

[view] Takayuki Nagaoka in the Semifinals

[view] Itaru Ishida in his Semifinal Match

[view] This Grand Prix is a family affair

[view] Quarterfinals:Kei Ikeda vs. Kenshiro Ito

[view] Kenshiro Ito in his Quarterfinal Match

[view] It is the first Grand Prix top 8 for Kei Ikeda

[view] Hiroshi Kawasaki trys to defeat Itaru Ishida

[view] Itaru Ishida in the Quarterfinals

[view] Quarterfinals:Hiroshi Kawasaki vs. Itaru Ishida

[view] Quarterfinals:Takumi Hasegawa vs. Takayuki Nagaoka

[view] Takayuki Nagaoka in the Quarterfinals

[view] The only Amateur player, Takumi Hasegawa in the Quarterfinals

[view] Quarterfinals:Ryo Ogura vs. Shuhei Nakamura

[view] Ryo Ogura in the Quarterfinals

[view] Shuhei Nakamura in his Quarterfinal Match

[view] The Top 8!

[view] Itaru Ishida made his first Grand Prix Top 8. His friends rushed into the Feature Match area to say "Grats! You're the man!"

[view] Tomohiro Maruyama has just started his new work: Sideboard Writer.

[view] Kei Ikeda in Round 16

[view] Itaru Ishida is in his Round 16 Feature Match

[view] Doiuchi Yasuhiro from Sikoku area

[view] Katsuhiro Mori shuffles before the final swiss round.

[view] Koichiro Maki in Action. "Punish the Cheaters!"

[view] Feature Match Round 16: Yasuhiro Doiuchi vs. Itaru Ishida.Both has chance to make top 8.

[view] Feature Match Round 16: Katsuhiro Mori vs. Koichiro Maki

[view] Oh... Ken'ichi Fujita vs. Masayuki Higashino outside of the Feature Match area

[view] Feature Match Round 15:Tadayoshi Komiya vs. Jun Nobushita

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya is waiting for Nobushita's shuffle

[view] Jun Nobushita shuffles

[view] Feature Match Round 14: Tsutomu Yamada vs. Michihisa Onoda

[view] Former National team member,Michihisa Onoda

[view] Tsutomu Yamada from Osaka in his Feature Match

[view] Feature Match Round 14: Hiroto Watanabe vs. Ken'ichi Fujita

[view] Ken'ichi Fujita is now 9-4. But he still has a chance to make money finish

[view] The Finalist at APAC Championship 2000, Hiroto Watanabe in his Feature Match

[view] Round 13 Feature Match:Ogura vs. Nagaoka

[view] Jun Nobushita suggests "He will make it.I strongly feel so".That is this young guy, Ryo Ogura.

[view] Takayuki Nagaoka is now the only 12-0 score. Can this young boy stop him?

[view] Itaru Ishida, on his way to the Top 8, against Fukata

[view] Fukata in his Round 13 Feature Match

[view] Round 13 Feature Match:Fukata Takamasa vs. Itaru Ishida

[view] Ryo Abe

[view] Feature Match Round 12:Keiichiro Nonishi vs. Jun Nobushita

[view] In this event,there are two Min-su Kims. This one is the finalist of Japanese Nationals and the other made Top 8 at Korean Nationals.

[view] Takao Higaki smiles

[view] Jun Nobushita before his Feature Match against Nonishi

[view] Keiichiro Nonishi in his Feature Match

[view] The match of Koichiro Maki versus Yudai Yamazaki was a draw

[view] "Head Judge please!"

[view] Hiroto Watanabe in his Day 2 competition

[view] Koichiro Maki stares at his opponent's shuffle

[view] Nick Wong, the only non-Japanese competitor in Day 2

[view] Tomohide Sasakawa asks his opponent, "Your life total?"

[view] Secret Feature Match: Takuma Morofuji vs. Keiichiro Nonishi

[view] Masayuki Higashino is known well as "blackmaster". Of course, he's piloting his Phyrexian Arena.

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Masayuki Higashino vs. Katsuhiro Mori. A mirror match!

[view] Our Rookie of the Year, Katsu Mori

[view] A highly-respected deck builder, Takayuki Nagaoka in his Round 11 Feature Match

[view] Is Kei Suzuki able to be our next star?

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Kei Suzuki vs. Takayuki Nagaoka. Both players are at an amazing 10-0

[view] Crazy Sideboard Writers are here!

[view] Ron Foster shows us just how big 4,396 result entry slip (from day 1) are when stacked up.

[view] Tsutomu Yamada prays for his next draw

[view] Takatsugu Adachi from Nagoya

[view] Ryo Ogura from Nagoya

[view] Amazing 9-0 Guys in their first step of Day 2.

[view] Feature Match Round 10: Tadayoshi Komiya vs. Kazuo Imura

[view] Feature Match Round 10: Jinpei Hassaku vs. Itaru Ishida

[view] Tadayoshi Komiya shuffles in his Round 10 Feature Match

[view] Kazuo "Masao-chan" Imura in his first ever Feature Match

[view] Unbelievable... It's his first time Day-2 competition of Constructed Grand Prix !

[view] Jinpei Hassaku plays his Red-Green, known as "Steroid"

[view] They made an amazing 9-0 on Day 1. Kei Suzuki,Junya Izumi,Ryosuke Kodani and Takayuki Nagaoka from left

[view] Can "Mori-Katsu" make Day 2 ? ...It is not Feature Match,but everyone is interested in the Match of our Rookie !

[view] Score leaders of Day 1.We can find Min-su Kim at Table #1

[view] Round 9 Feature match:Jinpei Hassaku vs. Takamasa Fukata

[view] Jinpei Hassaku consentrates on his hand

[view] Takamuasa Fukata in his Casual style

[view] Round 9 Feature Match:Masaya Mori vs. Ryoma Shiozu

[view] Masaya Mori in his Feature Match of Day 1

[view] Ryoma Shiozu looks kinda nervous... I see,his opponent is Masaya Mori.

[view] Djinn Okamoto,Masahiko Morita and Tsuyoshi Fujita... All of them couldn't make 7-2.We can't see them tomorrow.

[view] Reiji Ando is in Round 8

[view] Ryo Suzuoki manages the Judge-Certification area, for our new judges.

[view] Feature Match Round 8:Hiroshi Kawasaki vs. Min-su Kim

[view] A player from Osaka, Hiroshi Kawasaki looks relaxed before his match

[view] Min-su Kim stares in his Round 8 Feature Match

[view] Feature Match Round 8:Takuichi Harino vs. Alex Shvartsman

[view] Takuichi Harino got great chance to defeat Alex Shvartsman

[view] Alex Shvartsman in his Feature Match

[view] The highly-respected Koichiro Maki. He leads Tokyo-Area's IBC study by his personal-planned tournament recently

[view] Takayuki Nagaoka in Round 7

[view] Round 7 Feature Match:Tsuyoshi Ikeda vs. Ken'ichi Fujita

[view] Ken'ichi plays his Green-Blue-Red

[view] Tsuyoshi Ikeda meets his former Team mate ,Ken'ichi Fujita

[view] Round 7 Feature Match:Kentaro Yuasa vs. Takamasa Fukata

[view] Kentaro Yuasa against Fukata

[view] Takamasa Fukata in his Round 7 Feature Match

[view] Finalist of 2001 Nationals, Min-su Kin in his Round 6

[view] Alex Shvartsman signed on his result-entry slip

[view] Aono of Hobby Japan manages the incredible event named GP Kobe

[view] Round 6 Feature Match:Michihisa Onoda vs. "Hatman"

[view] Michihisa Onoda in his Feature Match

[view] Satoshi Nakamura pilots his Necro-deck. That means Phyrexian Arena!

[view] Masashiro Kuroda is well known as a deck-builder

[view] Hiroaki Hoshino, a rising star in Tokyo

[view] Round 6 Feature Match:Masashiro Kuroda vs. Hiroaki Hoshino

[view] Mike Long ,in the Shirts of team-Fireball comes almost every event in Japan now.Also you can get his autograph on your Rootwater Thief.

[view] Feature Match Area

[view] Jun Nobushita is thinking

[view] Korean Zhin Chang C. is now ready.

[view] Satoshi "Hatman" Nakamura in his Feature Match

[view] Tomohiro "Desk" Maruyama against Tsukamoto

[view] Toshiki Tsukamoto in his Feature Match

[view] Round 5 Feature Match:Toshiki Tsukamoto vs. Tomohiro Maruyama

[view] Round 5 Feature Match:Zhin Chang C. vs. Satoshi Nakamura

[view] Keita Mori, the Japanese Editor of Sideboard

[view] Kageyama "John" Taro in his Round 4

[view] Djinn Okamoto casts his Restock and searches the target

[view] Fukata Takamasa

[view] "Hatman" considers his hand

[view] Toshiki Tsukamoto in Round 4

[view] Ron Foster and Masayuki Kunimitsu talk about important judgements

[view] Eisaku Itadani in Round 4

[view] Hiroshi Harada plays his land

[view] Masashiro Kuroda checks his opening hand

[view] Jinpei Hassakku in Round 4

[view] Masahiko Morita in Round 4

[view] Sideboard writer Josh Bennett is hard at work

[view] An amazing match: Tsuyoshi Fujita vs. Masaya Mori

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita is ready!

[view] Masaya Mori in Round 4

[view] This is a Feature Match; best friends are now rivals.

[view] Itaru Ishida is waiting for his Round 4 Feature Match against his long-time friend Ken'ichi Fujita

[view] Ken'ichi Fujita,the Great Giant from Tokyo in Round 4

[view] Tomoharu Saitou shuffles

[view] Tsuyoshi Ikeda in his Round 3

[view] Alex Shvartsman, why don't you play?

[view] Nick Wong in Round 3

[view] Kazuya Shitamura

[view] Round 3 Feature Match:Kazuya Shitamura vs. Masayuki Higashino

[view] Former National Champion Masayuki Higashino shuffles

[view] Hakaru Nagao in Round 3

[view] Former National Champion Tsuyoshi Douyama in the Feature Match Area

[view] Round 3 Feature Match:Hakaru Nagao vs. Tsuyoshi Douyama

[view] 2000-2001 Rookie of the Year, Katsuhiro Mori is now interested in the GP Kobe Title

[view] Big Names around the Smoking area: Ken'ichi Fujita ,Koichiro Maki and Masaya Mori

[view] This is another third of the field... The field is simply too BIG to fit in one picture.

[view] 1350 People? Not quite... This is only a third of the field !

[view] Artist David Martin has his fan.

[view] Waiting for the artist to sign!

[view] Naoki "L" Higono

[view] Round 2 Feature Match:Tomohiro Tatsumi vs. Naoki Higono

[view] Osamu Fujita

[view] Round 2 Feature Match:Katsuya Kawai vs. Osamu Fujita

[view] Tsuyoshi "Rolly" Fujita

[view] Round 1 Feature Match:Kazumi Yamabe vs. Hiroshi "the President" Watanabe

[view] Japanese Magazine, Game Gather Editors Here!

[view] Round 1 Feature Match:Akira Wakuri vs. Yuta Wada

[view] Japanese Writers are hard at work,Kenji Matsui and Chikara Hayashi

[view] Ron Foster from Wizards

[view] Artist David Martin gave us his perfect smile

[view] More competitors than you can shake a really big stick at. Insanity!

[view] Head Judge Masayuki "Lancer" Kunimitsu announces that GP Kobe has set an attendance record: 1350 players!

[view] Takashi Aida and Adrian Teh

[view] Kobe International Exhibition Hall

[view] Tsuyoshi Fujita and Masaya Mori discuss their Secret Tech

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