2001 Magic Invitational

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The champion is crowned

[view] Final match - an intense and long battle

[view] Jon Finkel wants to be your friend

[view] Might he be admiring the fine fellah on Meddling Mage?

[view] Pikachula

[view] James White scopes out the Invitational play area

[view] Clegg managed to cast all four of his Meddling Mages against Budde

[view] Budde and the super-cool Sideboard box

[view] Dan Clegg taps lands slowly

[view] The Meddling Mage in action

[view] Budde vs. Richards

[view] Scott Richards and his mono-red deck

[view] Budde in motion

[view] Benafel shuffles, Finkel bored

[view] Finkel seems strangely uninterested in what Benafel has to say

[view] Ladies and Gentleman, Chris Benafel's left ear!

[view] Mike Pustilnik never looks like he thinks he's winning

[view] How can someone with Kamahl, Pit Fighter in play look so unhappy?

[view] The furry kitten seems to prefer Benafel, much like last night!

[view] Chris Benafel looks placid as he takes his time contemplating his move

[view] Brian Kibler's new pet cheetah gazes lovingly at the crowd

[view] Mikey P. versus Kamiel Cornellisen

[view] Kamiel "Great White" Cornellisen has the menacing gaze of a mighty shark

[view] Mike Pustilnik, mournfully contemplating his options? Or fast asleep?

[view] Player study their notes before the Rotisserie Draft begins

[view] Olivier Ruel seems more interested in the camera than the draft

[view] The Oddssey Set is one big boster pack for Rotisserie Draft

[view] The amazing trophies for this weekend

[view] The Ruel brothers face off in 5-color

[view] Olivier Ruel playing 5-color

[view] Antoine Ruel playing 5-color

[view] Mikey P and Dave Price face off in 5-color

[view] Mikey P's deck may be taller than him

[view] Dave Price shuffles up his 5-color deck

[view] Antoine Ruel's Pig loves 5-color

[view] Mikey P and Chris Pikula finished shuffling their massive decks

[view] Mikey P in Round 4, 5-color

[view] Chris Pikula in Round 4, 5-color

[view] Tom van de Logt vs. Scott Richards in Round 3

[view] World Champion Tom van de Logt in Round 3

[view] Latin American Champ Scott Richards in Round 3

[view] Jon Finkel vs Chris Pikula in Round 3

[view] Jon Finkel in Round 3 Duplicate Limited

[view] Chris Pikula in Round 3 Dulicate Limited

[view] Antoine Ruel in Round 2 Duplicate Limited

[view] Kai Budde in Round 2 Duplicate Limited

[view] Despite some earlier seasickness, Fujita was able to boogie the night away at dinner

[view] The view from the tour boat was breathtaking as night fell

[view] As the search for sharks continued, South Africa faded into the distance

[view] The scenery was spectacular on the boat tour!

[view] There were two boats for the tour. Chris Benafel doubles as a lighthouse with his bright yellow sweatshirt

[view] As Fujita can confirm as he suffers in the throes of sea-sickness, this boat tour was unforgettable!

[view] Mike "The Skipper" Pustlinik seems content during the three-hour tour

[view] Kai Budde can fearlessly face down opponents in the top 8, but seems hesitant to approach the savage jungle cat

[view] Jon Finkel simultaneously "busts a move" and taunts the baby cheetah!

[view] Jon Finkel poses with a baby cheetah as Fujita hides behind a post

[view] All the players lined up for a chance to pet the cheetahs - the marvels of Africa are unmatchable!

[view] The first wine tasting session already seems to be having an effect on some players.

[view] Dan Clegg seems less than inspired by Mark's pre-Invitational spiel.

[view] During the player meeting, Kibler's demonic eyes reveals that he literally sold his soul to get to invited.

[view] Thousands of fans gathered in wait for the beginning of the Invitational. They have declared Mikey P. to be their king!

[view] Finkel is slack-jawed in surprise at Van de Logt's play

[view] Gary Wise has found an audience.

[view] Kamiel and Dave face off in tense practice draft

[view] While the sweater that has won 4 PTs practices "5", Mike Pustilnick marvels

[view] Sideboard reporter Matt Vienneau discusses philosophy, art and Magic theory with Mark Rosewater

[view] Chris Pikula surveys his board position as Scott Johns mocks him with laughter

[view] Jon Finkel in Round 1 Duplicate Limited

[view] Gary Wise in Round 1 Duplicate Limited

[view] The World's Best Player vs. The World's Loudest Player: Jon Finkel vs Gary Wise.

[view] Brian Kibler in Round 1 Duplicate Limited.

[view] Chris Pikula in Round 1 Duplicate Limited.

[view] Brian Kibler and Chris Pikula in Round 1 Duplicate Limited.

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