2002 Grand Prix Lisbon

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] Kai Budde has an extra mantelpiece made for his trophies. Or maybe he plans on hooking up with Patrick Mello?

[view] Like brothers

[view] Kai Budde and Patrick Mello are the finalists of Grand Prix Lisbon. It took them three hours to fight it out...

[view] Christophe Weyers calling out the finalists

[view] The judges test, a lonely battle

[view] Mello in the finals

[view] Budde in the finals

[view] Sideboarding with open hands in the finals

[view] Caught again!

[view] No surprise to get so much attention for little Marcio against big Budde and Mello's "cold efficiency" versus Ruel's "artistic flair"

[view] The semi-finals attracted an even bigger crowd

[view] Hidden corner of the convent

[view] Bird's eye view of the quarterfinals

[view] Side events are still up and running when the quarterfinals are being played

[view] It's still early, the hall is packed with people following the quarterfinals

[view] Stefano Fiore in the quarterfinals

[view] Marcio Carvalho in the quarterfinals

[view] Kai Budde in the quarterfinals

[view] Tom van de Logt in the quarterfinals

[view] Jelger Wiegersma in the quarterfinals

[view] Olivier Ruel and his Singing Hamster: "Everybody was kung-fu fighting"

[view] Patrick Mello in the quarterfinals

[view] Alex Shvartsman in the quarterfinals

[view] Paolo Parente at work

[view] Patrick Mello

[view] Marcio Carvalho

[view] Stefano Fiore

[view] Alex Shvartsman

[view] Jelger Wiegersma

[view] Olivier Ruel

[view] Kai Budde

[view] Tom van de Logt

[view] Another shot of the best eight

[view] The best eight players of Grand Prix Lisbon

[view] Casual top 8 get-together

[view] The judges team

[view] The French get over their inferiority complex

[view] Between the 'bears' Pete Norris, Winter Orb, Winnie the Pooh and Werebear, four out of five experts chose Pete - only one vote for Werebear

[view] Sideboard staff Nele Van der borght caught in the same way she catches others

[view] Joao Rodrigues and Rogerio Alecrim from Devir Portugal turned this Grand Prix into the success it was

[view] I guess Tom van de Logt knows what Pete Norris is writing about him

[view] Daniele Canavesi could be the second Italian in the Top 8, next to Stefano Fiore who is already in for sure

[view] Portugal's final hope, stern-looking Tiago Chan

[view] Budde is not sure of making Top 8 yet

[view] The Sideboard hires new talent, the Italian artist Paolo Parente

[view] Frederico Bastos again

[view] Shying away from the camera, Jelger Wiegersma

[view] Marco Blume

[view] Helder Coelho in a thorough investigation of the field

[view] Russian Eugeny Okin turned up at several Grand Prix events this year

[view] "Get on with it" Helmut Summersberger

[view] What can you say about Patrick Mello? "Very German, very straight and he has a cool haircut, yeah, that's Mello."

[view] Johan Sadeghpour came all the way from Sweden to give Patrick Mello a beating

[view] Giusti Norberto keeps his brains warm

[view] The greens

[view] Tom van de Logt and Tiago Chan in round eleven

[view] Road Runner Rui

[view] Now who would believe this serious looking player is the world's best player? Tom van de Logt

[view] Bastos is on a hot streak this weekend

[view] Dirk Baberowski

[view] Alfredo Saez, Juan Tavira and Xavier Gracia do it in Spanish on the Devir website

[view] Renato Diaz and Davide Ferreira of the PortalMTG website cover the event in Portuguese

[view] Mikey P and a hat

[view] Frederico Bastos against Olivier Ruel in round ten

[view] Olivier "Winnie the Pooh" Ruel, serious for once

[view] Paulo Cardona prefers slow but correct play

[view] Ben's buddy Pete Norris is covering the Ronaldson-Cardona match

[view] Ben Ronaldson with the sweater that is almost as famous as Kai's

[view] The feature match area in the centre of the hall

[view] Alex Shvartsman has 21 points and will remain unbeaten after the first round of day two

[view] Tiago Chan is the only other player to start this day unbeaten

[view] Frederico Bastos made Top 8 at Pro Tour Tokyo and San Diego, no need to say the Portuguese are proud of him

[view] Marco Blume does not look good in the morning

[view] Carlos Sanchez Brito is the Spanish player who ended in the 100th place and earned himself the fabulous prize of one hundred boosters

[view] We thought these kids weren't aggressive

[view] Magic players going mad over a 100-booster surprise

[view] Christina "Pooh-pi-doo" Gil is routing for the Spanish

[view] A Portuguese love story

[view] A worried look from Jorge Da Costa, despite his table-100 present

[view] Roberto Polo is probably not the only one to almost fall asleep

[view] Olivier Ruel's own personalized feature match tag

[view] Olivier Ruel can't believe his luck, beating The Invincible Kai Budde

[view] Kuniyoshi Ishii is Portuguese despite what you might derive from his name

[view] MegaBear Baberowski

[view] Jose Vilela and Pedro Lemos "doing the table 100"

[view] Grandpa Mariani picking a tasteful card

[view] Stefano Loppi foresees the end of the match

[view] The preferences of a Portuguese Sideboard reporter

[view] Pedro Fernandes in the spotlights at the round six feature match table

[view] Carlos Santiago's trip from Spain was worth it

[view] What are the odds? In the same round Shvartsman and Pustilnik are paired against one another, Pete Norris faces off fellow Englishman and buddy Ben Ronaldson

[view] Mulliganing down to five and still a smile. You have to be Alex Shvartsman to be able to do that

[view] Another lucky 'table 100' player, Alexandre Azevedo

[view] Hugo Rodrigues, you'd be surprised with this boy

2playershttp://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/images/GPLIS02/969.jpgMassam trash talker

[view] Jelger Wiegersma's reknown for Extended didn't help him in round four

[view] Mega Marco and his murderous stare

[view] One of the noisiest (and youngest) players in Portugal, Marcio Carvalho

[view] Tiago Chan has a string of Pro Tour qualifications and a girlfriend called Andreia

[view] Portuguese Vitor Franco wins another match, under the scrupulous looks of Mikey P

[view] Juan Tavira is clearly hurting his brain

[view] Paulo Geraldo and Fernando Pereira were here in the second round

[view] Portuguese Cristovao Honorato is hoping for better luck in round three

[view] Local hero Helder Coelho won the previous Grand Prix Lisbon and is having another shot at it

[view] Life counters for everyone at this Grand Prix

[view] A little extra for the players at table 100 of each round

[view] From the north of Portugal, Hugo Silva

[view] Juan Carlos Diaz from Spain

[view] One of many Spanish in Lisbon, Dioni Santidrian does not see a way out

[view] Dinis Maia is the Portuguese National Champion and did well in his first round too

[view] Event Manager Christophe Weyers justed announced the 100 boosters for 100th place and the automatic feature match for table 100, the crowd goes mad

[view] Head Judge Rune Horvik, scorekeeper Peter Coenen and all-round assistant Ann Van Dam

[view] "My name is spelled with a zzzz"

[view] Impressive

[view] Seems a quite corner, but the buzz downstairs is almost tangible

[view] Listing your deck requires the right state of mind

[view] Not enough chairs

[view] Final doubts

[view] There's 670 of them

[view] Busy bees at registration

[view] A long queue of players still waiting to get in

[view] Antoine Ruel and Gabriel Nassif give away their colors the night before the tournament

[view] In the neighborhood: Lisbon is a city of old stories

[view] The site is a twelfth century convent

[view] Cesar Sanchez has the gift of turning up in unexpected corners. The site is almost ready

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