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Congratulations on qualifying for Magic: The Gathering® Pro Tour-Barcelona! This sheet will provide you with important information to prepare NOW to attend in May.

The fifth stop of the 2000-01 Magic: The Gathering Pro TourTM will be held in Barcelona, Spain, May 4-6, 2001. Total prize money to be awarded is $200,000.

La Farga
Carrer de Barcelona 2
08901 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Tel. +34 93 261 52 00

La Farga is situated in the north-western part of Barcelona. The site is easy accessible by subway, train and buses from the center of Barcelona. Most of the hotels are located in downtown Barcelona. Hotels close to Sants Estacion, Plaza Catalunya or Plaza Espanya are ideally located to get access to the venue by public transport.


Format: Invasion Block Booster Draft

  • Expansions used: 2 Invasion boosters, 1 Planeshift booster
  • 40 card minimum deck size (all other drafted cards become the sideboard)
  • Check the www.thedci.com for drafting rules

Artists Signing Schedule

  Friday 5/4   Saturday 5/5     Sunday 5/6
  10-2 2-6   10-2 1-3 2-6   10-1 1-4
Anthony Waters   Signing   Signing Signing (2-3)       Signing
Ciruelo Cabral Signing     Signing Signing (2-3)     Signing  
John Avon Signing       Signing (1-2) Signing     Signing
Ron Spears   Signing     Signing (1-2) Signing   Signing  

Scheduled Side Events Pro Tour Barcelona

Friday May 4th
8:00 A.M.
Side event registration opens

9:00 A.M.: Event 101 1600 ESP
Grand Prix-England Trial
Format : InvasionTM Block Constructed
The Top 2 finishers receive a third-round bye for GP England.
11:00 A.M.: Event 102 2400 ESP
InvasionTM Block Asian Booster Draft
Product: two InvasionTM booster (Japanese), one PlaneshiftTM boosters (Chinese)
1:00 P.M.: Event 103 2900 ESP
InvasionTM Block Sealed Deck
Product: 1 Tournament Pack Invasion (English), 2 boosters Planeshift
4:00 P.M.: Event 104 2400 ESP
Italian Revised Booster Draft
max. 32 players
Product: 3 boosters Revised Italian
7:00 P.M.: Event 305 2000 ESP
InvasionTM Rochester Draft
Product: 2 boosters InvasionTM (English), 1 booster PlaneshiftTM (English)

Saturday May 5th
8:00 A.M.
Side event registration opens

9:00 A.M.: Event 101 3200 ESP
Pro Tour-New York Qualifier
Format: Team Sealed Deck/Draft
The winning team receives an invitation to Pro-Tour-New York.
1:00 P.M.: Event 202 3200 ESP
'Back to those Old Magic Days' - Tournament
max 24 players
Format : Booster Draft
Product: 2 boosters Antiquities (English), 2 boosters Fallen EmpiresTM (English), 2 boosters The DarkTM(English)
2:00 P.M.: Event 203 2900 ESP
Iberian InvasionTM Sealed Deck
Product: 1 Tournament Pack InvasionTM (Spanish), 2 boosters PlaneshiftTM(Portuguese)
4:00 P.M.: Event 204 1100 ESP
Grand Prix-Warsaw Trial
Format: Block Constructed
The Top 2 finishers receive a third-round bye for GP Warsaw.
7:00 P.M.: Event 205 2000 ESP
InvasionTM Block Rochester Draft
Product: 1 booster InvasionTM (English), 2 boosters PlaneshiftTM (English)
10:00 P.M.: Event 406 800 ESP
Standard Tournament
Constructed tournament using DCI Standard rules.

Sunday May 6th
8:00 A.M.
Side event registration opens

9:00 A.M.: Event 301 2900 ESP
$1,000 Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck tournament / Rochester Draft Top 8
Product: 1 Tournament Pack InvasionTM (English), 2 boosters PlaneshiftTM(English)
$1,000 to be divided among the Top 4 players
12:00 A.M.: Event 302 800 ESP
Extended Tournament
Constructed Tournament using DCI Extended rules
1:00 P.M.: Event 303 3200 ESP
LegendsTM Booster Draft
Product: 1 booster LegendsTM (English), 2 boosters LegendsTM (Italian)
Max. 32 players
2:00 P.M.: Event 304 2900 ESP
MercadianTM Block Asian Sealed Deck
Product: 1 Tournament Pack Mercadian MasquesTM (English), 1 boosterNemesisTM (Japanese), 1 booster ProphecyTM (Chinese)
4:00 P.M.: Event 305 2900 ESP
InvasionTM Block Sealed Deck
Product: 1 Tournament Pack InvasionTM (English), 2 boosters PlaneshiftTM(English)
For events to begin on time, please make sure to arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled tournament begins. Pro-Tour Barcelona is on the go twenty-four hours a day. Take in a DCI-sanctioned tournament in the wee hours-there's a format for every night owl : eight person Booster Draft, Sealed Deck, or Standard, with each tournament following a single -elimination format (subject to space and judge availability)
Standard 800 ESP
Extended 800 ESP
InvasionTM Block Sealed Deck 2800 ESP
English InvasionTM Block Draft 2000 ESP
Non-English InvasionTM block Draft 2400 ESP


  • You should receive your player packet by April 2, 2001. If you have not received it by this date please call Andy Heckt at 425-254-2941.

Player Contact:
Andy Heckt
If calling in the US: 1-425-254-2941
Overseas: ++1-425-254-2941
Email: heckt@wizards.com

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