2001 Junior Super Series

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The Champ

[view] Foreground, Magic creator, Richard Garfield. Little does he know that a Noble Panther sees him as dinner

[view] Richard Garfield shakes after a good match

[view] Commentator Randy Buehler single out some nonbasic lands

[view] Flametongue Mowshowitz blows some fire at a hapless Grey Ogre

[view] Serra Angel (Gary Wise) tries to intimidate a Prodigal Sorcerer (Lan D. Ho)

[view] Sometimes, it's all about the topdeck

[view] Ever feel like things just aren't going your way?

[view] Sending with the Rebels

[view] Age and wisdom

[view] Youth and beauty

[view] Wizards' staff prepares for the first live action Magic game

[view] The classic matchup, Fires vs. Rebels

[view] A few hangers-on

[view] McGuffin searches with a Merfolk Looter

[view] Max McGuffin, with his defenses

[view] Ralph Trapas

[view] David Dimalanta on the offensive with his aggro red deck

[view] Ben Ashkar, Super Series guy

[view] Dave Diamata vs. Ben Ashkar

[view] Hank Mead

[view] David Dimalanta waits for his opponent to pass the turn

[view] James Hollister mulls his options

[view] Ralph Trapas heads for the Red Zone

[view] David Cox and his amazing u-b deck

[view] Ben Ashkar moves to attack

[view] Max McGuffin

[view] Matt Boccio

[view] Matthew Boccio vs. Max McGuffin

[view] David Cox plays against Ben Ashkar

[view] Hank Mead vs. David Diamata

[view] James Hollister vs. Ralph Trapas

[view] The Top 8

[view] Top 8: Hank Mead

[view] Top 8: Matthew Boccio

[view] Top 8: Max McGuffin

[view] Top 8: David Dimalanta

[view] Top 8: James Hollister

[view] Top 8: David Cox

[view] Top 8: Ralph Trapas

[view] Top 8: Ben Ashkar

[view] Among the many participants in Question Mark is writer Sean McKeown

[view] Rishadan Ports all over the place

[view] Check out the cool black paper!

[view] Crowds gather to watch the young players. Though not well-known yet, many of them go on to Pro Tour success, adding cash winnings to their scholarship money

[view] Mark Rosewater calls on competitors in his Question Mark contest

[view] 379 competitors showed up for the JSS Championships

[view] Judges at the JSS have to be very aware, to catch technical errors

[view] The Serra Angel with her, uh, breast plate

[view] James Lee mediates a dispute

[view] This tiny child's head is no larger than a 20-sided die

[view] White sleeves!

[view] Hey look, it's little Darwin!

[view] The young players look every bit as serious as their older counterparts

[view] Austerity

[view] That Millstone's older than he is!

[view] Take your best shot

[view] Scott Freeman, winner of four JSS challenges

[view] Plenty of Pokemon, too

[view] Guest gunslinger Warren Marsh, getting intimidated

[view] Gunslinging with David Williams and Richard Garfield

[view] The tech: Rebels vs. u-w

[view] It's sporting - but very, very competitive

[view] The JSS Feature Match area

[view] There's the trash talk

[view] Shiny Happy Parents

[view] Takin' it to the Red Zone

[view] Parents are excited!

[view] On the left, Dan O'Mahoney Schwartz gives advice to Steve O'Mahoney Schwartz

[view] The parental units engage in Magic

[view] Bringing the hammer down!

[view] Counterspells were a solid way to go

[view] Rebels at table 49!

[view] Fires vs. Fires

[view] The JSS area - a hive of activity

[view] Someone put the pairings too high!

[view] Hundreds and hundreds of youth, gathering to read the pairings

[view] James Lee manning the scorekeeping station

[view] Players read the newest issue of Sideboard Magazine

[view] Super signage!

[view] Camaraderie!

[view] Magic players bring tons of decks to big tournaments

[view] Last minute pep talks - AND the best t-shirt ever

[view] Competitors scour the field for metagame hints

[view] Head Judge James Lee converses with some players

[view] John Shannon inspects some documents

[view] Head Judge James Lee instructs his diligent judging staff

[view] Father and son build Fires

[view] Laura Kilgore serves the masses

[view] An overhead shot of the JSS Open

[view] Even the kids know that turn one Llanowar Elves is good

[view] It's a tough competition for these youngsters

[view] The JSS is so cute

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