2001 Latin America Championship

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Carol Fuentes, Country Manager for Latin America presents a plaque to Franck Favrot and Eduardo Stempler of Ediciones de Mente, the Argentine distributor

[view] Scott Richards savors his moment

[view] The Top 4 of the 2001 Latin American Championships

[view] The Top 4 of the Argentina Open

[view] Defeated, Diego congratulates Scott

[view] A little light reading, why not?

[view] Scott Richards raises his fist in victory

[view] Scott Richards is more surly than usual

[view] The prize is almost in reach

[view] Two Time, Two Time!

[view] Diego Ostrovich likes this play

[view] 2001 Latin American Champion: Scott Richards

[view] Galimbertti sends Skizzik to the throat

[view] Victor Galimbertti is in danger of exploding

[view] "Do your worst."

[view] Damien Brown-Santirso hopes for a Scott Richards victory

[view] Scott Richards somehow steals victory from Victor Galimbertti

[view] Garcia tries telekinesis

[view] Diego Ostrovich hands it back to Garcia

[view] Reporters share secrets

[view] The Quarters finished early enough that the spectators hadn't showed in time for the Semis

[view] Raphael Garcia holds only three cards, and is none too pleased

[view] Orb-Opposition requires careful resource management

[view] Diego Ostrovich is King of the World

[view] The Agony and the Ecstasy

[view] Quarterfinals: Scott Richards defeats Julio Silva Maciel

[view] Christiano Pereira doens't like where this is headed

[view] Scott Richards swings

[view] "Now, which way do I point the beatdown?"

[view] Diego Ostrovich makes sure everything is just so

[view] As he wins his quarterfinals, relief washes over Victor Galimbertti like vintage wine from fine, old kegs

[view] Slap hands, Diego advances to the semis!

[view] Not even Mogg Sentry can save Victor Galimbertti from the incoming monies

[view] Quartefinals: Diego Ostrovich defeats Christiano Pereira

[view] Saproling Burst makes Eduardo Sella smile

[view] Julio Silva Maciel knows what you're up to

[view] Raphael Garcia: "Whoa, there!"

[view] Quarterfinal Action: Raphael Garcia v. Alejandro del Gerbo Actis

[view] The Top 8: On the threshold of greatness

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Alejandro del Gerbo Actis

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Julio Silva Maciel

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Diego Ostrovich

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Raphael Garcia

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Christiano Pereira

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Scott Richards

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Eduardo Sella

[view] Top 8 Competitor: Victor Galimbertti

[view] It's an inch away from pandemonium

[view] Dave Williams revels. Steve OMS less so.

[view] Everyone thinks they know this one

[view] Your Quizmasters

[view] Steve OMS dispenses elementary sign language at the Quiz Show

[view] The Top 8 is announced, and it's freak-out time for the lucky few

[view] Dawton Possato is intense!

[view] Round 12 Feature Match: Dawton Possato v. Adrian Saredo. Possato forgot all about Squirrel Wrangler

[view] Adrian Saredo pretends he has something up his sleeve

[view] Ostravich needs a moment to reflect

[view] Ostravich is exposed by Duress in his Round 12 Feature Match against Lucas Ramirez

[view] New recruits

[view] Lucas Ramirez has a surgeon's touch

[view] Sideboard Workhorse Toby Wachter is fast running out of steam

[view] On Vacation: Chris Benafel

[view] Victor Galimbertti has never heard of a "Poker Face"

[view] Raphael Garcia considers his next move

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Raphael Garcia v. Victor Galimbertti

[view] Ostrovich's laserlike concentration can bore through steel

[view] That's no zombie! That's Brazil's Marco Marcelo Zimmer

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Diego Ostrovich v. Marco Marcelo Zimmer

[view] Dark Banishing? Whatever!

[view] Tiebreakers are one of the Great Mysteries

[view] The happy couple: Juan and Silvana del Comare

[view] Juan Reutter demands his opponent give back his Fact or Fiction

[view] Almarza gives his opponent "The Eye"

[view] Round 10 Feature Match: Maxilia Cereceda Almarza v. Juan Reutter

[view] Lucas Ramirez giggles like a schoolgirl over the beating he's about to hand down

[view] Eduardo Albareda passes priority with a practiced hand

[view] Round 10 Feature Match: Eduardo Albareda v. Lucas Ramirez

[view] "Kicked Skizzik. What are you going to do about it?"

[view] Round 9 Feature Match: Victor Galimbertti v. Thomas Felsberg. Table Judge Nicolas Gonzales Pena is just resting his eyes

[view] Thomas Felsberg is exciting, dynamic!

[view] The action occurs under the deadly gaze of the clock

[view] The Argentina Open can be likened to Hollywood: Everyone has a shot

[view] Carlos Terrera gets the hard news about his disqualification

[view] Round 9 Feature Match: Emilion Raggio v. Nicolas Kohan

[view] Emilio Raggio doesn't care what's in his opponent's hand

[view] Nicolas Kohan's concern is shared by the judge

[view] Concurrent Standard Beatings

[view] It's beard versus beard in Round 8 Feature Match: Oscar Carisimo v. Christiano Pereira

[view] Oscar Carisimo has the look of a control player: a full hand and an innocent expression

[view] Carlos Romao has options

[view] Alejo Zagalsky is more cautious than his shirt suggests

[view] Round 8 Feature Match: Romao v. Zagalsky

[view] Laura Waniuk supplements her income with lucrative beverage modelling contracts

[view] These guys think they can beat the pros

[view] Steve OMS loves gunslinging. No, he REALLY loves gunslinging.

[view] Christiano Pereira: "Why me?"

[view] How's that for a mascot?

[view] Competitors wear the LAC 2001 shirt with pride

[view] The Argentina Open T-Shirt

[view] Round 7 Feature Match: Gerardo Godinez v. Diego Ostrovich, faster than light

[view] Gerardo Godinez is right out of The Matrix

[view] Diego Ostrovich livens up his feature match with sound effects

[view] Ostrovich is being watched

[view] Willing to win at any cost, Raphael Garcia sets his eyeglasses to stun.

[view] Scott Richards is all business. His business is PAIN.

[view] Round 7 Feature Match: Scott Richards v. Raphael Garcia

[view] Somehow, all this is going to come together in a deck

[view] Juan del Compare heads up the Argentina Open

[view] "Say hello to my little friend."

[view] Players give Wizards a piece of their mind

[view] Sundrenched Buenos Aires

[view] 2000 Latin American Champion, Gustavo Chapela

[view] Omar Salomao puts everyone on edge

[view] Santiago Guzzetti deliberates

[view] Carlos Terrera boasts features of chiselled granite

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Victor Galmibertti v. Carlos Terrera

[view] Victor Galimbertti has a change of heart

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Santiago Guzzetti v. Omar Salomao

[view] The event's sole female competitor, Lizbeth Laguna

[view] Chilean National Champion, Sebastian Suter

[view] Uruguayan National Champion, Rodrigo Asuaga

[view] Peruvian National Champion, Jorge Melgar Talavera

[view] Mexican National Champion, Francisco Barboza Garcia

[view] Argentinian National Champion, Diego Ostrovich

[view] Brazilian National Champion, Marcos Tanaka

[view] The Limited Day is always the longest

[view] Julio Silva Maciel taps, cagily

[view] Willy Edel looks for a way out

[view] Godinez grimaces at a tough situation

[view] Round 5 Feature Match: Gerardo Godinez v. Willy Edel

[view] Judges to the rescue!

[view] Round 5 Feature Match: Marcos Tanaka v. Julio Silva Maciel

[view] Rafael Alvarenga, a man of action, not words

[view] Leandro fascinates the press

[view] Round 4 Feature Match: Rafael Alvarenga v. Leandro Mamczyc Haro

[view] Round 4 Feature Match: Diego Ostrovich vs. Jose Luis Echeverria

[view] Diego Ostrovich is an excellent listener

[view] Jose Luis Echeverria has TWO Coalition Honor Guards in play

[view] "You may be able to beat me, but can you beat ... BATMAN?"

[view] Street vendors are always on the up and up

[view] Supposedly, this man is a judge

[view] A wealth of information

[view] The Gunslingers get mobbed

[view] DCI Reporter is scary stuff

[view] Marcos Tanaka tries to balance his mana

[view] Ernesto Mingorance displays the finished product

[view] Check out those killer Judge threads

[view] The Draft Script (V2.0)

[view] Head Judge Collin Jackson takes a load off, but never once falters in his duties

[view] Another top draft table

[view] Ernesto Mingorance picks with a quickness

[view] Marcos Tanaka is wedged between Gerardo Godinez and Julio Silva Maciel

[view] Bird's Eye View of Draft 2

[view] Acting Content Coordinator Josh Bennett is thwarted at every turn

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Damien Brown v. Pablo Huerta

[view] Brown takes a mental step back from the situation

[view] Huerta is dark, forboding

[view] The older Mao is grizzled

[view] The younger Mao double-checks a card

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Mao on Mao, Father against Son

[view] Eyes of Ice: Thomas Felsberg, last year's champion

[view] Thomas Felsberg fights Rodrigo Castro

[view] Luis Ramos works out the probabilities

[view] Ernesto Mingorance plays innocent

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Ernesto Mingorance v. Luis Ramos

[view] Pedro Ceriotti rules! Get it?

[view] Michael Sutfin hobnobs at the press conference

[view] Ciruelo maintains an air of refinement

[view] Gunslingers, Dave Williams and Steve OMS

[view] Remember, no funny stuff

[view] Sometimes, even the press have trouble keeping their objectivity

[view] Round 1 Feature Match: Joao Lima v. Carlos Romao

[view] Reid Schmadeka, Somnambulist

[view] Ciruelo: An enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a scarf

[view] Everyone likes getting photographed

[view] Steve OMS tries to avoid getting wrecked

[view] Michael Sutfin plays the Evil Overlord

[view] Argentinian Level 3 Judge Juan del Compare and local Event Manager Graciele Battauz

[view] The Battlefield

[view] The struggle for supremacy

[view] Bouchaib in profile

[view] Basilio wants that Soul Burn back, badly

[view] Round 1 Feature Match: Messaud Bouchaib v. Basilio San Juan Vergara

[view] Joao Lima uses Wane expertly

[view] Carlos Romao unravels a mystery

[view] He knows he's done right

[view] Gerardo "Photogenic" Godinez

[view] With so many cross-color spells, it looks like more than 45 cards

[view] Apocalypse has everyone reading the fine print

[view] David Williams gunslings with Saproling Burt. His choice of token is excellent

[view] Gerardo Godinez does his best Alan Comer impression

[view] Rafael Meneses sums up his draft

[view] A downright ridiculous Planeshift pack

[view] GP - Rio Champion, Carlos Romao glowers at his Henrique Pessini's choice

[view] Romao has incredible reach

[view] Everybody mull!

[view] Day 1, Draft 1, now with less chaos

[view] 2000 Magic Invitational Competitor Gerardo Godinez grabs a green legend

[view] We'll see just how winning this smile is

[view] Sideboard Reporter and Monolinguist Toby Wachter feels out of place in South America

[view] Fuel for Magic players

[view] An impromptu conference

[view] Judges Alejandro Raggio and Rafeal Dei Svaldi guard the scorekeeping station

[view] Sideboard staff get help deciding Feature Matches

[view] Alejo Zegalsky: Trendsetter

[view] If you were here, this is where you'd sit

[view] Latin America/Carribean Territory Manager Reid Schmadeka desperately tries evade the paparazzi

[view] There's room for everyone

[view] A little last-minute tech sharing

[view] It's easy to pick out Magic players

[view] There's no mistaking the site

[view] Everyone was in high spirits

[view] Player Registration was 40% Hustle, 60% Bustle

[view] La Rural presents a beautiful backdrop

[view] Head Judge Collin Jackson calls the draft in the universal language: love

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