2001 Grand Prix Santiago

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[view] Gabrenja's Head Shot

[view] Gabrenja's Head Shot, but a slightly different one from before

[view] The three big winners: Chile's Rodriguez, Mexico's Godinez, and Argentina's Gabrenja

[view] Argentinian Gabrenja with his Championship trophy

[view] Reid Schmadeka congratulations Champion Matias Gabrenja of Argentina

[view] Tournament Organizer Reid Schmadeka has a winning smile

[view] Godinez shakes Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti's hand

[view] Godinez getting his trophy

[view] Mexico's Gerardo Godinez accepting second

[view] Jorge Rodriguez of Chile's Team XOptimo accepts his third place prize

[view] Yet another Gabrena and friends pose

[view] Another pose from Champion Gabrenja and friends

[view] Gabrenja and his fellow Argentinians pose for the camera

[view] Handshakes follow the attack of Gabrenja

[view] Gabrenja's fans follow Argentinian tradition and attack the winner

[view] Gabrenja and Godinez move to shake hands

[view] Gabrenja and Godinez start the final match

[view] Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti witnesses the opening of the game as Gabrenja shuffles

[view] Godinez's Pikachu with Gabrenja's lucky Dawnstrider

[view] Gabrenja's Opening hand

[view] Godinez Opening hand

[view] Godinez picks up a Prophetic Bolt from Fact or Fiction

[view] In response to Gabrenja's Fact or Fiction, Godinez bolts to the head

[view] Fact or Fiction nets Gabrenja a Prophetic Bolt and Exclude

[view] Godinez's Void for 4 misses Gabrenja

[view] T4: Gabrenja presses his early advantage in Game 1 against Echeverria

[view] T4: Gabrenja (left) and Echeverria trade creatures

[view] T4: Argentina's Gabrenja brings green attackers in the mirror match against Jose Echeverria

[view] T4: Two spectators watch the Godinez/Rodriguez match from up close

[view] T4: Godinez and Rodriguez may be fighting, but their toys are friends.

[view] T4: Godinez concentrates on his play

[view] T4: An early Familiar for Gerardo Godinez

[view] T4: Yet another angle of the amazing Charm/Familiar fight!

[view] T4: Rodriguez checks to see if his Dromar's Charm resolves

[view] T4: Rodriguez tries to destroy Godinez's Familiar

[view] Not everyone can keep from yawning during the Semifinals

[view] The crowd watches Top 4 match Godinez versus Chile's Team XOptimo member Jorge Rodriguez

[view] Head Scorekeeper Christian Buzeta

[view] Top 8: Jorge Rodriguez brings out defense against Brock's Knights, much to his bear's approval

[view] Top 8: Another victim for Mexican Lobotomy

[view] Top 8: Maher and Williams watch on friend Brock Parker's match

[view] Top 8: Godinez gets some defense in the early game

[view] Top 8: Gerardo Godinez

[view] Top 8: Rodrigo Sanchez's hand fails to find an answer to Jose Echeverria's Mongoose

[view] Top 8: Brock Parker brings the noise with Gallina's Knight

[view] Top 8: Matias Gabrenja (R) of Argentina versus Chile's Juan Reutter

[view] Top 8: Godinez, Hojman, and Pikachu

[view] Top 8: Rodrigo Sanchez and Jose Echeverria begin their match

[view] Top 8: Parker, Rodriguez, and a bear in a hat

[view] Top 8 of Grand Prix Santiago begins

[view] The judging staff trying to get the Top 8 together

[view] Matias Gabrenja of Argentina

[view] Jose Echeverria of Chile

[view] Brock Parker of the United States

[view] Rodrigo Sanchez of Chile's Team Xoptimo.com

[view] Juan Reutter of Chile's Team Xoptimo.com

[view] Jorge Rodriguez of Chile's Team Xoptimo.com

[view] Andres Hojman of Chile's Team Xoptimo.com

[view] Gerardo Godinez of Mexico

[view] Left to Right: Andres Hojman, Jorge Rodriguez, Juan Reutter, Rodrigo Sanchez, Brock Parker, Jose Echeverria, Gerardo Godinez, and Matias Gabrenja

[view] Another Top 8 Portrait

[view] Gainsay stops Escobar's Meddling Mage

[view] Hojman considers casting his Dromar's Charm

[view] Escobar contemplates his next move

[view] Andres Hojman and Juan Edo Escobar square off in the final round

[view] Mexico's Damian Brown-Santirso shows his game face.

[view] Parker and Jensen at Table One

[view] Comer tries to sneak a Prophetic Bolt through

[view] Ostravich's Restock against Comer

[view] Alan Comer and Argentinian National Champion Diego Ostravich

[view] Suter's Snake and Goose

[view] Le Saux and Suter get some smiles

[view] Rodrigo Sanchez brings a second Gallina's Knight down against Gerardo Godinez

[view] Rodrigo Sanchez and Gerardo Godinez fight for the number one seed

[view] Judges, three reporters, and two players

[view] Jeff Miracola gets his artwork ready for the Santiago competitors and spectators

[view] Damian Hiller starts his attack against Romao

[view] Romao is slowly overwhelmed by Damian

[view] Chilean spectators cheer Suter in his match against Argentinian rival Ostravich

[view] Suter attacks with his Snake

[view] Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro Champion Romao plays against Damian Hiller

[view] Argentinian National Champion Diego Ostravich plays against Chilean Champion Sebastian Suter.

[view] Felipe's leather gloves have smacked down many opponents today

[view] Amateur Felipe Rodriguez takes on Gerardo Godinez at the top tables.

[view] Juan Aros receives a match loss for marked sleeves

[view] Bollati/Sanchez action picture: Fire/Ice during combat!

[view] The Rock approves of amateur Felipe Rodrigues's Thornscape Familiar

[view] Huey and Brock Parker

[view] Bollati and Sanchez face off as Sideboard Reporter Alejo Zagalski watches

[view] Bollati and Sanchez get into some creature combat

[view] Aros starts the beatdown with Thornscape Familiar

[view] Juan Aros brings his 0 byes to a Round 9 Feature Match versus Mexico's Gerardo Godinez

[view] Luciano and friends take it easy between rounds of the PTQ

[view] Randy Buehler arrives to gunsling

[view] Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti discusses his ruling with Comer and Le Saux

[view] Jensen ends the game against Araiza

[view] Crowds gather when Feature Matches get called

[view] Le Saux gives Alan Comer a Lobotomy

[view] Bob Maher has things well in hand

[view] Latin American Champion Scott Richards ponders his next move

[view] The Day 2 competitors hard at work

[view] Table One during Round 8

[view] Alan Comer plays a hooded Rafael Le Saux in a Round 8 Feature

[view] Mexican Pro Hugo Araiza squares off against William Jensen in a Round 8 Feature

[view] Godinez and Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti discuss a ruling

[view] Crosis in Action in Round 7

[view] Round 7 Feature - Chile's Rafael La Saux versus Uruguay's Scott Richards, this year's Latin American Champion

[view] Latin America Champion Scott Richards prepares for his match

[view] Latin American Champion Scott Richards faces off from Rafael La Saux, Chile's best player in a Round 7 Feature Match

[view] A scene from the floor

[view] The tournament organizer's work is never done

[view] Godinez and William Jensen square off at the top

[view] Worlds competitor Sebastian Suter waits for his opponent to finish

[view] Chileans watch local favorite Jorge Rodriguez in a feature match

[view] Argentinian Lucas Ramirez faces Jorge Rodriguez of Chile

[view] Juan Reuter and Walter Witt of Chile begin Round 2

[view] Game 1's inevitable ending: Trenches

[view] Juan Reuter

[view] Davis and Jensen

[view] Exciting Domain on Domain Round 4: Davis, Jensen

[view] Round 5 Feature: Godinez, Comer, a judge, and Pikachu

[view] Godinez has another Lobotomy choice

[view] Godinez takes all of Comer's Prophetic Bolts

[view] Godinez's choice from Comer's Fact or Fiction

[view] Gerardo Godinez displays some tech from Mexico.

[view] Maher and a huge crowd watch Huey Gunslinging

[view] Round 1's first table

[view] Jose Cintra returns to the tournament scene.

[view] Sebastian Suter hides the obscene language on his shirt behind his bag

[view] Tourney site, Crown Plaza Santiago

[view] Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti

[view] The DCI's judges making sure that Santiago competitors aren't using Pyroblasts

[view] Alex Shvartsman and Tournament Organizer Reid Schmadeka.

[view] Brian Davis enjoys his three byes.

[view] Judges hand out the badges to eager players

[view] Crowds prepare for the Grand Prix on the first morning

[view] Day Zero: Registering the early-birds

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