2002 European Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

David Brucker wins the 2002 European Championship, congratulations to you, David!SundayPlayers
These men just lived the best moments in their Magic careerSundayPlayers
The Top 4SundayPlayers
David Brucker, thirsty after an exciting finalSundayPlayers
Event Manager Christophe Weyers congratulates Head Judge Gijsbert Hoogendijk. I think Stoffel likes Gis...SundayStaff
, fourth placeSundayPlayers
, third placeSundayPlayers
These were taken home by the best four players of the 2002 European ChampionshipsSundayPlayers
and his runner up trophy, a happy manSundayPlayers
A satisfied Champ and his trophySundayPlayers
's end is nearSundayPlayers
David Brucker in the finalsSundayPlayers
Farid Meraghni and Gabriel Nassif relaxSundayPlayers
Scandinavian get-together at the side eventsSundayPlayers
Tough guys with rough accentsSundayPlayers
Editorial help from Olivier Ruel, Kim Eikefet and Quentin MartinSundayStaff
Christophe Weyers aims for a career as Magic artistSundayStaff
is hurting his brain over his next moveSundayPlayers
versus David Brucker in the semi-finalsSundayPlayers
Christophe HaimSundayPlayers
Adam Cetnerowski judges the semis, while Friedrich Rademacher and Andrea Panebianco report the match between Haim and LombardiSundayStaff
versus Christophe Haim in the semi-finals versus in the semi-finalsSundayPlayers
Marco LombardiSundayPlayers
These gentlemen make their preferences quite clear, Kai Budde and Nicolas OlivieriSundayPlayers
The soccer World Cup final Brazil-Germany; there is still hope for the GermansSundayPlayers
Some are more interested in football than othersSundayPlayers
Nele: "Go away!"SundayStaff
Nicolas Olivieri and Jérôme Mioso helping out with "Le Sidebooorrrd"SundayStaff
Gis Hoogendijk's judges team did an excellent jobSundayStaff
Gerrit Steenssens trying to stay awakeSundayPlayers
David Brucker seems to be the new German revelationSundayPlayers
So far the Swede lost in the quarterfinals three times in a row nowSundayPlayers
Young Italian Marco LombardiYoung Italian SundayPlayers
Roland Bode doesn't like picturesSundayPlayers
Christophe Haim has been called "la Plume" after the feather he's been wearing for a while. Would have looked good on stage, Christophe! has been called "la Plume" after the feather he's been wearing for a while. Would have looked good on stage, Christophe!SundayPlayers
How French can you be? Amiel TenebaumSundayPlayers
Christophe Haim versus Amiel Tenebaum in an all French quarterfinal versus Amiel Tenebaum in an all French quarterfinalSundayPlayers
Marco Lombardi versus Roland Bode in the quarterfinals versus Roland Bode in the quarterfinalsSundayPlayers
The most experienced Magic player of the Top 8, SundayPlayers
versus in the quarterfinalsSundayPlayers
and Jaap Brouwer, the waterbearer of this eventSundayPlayers
Local Sideboard reporter Ruud Warmenhoven followed the night side events for this coverage. Would you say it shows?SundayStaff
David Brucker versus in the quarterfinalsSundayPlayers
Antoine Ruel trying to convince his girlfriend that Sideboard coverage is importantSundayPlayers
Frank Karsten, Wessel Oomens and a whole bunch of Dutch fansSundayPlayers
Team Sealed side eventsSundayPlayers
Bruno Van Speybroeck and Liek van der Geer: it was late last nightSundayStaff
Christophe Haim, eighth seed, eighth seedSundayPlayers
David Brucker, seventh seedSundayPlayers
Amiel Tenebaum, first seedSundayPlayers
Marco Lombardi, fourth seed, fourth seedSundayPlayers
, sixth seedSundayPlayers
, second seedSundayPlayers
Roland Bode, fifth seedSundayPlayers
, third seedSundayPlayers
The best eight players of the European Championship 2002SundayPlayers
Most of the Sideboard crew. From left to right Kim Eikefet, Guy Van Damme, Andrea Panebianco, Rui Oliveira, Tiago Chan and Friedrich RademacherSaturdayStaff
Kevin O'Connor is England's last chance at a spot in the Top 8SaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel just lost a dinner invite, but won some good company neverthelessSaturdayPlayers
Matt Henstra made Top 8 at Grand Prix-London last year, is there another spot for him now?SaturdayPlayers
Christophe Haim won but isn't sure yet whether or not he made Top 8 at this point won but isn't sure yet whether or not he made Top 8 at this pointSaturdayPlayers
Jeroen Remie feeling disappointedSaturdayPlayers
is the home crowd's favouriteSaturdayPlayers
just made Top 8SaturdayPlayers
and his new 'Terminator' look: "Hasta manana baby"SaturdayPlayers
Christophe Haim versus Olivier Ruel and Matt Henstra versus Kevin O'Connor in the last round of Day 2 versus Olivier Ruel and Matt Henstra versus Kevin O'Connor in the last round of Day 2SaturdayPlayers
Jeroen Remie versus and Benjamin Caumes versus battling it out for the Top 8SaturdayPlayers
A sad thing Amiel Tenenbaum cut his hairSaturdayPlayers
Italian National Champion Stefano FioreSaturdayPlayers
Gabriel Nassif: so hot he gave up the hatSaturdayPlayers
has invited his parentsSaturdayPlayers
A surprised look from Norwegian cowboy, Eivind NitterSaturdayPlayers
Cormac Smyth, an Irishmen reputed all over Europe for being regularly drunk...SaturdayPlayers
David Kearney got faced up against another Irish in the one but last round of the daySaturdayPlayers
is wearing his old Spice Girls T-shirt back in remembrance of Pro Tour-New York 2000SaturdayPlayers
Neither Andrea Santin or Jeroen Remie have time to look up from their cardsSaturdayPlayers
The German Christophe Lippert and Dirk Baberowski brotherly next to each other in round 12SaturdayPlayers
The French Nicolas Labarre and Christophe Haim brotherly next to each other in round 12The French Nicolas Labarre and brotherly next to each other in round 12SaturdayPlayers
We are not the only ones interested in Nicolas LabarreSaturdayPlayers
Carlos Barrado is one of the five Spanish players at the ECSaturdayPlayers
Players like Kai Budde, Frederico Bastos and Noah Boeken are interested in more than just MagicSaturdayPlayers
Taking a break while watching the soccer World CupSaturdayPlayers
"Look up from your computer, Nele!"SaturdayStaff
Tom van de Logt versus Frank Karsten and Olle Rade versus in front of a magnificent Silver SeraphSaturdayPlayers
Old schooler Pierre MalherbaudSaturdayPlayers
Christophe Haim, one of the new French stars, one of the new French starsSaturdayPlayers
Judge Marc Hernandez keeping an eye on SaturdayPlayers
Bram Snepvangers, runner up at Pro Tour-NiceSaturdayPlayers
Olle Rade, slippery when wetSaturdayPlayers
Wessel Oomens is trying to talk Tom van de Logt out of the gameSaturdayPlayers
Frank Karsten trying to beat the World Champ and Sideboard reporter Guy Van Damme in the backgroundSaturdayPlayers
Nicolai HerzogSaturdayPlayers
doesn't have any spare faces leftSaturdayPlayers
at this point - after nine rounds of Magic - still undefeatedSaturdayPlayers
Rickard ÖsterbergSaturdayPlayers
Helmut Summersberger, a lot more cocky than yesterday after his game lossSaturdayPlayers
stretches itSaturdayPlayers
versus Helmut Summersberger and Alexander Witt versus Rickard Österberg in round 10 versus Helmut Summersberger and Alexander Witt versus in round 10SaturdayPlayers
versus and versus in round ten versus and versus in round tenSaturdayPlayers
Benjamin Caumes, the French have something with yellowSaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel versus Benjamin Caumes and Oyvind Odegaard versus Oyvind Harding in round 9SaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel wears the player shirt - cool or not?SaturdayPlayers
Former Belgian Champion Gert Coeckelberg and another of his famous frownsSaturdayPlayers
Kai Budde versus Gert Coeckelbergh and Pierre Malherbaud versus Stefano Fiore in round 9SaturdayPlayers
Kai Budde though Germany is no the only country in contention hereSaturdayPlayers
Kamiel CornelissenSaturdayPlayers
Patrick MelloSaturdayPlayers
Tomi WalamiesSaturdayPlayers
Andre SkjetneSaturdayPlayers
Dirk Baberowski in summer outfitSaturdayPlayers
Christian LührsSaturdayPlayers
Tommi HoviSaturdayPlayers
Bunch of night owlsFridayPlayers
Revised DraftFridayPlayers
Night events took place at the ABC Treehouse art galleryFridaySite
The life of a judge at the night events is hardFridayStaff
No hotel probablyFridayPlayers
Eelco van Ruth from the Wizards distributor in the Netherlands, PS Games, organised the night eventsFridayStaff
One of the formats at the night events was a Sealed Deck with a Saga Starter, one Mirage booster and one Alliances boosterFridayPlayers
The stage is a bit messy at this point of the dayFridaySite
The 'Beurs van Berlage' dressed up for the European ChampionshipFridaySite
Scott Wills and Vanessa Embrechts catching up on the latest gossipFridayPlayers
Orange lightning Stu CresswellFridayPlayers
Stoffel gives his legs a breakFridayStaff
Magic artist Scott Fischer as we all know himFridayStaff
John Avon trying to prove something but what exactly I cannot say...FridayStaff
'Ze Ladies' from Wizards. Does that make them Witches?FridayStaff
The one and only Jeroen RemieFridayPlayers
Noah Boeken "Got you!" and his Blitz FirecatFridayPlayers
Patrick Mello explains how Upheaval, Cabal Patriarch, Spelljack and Faceless Butcher decided the game... explains how Upheaval, Cabal Patriarch, Spelljack and Faceless Butcher decided the game...FridayPlayers
Jan Doise and two Scorching MissilesFridayPlayers
And you should see his glasses! Rickard Österberg finishes the last round of Day 1And you should see his glasses! finishes the last round of Day 1FridayPlayers
A frown from Gert Coeckelberg at the end of the dayFridayPlayers
Tomi Walamies in round 7 in round 7FridayPlayers
Yuri Kolomeyko does not let himself get distractedFridayPlayers
Almost finished, FreddyFridayPlayers
Wizards of the Coast, Belgium's Managing Director Willie Mitchell and Event Organizer Christophe WeyersFridayStaff
Franck CanuFridayPlayers
Sigurd EskelandFridayPlayers
Svend GeertsenFridayPlayers
Jim HeroldFridayPlayers
Tomi HoviFridayPlayers
Anton JonssonFridayPlayers
Raffaele Lo MoroFridayPlayers
Alex WittFridayPlayers
Belgium's pride and glory Gert Coeckelberg and Jan DoiseFridayPlayers
Real estate owner Glen MonicaFridayStaff
Sideboard reporter Friedrich Rademachers helps Marc Hernandez with decklistsFridayStaff
Sideboard's own Kim EikefetFridayStaff
Christian Lührs thinks it difficult to pose thinks it difficult to poseFridayPlayers
A very self assured Luca ChieraFridayPlayers
Svend Geertsen smirks smirksFridayPlayers
Raphaël Lévy can do two things at the same time, seduce the photographer and play MagicFridayPlayers
Ben Ronaldson carefully thinks over his next moveFridayPlayers
Jeroen Remie is anxiously waiting for what Ronaldson is going to do nextFridayPlayers
Dave Montreuil versus Nicolas Olivieri and Jeroen Remie versus Ben Ronaldson in round 6FridayPlayers
Svend Geertsen versus Raphaël Lévy and Luca Chiera versus Christian Lührs in round 6 versus Raphaël Lévy and Luca Chiera versus in round 6FridayPlayers
Wessel Oomens versus Alex Witt or 'the home match'Wessel Oomens versus or 'the home match'FridayPlayers
Wessel Oomens studies something with a very difficult nameFridayPlayers
Since he won the Masters Series in Nice, everybody knows Alex WittSince he won the Masters Series in Nice, everybody knows FridayPlayers
Gabriel Nassif versus in round 5FridayPlayers
Victor van den BroekFridayPlayers
Gabriel Nassif and his eternal yellow hatFridayPlayers
Stan van der Velden versus Stefano Fiore in round 5FridayPlayers
Stefano Fiore is sweating itFridayPlayers
Stan van der Velden is on a hot streakFridayPlayers
Top Italian breed, Andrea SantinFridayPlayers
Bram Snepvangers is closely followed by Friedrich RademacherFridayPlayers
Stan van der Velden at the second draft, if there ever was a man who had fans, it had to be himFridayPlayers
The current French National Champion Sylvain LauriolFridayPlayers
John OrmerodFridayPlayers
Sylvain Lauriol versus John Ormerod alongside two noisy Frenchmen: Pierre Malherbaud and Amiel TenebaumSylvain Lauriol versus alongside two noisy Frenchmen: Pierre Malherbaud and Amiel TenebaumFridayPlayers
Svend Geertsen versus an empty chair versus an empty chairFridayPlayers
Tom van de Logt versus Christoph Lippert in round 4FridayPlayers
Head Judge Gis Hoogendijk and Helmut Summersberger, who got a game loss for a 39-card deckFridayPlayers
Sigurd Eskeland just won his match - clean and fast just won his match - clean and fastFridayPlayers
A broken hearted Olivier RuelFridayPlayers
Noah seems to have more fun with the match of his neighbours than with his ownFridayPlayers
Noah Boeken lives in Amsterdam but had no time to iron his shirtFridayPlayers
The new Belgian Champion Jan DoiseFridayPlayers
Ben Ronaldson versus Florent Jeudon and Carlos Barrado versus Yuri Kolomeyko in round 3FridayPlayers
Still appreciated a lot for his tech, Ben RonaldsonFridayPlayers
An unusually morose Florent JeudonFridayPlayers
Big bad boyFridayPlayers
A lofty site full of European coloursFridayPlayers
One would believe the Basks are winning the World Cup or something...FridayPlayers
Joost Vollebregt squeezes the inspiration from his thumbFridayPlayers
Bram Snepvangers versus Thomas Preyer in round two, Bastos versus Vollebregt in the backgroundFridayPlayers
Portuguese Frederico Bastos in the good company of Thomas Preyer's Pooh, looks like he needs itFridayPlayers
Christophe Lippert finally decided on his moveFridayPlayers
Alexander Witt recently won the Nice Masters SeriesFridayPlayers
Two Finnish Tomi's up against one another in the second round. Behind them Alexander Wit versus Christophe LippertFridayPlayers
A colourful note in the Magic symphony, Dirk BaberowskiFridayPlayers
Benedikt Klauser is so kind to look in the camera, cost him the game thoughFridayPlayers
Dirk Baberowski versus Benedikt Klauser in round 1FridayPlayers
"If you see da' police" dye your hair red and pull a faceFridayPlayers
Nicolai Herzog to Tomi Walamies: "We used to be good at this game" to : "We used to be good at this game"FridayPlayers
One of the Norwegians and former European Champions who is closely followed, Nicolai HerzogOne of the Norwegians and former European Champions who is closely followed, FridayPlayers
Mattias Jorstedt verssu Eivind Nitter in round 1FridayPlayers
Mattias Jorstedt gives the game his full attention, Gabriel "the canary" Nassif in the backgroundFridayPlayers
Noah Boeken doesn't lack confidence, either he or Kamiel Cornelissen will win this tournament, according to his own humble selfNoah Boeken doesn't lack confidence, either he or will win this tournament, according to his own humble selfFridayPlayers
Kai Budde might have preferred New Jersey but we're happy he is hereFridayPlayers
Head Judge Gis and a story about new inkFridayStaff
"I feel a tremendous pressure on me," says Eivind NitterFridayPlayers
The first day starts with an Odyssey Block Booster DraftFridayPlayers
Judge Justus Rönnau and Antoine Ruel can still joke about the marked cardsFridayPlayers
He told you all you need to know about Euros on Sideboard Online this week, Mister Gary WiseFridayPlayers
Eivind Nitter is eager to pick the winning cardsFridayPlayers
Registration of the first playersFridayPlayers
A Magic event is all about meeting friendsFridayPlayers
You can get anywhere with a bikeFridaySite
The Amsterdam canalsFridaySite
The Bulldog. "No mum, this is on the totally other side of town..."FridaySite
Our technical crew came prepared, here Bjorn AertsFridayStaff
The European Championship is held in the Beurs van Berlage, putting us in the company of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima who married here last FebruaryFridaySite
Walking in the sun, waiting to get inFridayPlayers
Amsterdam Central Station drops its visitors close to the waterFridaySite
The 'Amsterdam' was named after the place where it was built but spent most of its active life in the far eastFridaySite
The maritime museum and flying Dutch coloursFridaySite
Typical Dutch facadesFridaySite
Out for a stroll on the DamFridaySite
The room still empty, flags ready to welcome their home boysFridaySite

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