2001 Tokyo Masters

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Masters Champs, AlphaBetaUnlimited.com

[view] Masters Finalists, Panzer Hunters

[view] Boeken doing something sneaky

[view] The Masters Finals

[view] After the attack, the Red Zone is quiet

[view] Momose surveys the board

[view] Winner of GP Amsterdam, Chris Benafel

[view] Super Canadian Ryan Fuller

[view] Dutchman Noah Boeken

[view] Itaru Ishida

[view] Panzer Hunters' Reiji Ando

[view] Chris Benafel vs. Reiji Ando

[view] Masters Head Judge Paul Barclay gives a warning to Kazayuki Momose

[view] Tokyo's own Panzer Hunters

[view] #1: AlphaBetaUnlimited.com

[view] While ABU went for more aggressive decks, the Hunters looked for consistency

[view] Green/blue/white relies on lots of evasion and some big guys to tie up the ground

[view] Random Darigaaz

[view] Panzer Hunters build their decks

[view] This is how your draft deck should look

[view] A good, aggressive red/black deck

[view] Everyone's favorite card, Blurred Mongoose

[view] AlphaBetaUnlimited.com build their decks

[view] ABU drafts

[view] The camera sees all!

[view] Panzer Hunters draft

[view] Chris Benafel slams down against Oliver Ruel

[view] Ryan Fuller vs. Florent Jeudon

[view] Noah Boeken plays against Antoine Ruel

[view] A mostly Japanese crowd gathers to watch Panzer Hunters draft

[view] Aaron Forsythe enters the Red Zone

[view] The B seat is often the most challenging to play

[view] Hometown heroes Panzer Hunters face off against Car Acrobatic Team

[view] Team Black Ops has one of the best developed signal sets

[view] Fuller's suggestion is met by a Boeken frown

[view] Pittsburgh's own Car Acrobatic Team

[view] Team Panzer Hunter drafts in the semifinals

[view] The Potato vs. Benafel

[view] Panzer Hunters vs. Outland

[view] Black Ops rolled through Games Empire

[view] Your Move Games against Car Acrobatic Team in the beginning of the Masters

[view] Fuller, Boeken and Benafel have practiced their signals

[view] Car Acrobatic Team

[view] Your Move Games, as always, decked out in uniform

[view] The Potatoes are out! Get 'em!

[view] Norway's Team Outland

[view] Panzer Hunters took their first round

[view] Games Empire has a distinguished resume, backing their drafting skills

[view] How can Black Ops not be happy?

[view] Benafel and Clegg look ready to box

[view] Benafel looking characteristically angry

[view] Keller vs. Fuller

[view] AlphaBetaUnlimited.com faces off against Rolled Up Aces in the Gateway finals

[view] Local teams had a chance to compete in the Gateway

[view] Nakamura plays out a complex board situation

[view] Randy Buehler engages in some 5-Color Magic

[view] Huey, Ben and Casey play AlphaBetaUnlimited.com

[view] Casey McCarrel plays against Chris Benafel, early in the Gateway

[view] William Jensen plays against Noah Boeken

[view] Chris Benafel charmed his way into the Masters

[view] Kenichi Fujita, along with Satoshi Nakamura, were both close to the Top 8 at Pro Tour-Los Angeles

[view] A rarely seen un-calm Nakamura casts Wash Out

[view] Team deckbuilding allows for more focused decks, making games go by quickly

[view] Many Japanese teams showed up for the Gateway tournament

[view] The Executioners, Satoshi Nakamura, Kenichi Fujita and Kochiro Maki build their decks

[view] Welcome to America! Or, maybe not.

[view] Japanese architecture at its finest

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