2001 Grand Prix London

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The winner!

[view] Kai smiles as the fact that he's a four-time Grand Prix champion sinks in.

[view] Grand Prix Champion Kai Budde.

[view] Noah Boeken asks four-time Grand Prix champion Kai Budde advice for his draft deck

[view] Finals - Budde concentrates on a Worldly Council

[view] Finals - Gabriel Nassif

[view] Finals - Kai Budde

[view] Gabriel Nassif, hiding behind his bright yellow hat

[view] Finals - Kai Budde vs Gabriel Nassif

[view] Kai Budde's "pit crew" - Warren Marsh and Tony Dobson

[view] Semifinal - Matt Henstra

[view] Henstra has no land, but Budde has nothing to kill him with

[view] Semifinal - Kai Budde

[view] Semifinal - Matt Henstra vs Kai Budde

[view] Kai - "Addle you, naming green"

[view] Semifinal - Gabriel Nassif vs Helmut Summersberger

[view] Semifinal - Helmut Summersberger

[view] Semifinal - Gabriel Nassif

[view] Warren Marsh versus Gabriel Nassif

[view] Antoine Ruel seems calm as his opponent mulligans

[view] Matt Henstra vs Antoine Ruel

[view] Matt Henstra

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Helmut Summersberger

[view] Pierre Malherbaud

[view] Kai Budde

[view] Rene Kraft

[view] "Put that Skyfolk in the bin"

[view] A happy Warren Marsh applies some beatdown

[view] Judges help Antoine Ruel rebuild his deck after it was lost just before the top 8

[view] Top 8 - Matt Henstra vs Antoine Ruel

[view] Top 8 - Warren Marsh versus Gabriel Nassif

[view] Top 8 - Pierre Malherbaud versus Helmut Summersberger

[view] Top 8 - Kai Budde versus Rene Kraft

[view] The Top 8 match area is full of spectators

[view] The Warren Marsh fan club

[view] Sigurd Eskeland, considering a response

[view] Matt Henstra, carefully considering his board position

[view] Matt Henstra, playing Sigurd Eskeland for a place in the top 8

[view] Antoine Ruel, in the middle of the second game against Oliver Schneider

[view] A supremely confident Oliver Schneider, watched by Dan Paskins

[view] Oliver Schneider vs Antoine Ruel, playing for top 8

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Franck Canu

[view] Franck Canu, playing Antoine Ruel in round 13

[view] Rafael Gennari tries to destroy Quentin Martin's land using only the power of his mind

[view] Noah Boeken

[view] Shvartsman vs Boeken, with Ben Ronaldson reporting

[view] The mirror match

[view] Alex Shvartsman and his camouflaged deck

[view] Judges Dan Holden and Steve Griffin discussing a situation

[view] Oliver Schneider, with his ever-present Meddling Mages

[view] Kai Budde and Helmut Summersberger sharing a joke

[view] A pensive Pierre Malherbaud

[view] Oliver Schneider versus Pierre Malherbaud

[view] Judges ruling on a dispute

[view] Chris Llewellyn and Ben Martin, head-judging three simultaneous PTQs

[view] Pro Tour Qualifier #3

[view] Pro Tour Qualifier #2

[view] Pro Tour Qualifier #1

[view] Dan Paskins and Ben Ronaldson, two of Sunday's Sideboard staff

[view] Stewart Shinkins versus Jelger Wiegesmars

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Kung-Chieh Wang

[view] Antoine Ruel playing against Kung-Chieh Wang

[view] Dave Williams, Recoiling a Dodecapod

[view] A cool and collected Helmut Summersberger

[view] Helmut Summersberger, attacking Dave Williams

[view] With only 64 players, the Day 2 playing area is far more spacious

[view] The GenCon UK trade hall. Virtually anything can be bought here.

[view] Another picture of the GenCon UK trade hall

[view] The side events area, before the event

[view] The Grand Prix site, before the event

[view] Ryan Fuller versus Sigurd Eskeland

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Sigurd Eskeland, winning his match against Ryan Fuller

[view] Budde, Eskeland, Fuller and Williams. A table of pure power.

[view] Round 8 Feature Matches

[view] Chris Benafel takes losing better than many people

[view] A pensive Antoine Ruel, playing against David Williams

[view] Laurent Pagorek, playing with fire

[view] Pagorek - "I'm taking away all your spells!"

[view] Stuart Wright, the only undefeated English player, on 6-0

[view] David Williams smashes Antoine Ruel with a Spectral Lynx

[view] Antoine Ruel, addling David Williams

[view] Fuller and Shvartsman, both going for another Grand Prix Top 8

[view] Williams vs. Ruel, under the watchful eye of reporter Tarik Browne

[view] Team Gnome member Rob Salmon shows of the most famous shorts in Magic

[view] Level 3 judge Ben Martin adjudicates a dispute between Steve Newberry and Mark Mills

[view] Pro Tour Player of the Year Kai Budde draws the crowds to the feature match area

[view] Stevie Galbraith, Scottish Level 2, starting a new career as a freelance gangsta rapper

[view] The amazing Mel Silver, holding the fort at the registration desk

[view] Sam Wright, the GenCon UK Show Manager (and allegedly Carl Crook's protege)

[view] Impersonating Sideboard writers is a serious offence

[view] Noah Boeken of Holland

[view] Stewart Shinkins playing against Trey Van Cleave

[view] Kai Budde, waiting for Noah Boeken to do something

[view] Tony Dobson versus Oliver Schneider

[view] Johnny Chapman

[view] Pete Norris, ace Sideboard reporter

[view] Craig 'Prof' Jones serves with his shark

[view] The ugliest mascot in the world, ever

[view] The final handshake

[view] Wilfred Ranque, attempting to beat fellow Frenchman Olivier Ruel

[view] Ben Ronaldson, probably the best deckbuilder in the world (Editor's note: these captions were written by an Englishman)

[view] Ryan: "Fact or Fiction. So, what would Warren Marsh do?"

[view] Warren Marsh in a sticky situation

[view] Warren Marsh versus Ryan Fuller

[view] Nicolas Labarre meditates

[view] Hi, Mum!

[view] Mat Hay, Level 2 from Scotland

[view] Oli Bird, Level 2 from Ireland

[view] Never upset your hairdresser

[view] Round 3 Feature matches

[view] Joules "Two Pints" Haigh

[view] Gert Coeckelbergh

[view] The beautiful and historic Olympia building

[view] Franck Canu, the fabulous Ruel brothers, and a duck

[view] Alex Shvartsman and John Larkin pick up playing tips from the feature matches

[view] The Round 2 feature matches

[view] Kevin O'Connor and Tom Harle

[view] Guy Brew vs Cormac Smyth and Alaxander Blumke in the background

[view] George Macoujki, Level 3 from the United Arab Emirates

[view] Mike Major from England, Sandro Stettler of France, and Steve Walker of England

[view] Michael Debard, from France, and Steve Walker of England

[view] Graham Thomson, from Scotland, in the famous Team Gnome shirt

[view] Stephan Meyer, from Germany

[view] The judge meeting, discussing the plan for the day

[view] Players in Round 1

[view] Rune Horvik, camera-shy Level 3 from Norway

[view] Chris Llewellyn, Level 3 from Scotland

[view] Justus Roennau, Level 3 from Germany

[view] Cajus and Keith, busy registering players

[view] Comer and Shvartsman test their decks

[view] Keith Anderson, GP Head Judge

[view] GP Trial Runner-Up Jan Doise

[view] GP Trial Winner Michael Horemans

[view] The GP trial on Thursday drew a record number of people.

[view] Carl Crook and Kierin Chase, planning the future of Organized Play.

[view] Keith, Carl, Lee, and Graham, the colourful GP tournament management staff.

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