2001 Grand Prix Prague

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Ryan Fuller faces Jens Thoren in the finals

[view] Ryan Fuller concentrates on the game

[view] Jens Thoren lost in the finals

[view] Jens Thoren shows off his finalist's prize

[view] Ryan Fuller and the trophy

[view] Some of the Living Legends sharing in the fun

[view] Stoffel has been with WotC two years today

[view] Jens, calm and collected

[view] Ryan enjoying it

[view] Congratulations to the best two players of Grand Prix Prague

[view] Ryan Fuller receives his winner trophy from Christophe Weyers

[view] Runner up Jens Thoren

[view] Many people missed trains, planes and whatever to see the finals

[view] Tense moments

[view] No more room downstairs, so people went upstairs to watch the finals

[view] Friends watching the finals. Antoine Ruel, Noah Boeken and his girlfriend

[view] A very serious Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk. True colors

[view] Dominik Hothow nearly thrown out of the window. Ryan Fuller and Olivier Ruel plead guilty

[view] Mattias Jorstedt working at his quarterfinal report

[view] Sideboard staff, the French Olivier Ruel, English Mark Wraith

[view] Mark Wraith and Nele Van der borght working together two days in a row, or how to wreck one's nerves

[view] Ryan Fuller versus Jakub Slemr in the semi-finals

[view] Ryan Fuller from Canada. Counted in with the Dutch because he's living in Amsterdam now

[view] Jakub Slemr

[view] Jens Thoren

[view] Trey van Cleave

[view] Trey van Cleave versus Jens Thoren in a nordic semi-final match

[view] Noah Boeken and Jens Thoren in the quarterfinals

[view] Thomas Preyer and Trey Van Cleave in the quarterfinals

[view] Thomas Preyer

[view] Ryan Fuller versus Kristian Kockott in the quarterfinals

[view] Kristian Kockott

[view] Ryan Fuller

[view] Noah Boeken. A bit vague, making a big effort

[view] Jens Thoren, this guy is gonna go far

[view] Antoine Ruel

[view] Jakub Slemr, trying to get his face right

[view] Jakub Slemr

[view] Antoine Ruel versus Jakub Slemr in the quarterfinals

[view] The table where the decisive decks are being built

[view] The draft table before the finals: Jens Thoren, Antoine Ruel, Trey Van Cleave, Ryan Fuller and Kristian Kockott

[view] The draft table before the finals. Noah Boeken, Jakub Slemr, Thomas Preyer and Kristian Kockott

[view] The Ruels invited their mother over to Prague for her birthday

[view] Quarterfinals: Thomas Preyer going in fifth

[view] Quarterfinals: Kristian Kockott going in seventh

[view] Quarterfinals: Jens Thoren going in first

[view] Quarterfinals: Noah Boeken going in eighth

[view] Quarterfinals: Ryan Fuller going in second

[view] Quarterfinals: Antoine Ruel going in sixth

[view] Quarterfinals: Jakub Slemr going in third

[view] Quarterfinals: Trey Van Cleave going in fourth

[view] Top 8

[view] The best eight players at Grand Prix Prague

[view] Olivier Ruel versus Thomas Preyer in round fourteen

[view] Jakub Slemr versus in a round fourteen feature match

[view] One of the two Papp Gabor's of Hungary. Don't ask which.

[view] A dull looking Jakub Slemr

[view] I swear, you could hear Thomas Preyer thinking

[view] Smiling Olivier. Maybe because his mum came over to have a look?

[view] Followers of Konstantin Firsov looking at his match with Olivier Ruel in round thirteen

[view] Antoine Ruel backed up by teammate Benedikt Klauser

[view] Some say, slow play...

[view] Tension was high in the feature match between Antoine Ruel and Trey Van Cleave

[view] Two full rooms with a couple of hundred players at the side events

[view] The Promised Land(s)

[view] Round twelve feature matches

[view] This man has a plan. Rui Mariani

[view] The Swedish Morgan Karlsson faces Portuguese Rui Mariani in round twelve

[view] Ryan Fuller has luck on his side today

[view] Trey Van Cleave got ripped by Antoine Ruel

[view] The second draft of the day. Spot Dominik Hothow and Rob van der Steenhoven?

[view] Antoine Ruel stealing all Trey Van Cleave's black, white and blue cards

[view] Mattias Jorstedt: top eight or Sideboard reporter during the finals? Wait and see

[view] Olivier has found paper to match his shirt

[view] Friedrich Rademacher covers the round eleven feature match between Martin Lamr and Thomas Preyer

[view] The less experienced Martin Lamr from the Czech Republic

[view] The latest hairfashion in Vienna probably. Thomas Preyer from Austria

[view] Olivier Ruel and Mattias Jorstedt in the wrong competition

[view] Feature match area in round ten

[view] Trey Van Cleave in deep thought

[view] Petr Posolda loses a local match

[view] Antoine Ruel always tries to sit on the same side of the table as long as it brings him luck. The light in his back. Too bad for his picture

[view] The Slovak Jan Tomcani

[view] Rui Mariani versus Ivan Stanoev in round nine

[view] Two Russians at the feature match tables, neither of them won this round. This is Ivan Stanoev

[view] Rui Mariani is the only player from the south left on day two. The other Portuguese and a Spaniard didn't make it

[view] Jakub Slemr versus Konstantin Firsov in round nine

[view] Konstantin Firsov. You cannot hide from the KGB

[view] Many of the locals put their bet on him. Jakub Slemr back in the Grand Prix picture

[view] Draft in black and white - no tricks

[view] Judge Cyril Grillon leads the draft

[view] A rather grey morning and five people missing at the draft tables to start with

[view] The drafting tables at the start of day two

[view] Rui Mariani is one of the two Portuguese that made it to Prague. Four others got stuck in Belgium without a passport

[view] Kristian Kockott feeding Jakub Slemr at the start of day two

[view] There's a lot more to judging than meets the eye. Lutz Hofmann at the piano

[view] A very thirsty Matthias Nagy

[view] Bohumir Nepozitek is one of the best Czech players

[view] Gilles and Antoine, the French pride

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPPRA01/917.jpgFellow Frenchman Gilles Blry did pretty well himself

[view] Antoine Ruel, going undefeated into day two

[view] Alexander Blumke and Bram Snepvangers

[view] Dutch Bram Snepvangers facing Blumke

[view] The Swiss Alexander Blumke featured in the last round of the day

[view] Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk looks intrigued. Must be some pizza!

[view] Our Head Judge enjoying his pizza

[view] Seems like Mark's diet has come to an end

[view] Ryan Fuller. Never sits still, this pose was forced on him

[view] Brad Pitt

[view] Fuller and Firsov, full of confidence before round seven

[view] Konstantin Firsov living up to his reputation of cool guy

[view] Mattias Jorstedt - the only one who didn't get nervous when round seven didn't start on time

[view] By now everybody has seen Olivier Ruel's football shirt. Makes a nice change from the Black Ops one . . .

[view] A friendly introduction to the match. Olivier Ruel and Mattia Jorstedt

[view] Ryan and Rickard, rock 'n roll in round six

[view] Ivan Stanoev from Russia turning this Grand Prix into a true Slav epic

[view] Not even mentioning this Dutch guy's name anymore. Just a good picture from a round six feature match

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPPRA01/935.jpgIce cold. Rickard sterberg from Sweden

[view] Noah and Jens, overlooked by Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk and the Dutch Han Tesselaar

[view] Joost Winter versus Jim Herold in round five

[view] Joost "Jester's Cap" Winter from the Netherlands

[view] Still a couple more rounds to go, hang in there Jimmy boy

[view] Swedish Jens Thoren beat Noah Boeken in round five

[view] Noah Boeken foresees a bleak future

[view] Benedikt Klauser beaten by Frank Karsten in the first feature match of the day

[view] Kalliomaki Kalle, the only Finnish player on the grounds. Lost from our Czech hero though in round four

[view] The hero of the Czech Republic. Jakub Slemr, 1997 World Champion.

[view] Frank Karsten, who made top 8 in Grand Prix Cologne and a photographer, who doesn't really understand what he's looking at

[view] Lutz Hofmann from Germany, Pawel Cetnerowski from Poland and Martin Dudik from Slovakia turning the judges team into a very exotic gang!

[view] Martin Polak from Blackfire discussing business with Wizards' Felix Huybrechts and Stoffel Weyers

[view] Here, they weren't too sure of the name yet. The Living Legends waiting to be born

[view] May I present...The Living Legends. From left to right Antoine Ruel, Noah Boeken, Ryan Fuller, Olivier Ruel and Benedikt Klauser

[view] The wide open space over Prague

[view] A Dutch lot. Menno Dolstra and Rob van der Steenhoven facing Bram Snepvangers

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPPRA01/952.jpgA German pick. Justus Rnnau, Gunnar Refsdal and Christoph Lippert's back

[view] A dreamy Noah Boeken and a pretentious Olivier Ruel: their own words!

[view] Things are starting to move at the side events

[view] The future is orange. Young Czech Magic players

[view] Judges in round two, from left to right: Richard von Glasner (SK), Philip Schulz (DE), Witold Wachowiak (PL) and Tom Jones

[view] The German Gunnar Refsdal (left), Kai Budde and Dominik Hothow (right) all arrived at the Czech border this morning. Guess who had forgotten his passport?

[view] Another of Kevin Walker's big beasts

[view] Walker signing his Rancors and Preferred Selections

[view] The English artist Kevin Walker

[view] Third of a T-rio - Planeshift

[view] Second of a T-rio - Southpark

[view] First of a T-rio - the acid drinker

[view] Ryan Fuller building his deck

[view] Decks in construction

[view] Several young players at the tournament today

[view] It's a hard life, evaluating colors

[view] Handing out the decks. The ultimate power trip?

[view] A complete extra part of the hall to end with

[view] One extra table to start with

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPPRA01/971.jpgNot only the Rio coverage will be in Portuguese: Friedrich Rademacher, Rui Mariani and Gonalo Nunes

[view] Antoine Ruel Junior knows how to pick his cards, a Crosis, the Purger

[view] Les Ruels at work - or doing a painful effort of giving that impression

[view] Extra decks for all the extra players

[view] Players everywhere. At the tables, on the stairs, on the floor

[view] Over 600 players gathered here today

[view] Planeshift's the name of the game

[view] Patiently waiting to get started

[view] Jim Herold working at his reputation. Grand Prix Cologne two weeks ago made his third Grand Prix win

[view] Jim Herold and Noah Boeken discussing the importance of luck in the game

[view] Menno Dolstra and Bram Snepvangers both made top 8 in Amsterdam and are having another shot at it now

[view] Registration goes on and on and on and

[view] Loads of people trying to get in

[view] Judges briefing

[view] A gentleman in New York, euh... Prague. Sideboard reporter Mark Wraith

[view] The Prague castle in the morning seen from the site. Eat your heart out, Rio

[view] We're at number five

[view] Czech flag standards do not correspond with Wizards sizes. These are really DCI flags

[view] Smack boom bang. The Grand Prix circus hit the town

[view] Happy happy Frenchmen

[view] Cyril "Nain de Jardin" Grillon and Cajus "Pom Pom" Von Engelmann

[view] This guy is having a party tonight! Mattias Jorstedt's birthday is the day before the Grand Prix. He said he'd take it easy

[view] Sunset. If only these windows were cleaner

[view] The mist has finally cleared. The view from the site is gorgeous

[view] The site is spacious, light and still very empty

[view] The Jan Hus monument on the Old Town Square. I spare you the Czech name

[view] The astronomical clock against the town hall. The guy who made the mechanical figures at the end of the fifteenth century was blinded to make sure he couldn't repeat the job for anybody else. In revenge, he blocked the clock's system which stayed broken for more than eighty years

[view] Street in Prague. Back in time

[view] Mozart or how people dress in Prague

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