2001 Grand Prix Moscow

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Ryan Fuller gives Magic a face in Russia. Red is the colour of money

[view] A glimpse of the Red Square

[view] Leonid, a local judge, follows Mattias Jorstedt's play

[view] Yuri Markin cracking jokes during an interview

[view] The Russian players love him, Yuri Markin

[view] Olivier Ruel helping out with the Sideboard coverage, while Event Manager Christophe Weyers is giving his computer "the eye"

[view] You think you can get away with this?

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Iwan Tan

[view] Ryan Fuller versus Iwan Tan in the Finals

[view] Iwan Tan and Yuri Markin in the semifinals

[view] Yuri Markin

[view] Iwan Tan

[view] The semi-finals ready for take-off

[view] Sideboard reporter Olivier Ruel brought his animal farm to the semi-finals for support

[view] Antoine Ruel versus Eugene Okin in the quarterfinals

[view] Iwan Tan versus Sergey Norin in the quarterfinals

[view] Ryan Fuller versus Dave Williams in the quarterfinals

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Dave Williams

[view] Eugene Okin

[view] Rustam Bakirov versus Yuri Markin in the quarterfinals

[view] Rustam Bakirov

[view] Yuri Markin

[view] Sergey Norin

[view] Iwan Tan

[view] Saint Basil's cathedral by night

[view] Grand Prix Moscow Champion Ryan Fuller

[view] The Finals: Iwan Tan vs. Ryan Fuller

[view] May the best win

[view] All Top 8 players speak Russian, guaranteed. Everybody here knows what's on the poster

[view] The same Top 8, getting a bit restless?

[view] The same Top 8, testing their smiles for the camera on stage

[view] The Top 8 players of Grand Prix Moscow in front of the Bolshoi Theater

[view] Dave Williams goes in third in the quarterfinals

[view] Dave Williams giving us the "monkey smile"

[view] Yuri Markin goes in first in the quarterfinals

[view] Ryan Fuller goes in sixth in the quarterfinals

[view] Antoine Ruel goes in seventh in the quarterfinals

[view] Antoine Ruel showing off his scar

[view] Iwan Tan goes in fifth in the quarterfinals

[view] Sergey Norin (Russia) goes in fourth in the quarterfinals

[view] Rustam Bakirov (Russia) goes in eight in the quarterfinals

[view] Eugene Okin (Russia) goes in second in the quarterfinals

[view] Antoine Ruel's trousers torn to pieces. There is no picture of the bloody scar to spare sensitive surfers, but it's there. Says he ran against a post or something... Yeah right.

[view] This round thirteen feature match threw Alex Shvartsman out of the Top 8

[view] Yuri Markin is clearly enjoying the show

[view] Calculating their chances. Round 13 will be decisive for several of the international players

[view] Russian Igor Bugaenko

[view] Yuri Markin "Didn't expect that, hey?"

[view] Mark Wraith being interviewed by the Polish television. Is that a smile?

[view] Rustam Bakirov has the crowds on his hand

[view] Sideboard reporter Mark Wraith fishing for tech for the English Nationals

[view] A sportive round eleven feature match

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Things are getting tight for Mattias Jorstedt

[view] Hidden in a corner, a popular match: Dave Williams versus Rustam Bakirov

[view] Ze French

[view] Squeezing out the pepsi

[view] Larisa Komardina runs the Lotus Club in Moscow

[view] Beaver playing cards

[view] As good as any professional, Eugene Roginsky, facing Olivier Ruel in round ten - while Peter Bobrov is fooling around with Eugene's little beaver

[view] Stanislav Tsarevski follows a fellow Russian player. Made Top 8 at Russian Nationals in 1999

[view] Alexander Strakhov made top 2 at Russian Nationals twice

[view] This guy has probably played the most matches in Russia, Eugene Nefedov

[view] Yuri Kolomeyko is one of Ukraine's top Magic players

[view] Ryan Fuller and Alex Shvartsman, sharing a table again in round ten

[view] More serious with each round, Ryan Fuller

[view] Alex Shvartsman is thinking about the Georgian restaurant of last night

[view] Girlie stuff

[view] Dmitry and Dave facing each other in round nine

[view] Russian National Team member Dmitry Afanasenko

[view] Dave Williams - without headphones

[view] Everything under control. Sargona and Wizards staff get-together

[view] Mattias Jorstedt was leading at the start of day two. And after Round 8, he was still leading.

[view] Iwan Tan. Is that a desperate look?

[view] Starting quietly, Mattias Jorstedt from Sweden and German Iwan Tan

[view] Morning walk. The Bolshoi Theater close to the site

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPMOS01/950.jpgThe "crme de la crme" of Magic: Alex Shvartsman and Mikey P

[view] Dave Williams had a very strong first day

[view] The swiss rounds are over. Just playing for fun

[view] Pretty boy plays Go-Mar

[view] Mark Wraith and Wizards computers don't match - covering the last feature match of the day: Ryan Fuller against Alexander Dikhnov

[view] Ryan Fuller, sporting a red hat, trying to fit in

[view] Alexander Dikhnov is a popular Russian science fiction writer and a good Magic player

[view] Mark Wraith doesn't seem to find this game too exciting

[view] Go? Olivier Ruel.

[view] This picture wasn't focussed on Alex Shvartsman

[view] Wondering what Alex Shvartsman is laughing with?

[view] Cute piggy. No, not Alex

[view] What players get to see when they walk outside. Beautiful old town

[view] Okay, let's assume this says "Grand Prix Moscow, April 21-22, 2001" or something along these lines

[view] "You are disturbing us." Bruno Van Speybroeck, PR Manager, and Cajus Von Engelmann, scorekeeper

[view] What about this caption: "Mikey P and Matti J"? Cute, huh?

[view] Mattias Jorstedt makes a decisive move

[view] Mikey P without the typical hand in front of his face, what a treat

[view] Trading cards at the side events. Spotted three of those red ones so far

[view] Mattias Jorstedt and Trey Van Cleave, both wondering what the people around them are saying

[view] Blocking with a Dromar; the Banisher and a whole army of animals

[view] French Franck in utmost concentration

[view] Canu and Firsov facing each other in the first feature match of the day

[view] Mister Firsov. If looks could kill

[view] Magic demo at the side events

[view] Somewhere in the near future, the Russian National Champion just might be one of these girls

[view] Kyril "I am the final authority" Grillon

[view] Still life. The site is well protected

[view] Hungry looks

[view] The Sargona ladies welcoming the players. From left to right: Marita Zaharova, Julia Birukova and Helene Lempert

[view] "With a little help from my friend" and mummy

[view] Maxim Nefedov, in the middle, building his deck

[view] Attentive listeners

[view] The judges are ready for action

[view] Local pop stars welcoming the crowds... Felix Huybrechts, Organized Play Manager and Marita Zaharova from Sargona, Russia

[view] Igor Klokov, President of Sargona, Wizards distributor in Russia, Ukraine and Belarussia

2staffhttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPMOS01/986.jpgTom Wnerstrand and his wife

[view] This man's brain came up with the design for Ravenous Rats and Ghost Ship

[view] Checking the pairings for the first round of the day

[view] And almost every single one of them speaks Russian. Isn't that impressive?

[view] Be prepared for a slaughterhouse!

[view] The judges team the night before the big thing

[view] Head judge Cyril Grillon giving the judges a first briefing

[view] Welcome to Grand Prix Moscow. Please leave your car outside

[view] Music, Maestro!

[view] All sorts of people, all sorts of colors

[view] Role-play anyone? I thought we were off for a Magic tournament!

[view] Saint Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square and some of Russia's less common inhabitants - I assume

[view] Three in a row

[view] Little old corner. This is at the center of Moscow

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