2001 Grand Prix Rio

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Josh Bennett smiles. He has had a great deal of Guarana. His partners in crime are Silvio Compagnoni and Rui Oliveira.

[view] Call him Champion!

[view] Romao strikes a reserved pose

[view] Friendship pays off! After ID'ing in round 12, these two ended up in separate semfinal matches.

[view] The Champ towers over his opposition!

[view] Carlos Romao with trophy and art

[view] Romao laughs along with his Brazillian fans

[view] Rafael Assif Alvarenga receives his plaque from Mauro M. Prazeres (one of the owners of Devir)

[view] Second Place finisher Alex Shvartsman shakes hands with Mauro.

[view] Mauro congratulates Champion Carlos Mauro

[view] The Top Four, with prizes

[view] Somewhere in there, the finals are being played

[view] You need to stand on a chair to see it. It's Romao vs. Shvartsman!

[view] Shvartsman and Alvarenga. Only one will make the finals

[view] Alex Shvartsman of the United States

[view] Somewhere in there, the finals are being played

[view] You need to stand on a chair to see it. It's Romao vs. Shvartsman!

[view] Shvartsman and Alvarenga. Only one will make the finals

[view] Judge Eduardo Terranova

[view] I find this ... Highly illogical.

[view] Shvartsman mulls his options in his match against Brown-Santirso

[view] Mingorance v. Alvarenga in the Quarters

[view] Quarterfinal Action! Le Saux v. Romao

[view] Rafael Assif Alvarenga, Brazil

[view] Carlos Romao, Brazil

[view] Ernesto Mingorance of Argentina

[view] Justin Schneider, USA

[view] Rafael Le Saux, of Chile

[view] Daniel Brasil do Carmo of Brazil, his first Top Eight

[view] Damian Brown-Santirso of Uruguay

[view] The Top Eight Finishers at Grand Prix Rio

[view] Top Eight players in the most important struggle yet.

[view] They're all wearing concerned expressions.

[view] And rightly so. Serious Business!

[view] An unruly mob forms in anticipation of the Top Eight Draft

[view] What do people have against Canada?

[view] James Stroud smiles as Jose Cintra realizes a mistake in this "Battle for the Bucks"

[view] Pedro Motta tries to beat Andres Hojman Cruz for an outside shot at Top Eight

[view] Charles Mao plays Carlos Huarapil

[view] Daniel Brasil do Carmo v. Rafael Assif Alvarenga. Keep hope alive!

[view] Alejo Zagalsky produced articles for Sideboard Online in Spanish

[view] David Williams is forced to play his last round against Ernesto Mingorance

[view] Damian Brown-Santirso plays Ricardo de Barros for a Top 8 Berth

[view] All the top tables played out the final round

[view] High School math has never been so important

[view] Joao Dutra de Lima Filho faces Leandro Veiera

[view] Ricardo De Barros' shirt promises a Massacre in his Round 11 Feature Match

[view] His opponent, Rafael Dos Santos, is unfazed

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Carlos Mao v. Julio Cesar Maciel

[view] Julio keeps up a dispassionate attitude

[view] There's no shortage of good matches to watch in Round 11.

[view] Leandro Vieira and Daniel Pacheco, two flagged players, fight at the upper tables

[view] Also brushing against greatness are Gustavo Cavalcante de Paiva and Julio Cesar Maciel

[view] Dave Williams thinks hard about his five points of flying beatdown in his Round 10 Feature Match

[view] Round Ten All-Brazil Feature Match: Carlos Mao vs. Eduardo Teixeira

[view] Mao plays to the spectators

[view] Teixeira reaches to read a card . . . in 3-D!

[view] In Round Ten, Ernesto Mingorance (Argentina) plays against Rodriguo Carvalho Costanza (Brazil)

[view] Walter Bruno Latorraca shakes off his penalty to face Dave Williams

[view] American Justin Schneider plays a round nine feature match with instructions on his shirt.

[view] His opponent is Chilean Rafael Le Saux

[view] Round 9 Feature Match: Damian Brown-Santirso v. Carlos Huarapil

[view] Carlos Huarapil of Chile

[view] Two Brazillians, Michel Shirozono, Carlos Romao duke it out in round 9

[view] Luis Guilherme Velucci Turco of Brazil. Both he and his opponent Walter Bruno Latorraca (also of Brazil) received match losses for illegal decks

[view] Round 8 Feature Match: Oscar Carisimo v. Alex Shvartsman

[view] Argentina's Oscar Carisimo

[view] Schneider (USA) v. Huarapil (Chile)

[view] Damian Brown-Santirso of New Zealand gets ready to smash face

[view] Crowds gather early around the Feature Match area

[view] Is that cub reporter Jimmy Olsen? No, it's Rui Oliveira!

[view] Table One, featuring the tournament's four undefeated players: Damian Brown-Santirso, Rafael Le Saux, Carlos Huarapil, and Justin Schneider

[view] Draft One, table two

[view] Basilio San Juan, Chilean National Team member

[view] Marie Jose Escarate Sanchez, aged 14, played to the bitter end

[view] Daniel Malebran is in the thick of things

[view] Ricardo Silva of Chile gets up close and personal

[view] One of Round Seven's Feature Matches: Carlos Huarapil vs. Oscar Carisimo

[view] It's ponderin' time in the other match, Williams vs. La Saux

[view] Carisimo is 6-0 with no byes

[view] Huarapil asks "What is up?"

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Pedro Rodriguez Motta vs. Michel Shirozono

[view] Motta passes the turn expertly

[view] Shirozono's Poker Face

[view] Round 5 Feature Match: Marcio Cabral v. Rafael La Saux

[view] Marcio Cabral has a card so shiny it's unphotographable

[view] Rafael La Saux and a bear

[view] Round 4 Feature Match Action: Justin Schneider v. Eduardo Simao Teixeira

[view] Teixeira ponders

[view] Schneider takes everything in

[view] Andreas Pablo Hojman Cruz gets ready

[view] For his Round 4 Feature Match against the Irrepressible Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Cavalho Constanza v. Sergio Longo Junior

[view] Sergio Longo Junior is focused

[view] There's an air of determination around Constanza

[view] Constanza argues him down to . . . a beating

[view] Some of Rio's beautiful scenery

[view] The battleground

[view] Natural and artificial trees

[view] Your guess is as good as mine

[view] This only LOOKS shady

[view] Luis Mauro from Devir was onhand to welcome the players

[view] He nearly crumples under the weight of the plaque given to him

[view] Reid Schmadeka pumps up the competitors


[view] The Bye-List gets mobbed

[view] Alex Shvartsman is the centrepiece of this table of Pro Tour Regulars

[view] Head Judge Amauri Fonseca menaces from the podium

[view] Jam-packed!

[view] Steve OMS and Dave Williams muscle in on Rob Nieves's photo-op

[view] The calm before the storm

[view] The madding crowd

[view] Guest Artist Ron Spencer is eclipsed by fans

[view] Looking closer, we find him meticulously practicing his signature.

[view] Magic tournaments never looked this good

[view] Conversely, First Prize is less appealing

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