2001 Pro Tour New York

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Phoenix Foundation, Champions of 2001 Pro Tour New York

[view] Awards Ceremony with Phoenix Foundation and Les Plus Class

[view] $60,000. Not too shabby

[view] Kai Budde, the 2000-2001 Player of the Year

[view] Les Plus Class and their trophies

[view] Kai Budde: better than Finkel?

[view] Kai Budde and Phoenix Foundation win PT NY 2001

[view] Another Frenchman falls to the German Juggernauts

[view] Amiel Tenenbaum in the finals

[view] Marco Blume in the finals

[view] Marco Blume and Amiel Tenenbaum in the finals

[view] Kai Budde in the finals

[view] Nicolas Olivieri in the finals

[view] Gabriel Nassif in the finals

[view] Dirk Baberowski in the finals

[view] The Audio-Visual Coordinator for the Pro Tour

[view] These headsets let you hear amazing comentary by Randy Buehler and Brain Kibler

[view] Zvi extends the hand

[view] Aaron Forsythe extends the hand to Marco Blume

[view] William "Baby Huey" Jensen

[view] Kai Budde in the semifinals

[view] Noah Boeken

[view] Andrew Johnson in the semifinals

[view] Car Acrobatic Team in the semifinals

[view] Dirk Baberowski in the semifinals

[view] Marco Blume in the semifinals

[view] Phoenix Foundation in the semifinals

[view] Andrew Forsythe in the semifinals

[view] Gabriel Nassif in the semifinals

[view] Nicolas Olivieri in the semifinals

[view] Amiel Tenenbaum in the semifinals

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz in the semifinals

[view] Justin Gary in the semifinals

[view] Illuminati in the semifinals

[view] Les Plus Class in the semifinals

[view] Alex Shvartsman in the semifinals

[view] Brian Kibler

[view] Car Acrobatic Team in the semifinals

[view] Illuminati

[view] Phoenix Foundation

[view] Les Plus Class

[view] Phoenix Foundation drafting in the semifinals

[view] Phoenix Foundation and Car Acrobatic Team drafting in the semifinals

[view] More semifinal draft action

[view] Day 3 of a Pro Tour is quite a production

[view] Car Acrobatic Team drafting in the semifinals

[view] Les Plus Class drafting in the semifinals

[view] Illuminati drafting the semifinals

[view] The Pro Tour can be three very long days

[view] Car Acrobatic Team

[view] Car Acrobatic Team and Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbon in a round 12 feature match to decide who will play on Sunday.

[view] Phoenix Foundation and A Little Too Sick square off in round 12.

[view] Kamiel Cornelissen and the rest of A Little Too Sick in action.

[view] Dirk Baberowski thinks it over in his match...

[view] Aaron Forsythe and his teammates hope to make it back into the Top 4 like they did last year here.

[view] All the members of Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbon working hard to make it into the Top 4.

[view] Stalking Tiger, Hidden Gibbon talking draft strategy.

[view] Andrew Cuneo being bossy!

[view] Head scorekeeper Gordon Culp. (Assistant scorekeeper Cajus Von Engleman in the background.)

[view] Pairings are up!

[view] Satoshi Nakamura is green! (well kinda)

[view] Kurtis Hahn, inventor of 5 color Magic.

[view] Car Acrobatic Team vs. Phoenix Foundation in a round 11 feature match.

[view] Aaron Forsythe is an angry, angry man.

[view] Kai Budde goes, "Whu?!"

[view] Metagames against Les Plus Class. Oui Oui!

[view] Wilfried Ranque says, "Heyyyy...Fuggggedabouddit!!"

[view] The members of Les Plus Class having fun in a round 11 feature match.

[view] One might think that Kai would be running the draft for the Germans. Not so, as we see he and Marco Blume receiving instructions from the Babe. (Dirk Baberowski)

[view] Once the draft starts there is no verbal communication allowed, so the team members of Les Plus Class use hand signals.

[view] Like their French opponents, the French team Metagames also has a series of hand signals to help communicate throughout the draft.

[view] DM Fan Club vs. Licence to Ill in a round 10 feature match.

[view] Car Acrobatic Team takes on Monkey Dog,also in round 10.

[view] Aaron Forsythe says, "Ewwwwwwwwwww."

[view] Tomi Walamies wearing his "Tribute to the Grateful Dead" shirt.

[view] Mark Rosewater in all his glory.

[view] Brian David-Marshall thinks something is funny.

[view] Jamie Parke says, "What's he do?"

[view] PT regular Gary Wise, and WotC employees Worth Wollpert, and Thomas Pannell draft against the team that was awarded the bye in round 10. (For fun of course!)

[view] Jamie Parke and the rest of License to Ill. Think whatever he picks can shack that pap?

[view] DM Fan Club talks it over...

[view] Father and son drafting together. How cute! (Dad Tom and son Brad, in the back)

[view] Eric Kesselman: "Would you like fries with that?" Brook North, "But of course Eric. Duh."

[view] Aaron Forsythe tells teammate Andrew Cuneo, "I think I'm black/red."

[view] Head judge Collin Jackson wearing the extra-special super-duper good judge shirt.

[view] Ancient Kavus in a round 9 feature match.

[view] Noah Boeken's cloaked up Llanowar Knight goes 90 degrees.

[view] Noah Boeken in front, and the rest of ABU.com (Fuller and Benafel)

[view] ABU.com takes on the Ancient Kavus in a round 9 feature match.

[view] My Team Part 17 vs. Phoenix Foundation in a round 9 feature match.

[view] Alex Shvartsman

[view] Kai Budde and the rest of Phoenix Foundation.

[view] The JSS tournament got a huge turnout.

[view] Say it with me now, "Awwwwwwwwww."

[view] "Whaddya mean I can't play my Charizard?!!"

[view] More JSS players.

[view] A JSS player waves to the audience

[view] A man and his swamp.

[view] A man and his island.

[view] A (young) man and his mountain.

[view] Mr. Brian Kowal has broken the format. (Yes those are *two* Dracos)

[view] Randy Buehler

[view] Ever-popular, the artists have been signing cards all weekend.

[view] My Team Part 17 has a quick meeting.

[view] Ancient Kavus are pointing in 58 different directions at once despite only having 6 hands between them.

[view] As Marco Blume tries to take control of the draft, Kai pounds his fists and stamps his feet.

[view] ABU.com is drafting, but in reality these three studly guys are thinking about how many chicks 60k will bring.

[view] Magic:The Gathering Pro Tour

[view] Lyskavermaden in a round 8 feature match

[view] My Team Part 17 in a round 8 feature match

[view] Dynasty and ABU.com2 meet in round 8.

[view] Brian Hegstad of ABU.com2 seems content with his Raka Sanctuary.

[view] Ben Rubin of Dynasty paying close attention to the proceedings.

[view] The Sideboard is a hit, especially with the younger crowd.

[view] Alex Shvartsman of Team My Fires part 17 runs the show.

[view] With 2/3 of last years successful team, 'Draften Und Spielen' back, Mello and Valkyser hope Kroeger is up to the task on team Lyskavermaden.

[view] Ben Rubin has bitter beer face!

[view] Freneau, Zigheti and Hegstad, of ABU.com2 all fighting over who gets the Tainted Well.

[view] My team Part 17 looking contemplative in their feature match.

[view] Raphael Levy and the rest of his Metagames teammates look on as they do battle with the forces of My team Part 17.

[view] More My team Part 17 vs. Metagames action.

[view] Lyskavermaden fights ABU.com in the rounds other feature match.

[view] A close up look at Noah Boeken of team ABU.com

[view] Elmo hogging the screen time as Peer Kroeger thinks about his next move.

[view] CMD taking on A Little Too Sick.

[view] More CMD.

[view] Dutch Wunderkind Kamiel Cornelissen.

[view] A bunch of Japanese players (Mori and Fujita in the foreground)

[view] Brian David-Marshall of Neutral Ground NY fame goes in for the kill.

[view] Anchans in the heat of the battle.

[view] Fujita has to make a tough call.

[view] Dynasty and A Little Too Sick slug it out in a battle of the titans.

[view] Dutch Superstar Kamiel Cornelissen roots his teammates on.

[view] Steve O, of the New York O's. Pictured here with brother Dan and some other guy.

[view] Nicolai Herzog of Team Outland says, "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?"

[view] Team Antarctica vs. Team Outland. Don't they look excited!!!

[view] Ben Rubin: "I will turn my man sideways in an effort to smash your face in."

[view] Mike Flores

[view] Kai Budde

[view] Lan D Ho

[view] Dan Clegg

[view] Gary Wise

[view] Scott Johns

[view] Andrew Johnson shows off some U-B cards

[view] Team Antartica building Deck #3 of the day

[view] Japanese newcomers to the PT, Team Emon Staff.

[view] The ladies love Dave Humpherys

[view] Pro Tour Site Manager Gerry Rubin does it all. He's not even above the grunt work!

[view] Nicolai Herzog

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz

[view] Chris Pikula

[view] Mikey Pustilnik

[view] Ryan Fuller gets a high five from teammate Noeh Boeken as he wins his match (and the trashtalking war) and takes the team win for ABU.

[view] Everyone in the crowd stands transfixed as Wise and Fuller engage in an epic battle of trashtalking.

[view] ABU and Potato Nation in a round 5 feature match

[view] Game Empire 2 and My Team Part 17 in a round 5 feature match

[view] Potato Nation in a round 5 feature match

[view] Collin Jackson gives a ruling in Chris Benafel's match

[view] My Team Part 17 in a round 5 feature match

[view] Game Empire 2 in a round 5 feature match

[view] Billy Jensen tries to sneak a peak at the concert next door. He said he was looking for Britney but when the door opened I heard, "Billie Jean...is not my lover..."

[view] Ladies on the PT!

[view] One day you too could win this.

[view] Brock and Chola in: Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

[view] Good guys vs. Executioners

[view] Contrary to popular belief, this man does NOT play for the 49ers.

[view] Koichiro Maki of the Executioners studies the board.

[view] The Germans yuk it up!

[view] In one of the stranger teamings, Kyle Rose, Kamiel Cornellisen, and Eric Froehlich make up "A Little Too Sick."

[view] Kyle Rose: "What you say?"

[view] Ben Ronaldson ain't messin around.

[view] Team Cosmopolitan

[view] Team Phoenix Foundation

[view] CMD ponders their options as time ticks down in the background.

[view] Hmm...what color will it be tomorrow?

[view] Team AlphaBetaUnlimited.com

[view] The Ruel bros and their duck. Zis is our ducky!

[view] French civil war! Black Ops vs. Metagames.

[view] Danny Clegg says, "Hehe this guy has fear, bash your face?"

[view] Rudy Edwards of Fellowship of the Ting sends over a few men as Crosby and Ranks look on.

[view] $20 Dalla Billz and Anchans Square off.

[view] Katsuhiro Mori looking especially happy to be here!

[view] Eric Duewel-Zahniser of Team $20 Dalla Billz takes a long look at a Caldera Kavu.

[view] Some heated action.

[view] Another Metagames vs. Black Ops picture, gotta love the French!

[view] Lan Ho and Joseph Crosby about to get jiggy wit' it.

[view] Rob Dougherty says, "Touch it, love it, feel it."

[view] Hey. You talkin' ta me?

[view] Datcho Club (Higashino, Fujita, Mori) think something is awfully funny.

[view] Righteous Babe vs. Game Empire in the feature match area. (Shuler, Kowal, and Flores vs. Comer, Selden and Tsang)

[view] Team Deadguy squares off against Lyskavermaden (Whatever that means!)

[view] Terry Tsang asks, "Have you seen a little man? He's abut this tall."

[view] Mike Flores sends his men into the red zone!

[view] The famous Dave Price stare. It has been known to turn grown men into whimpering babies. Peer obviously was unaffected, however.

[view] Satoshi says, "Aint this the coolest durned hat you ever did see?"

[view] Becky Hiebert's oppoment must think he's seeing double.

[view] Scott Larabee and Chris Galvin

[view] Ed Beard, Jr. shows off his art for the Seventh Edition Birds of Paradise

[view] Carl Critchlow and the art for the Seventh Edition Gorilla Chieftain

[view] Godzilla (Ben Ronaldson, Oliver Schneider, and John Ormerod) and YMG (Rob Dougherty, Dave Humpherys, and Darwin Kastle) square off in the feature match area.

[view] Round 1 underway!

[view] One of Pro Tour site manager Jerry Rubin's greatest innovations, the feature match stands

[view] Gary Krakower, Matt Vienneau, and Mike Pustilnik in Round 1

[view] Car Acrobatic Team, last year's finalists, play in Round 1 under the watchful eye of James Do Hung Lee

[view] In Your Move Games's Round 1 Feature Match, Darwin thinks about his next move.

[view] One of the finest parts about New York City, the food!

[view] People stream into the site of Pro Tour New York

[view] The Pro Tour at Madison Square Garden

[view] Team Anchans builds their first set of decks.

[view] Satoshi Nakamura

[view] The Ken Ho All-Stars build their first sealed decks.

[view] Team Your Move Games: Dave Humpherys, Darwin Kastle, and Rob Dougherty

[view] German Powerhouses Kai Budde and Dirk Baberowski

[view] Product placement? Or just yummy donuts?

[view] In a daring maneuver, this man tries to swallow a doughnut without chewing.

[view] Nicolai Herzog

[view] Alex Shvartsman deals with his employees.

[view] This team brough matching shirts to intimidate their opponents

[view] The Ken Ho All-Stars, featuring Dan Clegg, Ken Ho, and Lan "No Relation" Ho

[view] Players bring mascots to the Pro Tour. Elmo hopes you win!

[view] All of the judges for PTNY.

[view] "The" Gordon Culp, keeper of the scores.

[view] Collin Jackson gives instructions to his underlings

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