2002 Grand Prix Los Angeles Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on November 23, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Champ! Sunday Players
Phil Freneau, dazed at his championship Sunday Players
A subdued Maher Sunday Players
Head Judge Sheldon Menery Sunday Staff
Semifinal Action: Freneau v. Krouner Sunday Players
Ken Krouner, asleep at the wheel Sunday Players
Freneau accepts the pain Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Sun v. Krouner Sunday Players
Brian Hegstad makes a fine robot Sunday Players
Gerardo Godinez leans in to menace Sunday Players
Ken Krouner looks like he's been hit by a truck Sunday Players
Bob Maher finalizes his beatdown Sunday Players
Nick Eisel, GP wizard Sunday Players
Robert Swarowski goes for 'Stoic' Sunday Players
Phil Freneau, looking nervous Sunday Players
Ken Krouner's pile shuffles warp reality Sunday Players
Allen Sun is just happy to be here! Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Swarowski v. Frenau Sunday Players
The Top 8 build their decks Sunday Players
The complete dyed-blonde gradient Sunday Players
More action from the final eight Sunday Players
The final draft is intense Sunday Players
Awwwwwwwwwwww Sunday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Mowshowitz v. Freneau Sunday Players
Mowshowitz mulls Sunday Players
Freneau takes some hasty notes Sunday Players
Robert Bayardo is in a bad way opposite Lavamancer's Skill and Aphetto Alchemist Sunday Players
Ken Krouner sends this one out to the ladies Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham is incredulous! Sunday Players
Nick Eisel can't stop fidgeting Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Bayardo v. Eisel Sunday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Cunningham v. KK Sunday Players
Robert Bayardo flashes his beloved Brightstone Ritual Sunday Players
PTR, slowly getting riled Sunday Players
Chris Benafel enjoys a good laugh Sunday Players
A despondant Ed Fear Sunday Players
A study in smiles: Trustworthy and "Stealing Your Stuff" Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Benafel v. Szigeti Sunday Players
You might not be able to tell, but it's a Round 12 Feature Match: Fear v. Turian Sunday Players
Friends to the end Sunday Players
Ready to tear up the team sealed Sunday Players
Draft 2 is underway Sunday Players
Maher and Mowshowitz are just two of the big names at the top table Sunday Players
The big dogs throw down Sunday Players
Wise & J.T. Money confer on the subject of Table 1 Sunday Players
In the distance, fans stand on chairs to watch the top table Sunday Players
A reserved Franck Canu Sunday Players
Brian Kibler cocks his head sassily Sunday Players
Round 11 Feature Mach: Kibler v. Canu Sunday Players
Thugs oversee the Feature Matches Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham has no illusions Sunday Players
Phil Freneau does a mean Ray Liotta Sunday Players
Spectators stream in and around the matches Sunday Players
Ken Krouner waits for the go-ahead Sunday Players
Nick Eisel smiles at his game plan Sunday Players
Brian Hegstad pretends to be disinterested Sunday Players
Trevor Blackwell tries to stay focused Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Blackwell v. Krouner Sunday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Hegstad v. Eisel Sunday Players
Alex Shvartsman sends this one to his fans Sunday Players
Mowshowitz is fading fast Sunday Players
The YMG mirror: Mowshowitz v. Shvartsman Sunday Players
Ed Fear glowers Sunday Players
All business, Dave Williams Sunday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Fear v. Williams Sunday Players
Deck Construction rumba Sunday Players
Antonio De Rosa shows off his good fortune Sunday Players
Table 1 at the start of the day is littered with pros Sunday Players
Table 3 is a spicy one Sunday Players
Crowds rush the barricades for just a glance at how the drafts are going Sunday Players
8-0 in back-to-back Grand Prix: Nick Eisel Saturday Players
Brian Hegstad concentrates on his board Saturday Players
Ed Fear cultivates an air of quiet menace Saturday Players
De Rosa can't calm down enough to take a still photo Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Hegstad v. De Rosa Saturday Players
Chris Cade, known to some as "Forum Pimp" Saturday Players
Stone-Faced Ben Rubin Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman flashes a tell Saturday Players
Ken Krouner, smiling politely Saturday Players
Brian Hegstad v. Chris Benafel Saturday Players
Mike Turian bends the laws of physics Saturday Players
DKLA2K2 OMG! Saturday Players
Franck Canu v. Jonathan Job Saturday Players
The greats line up at the top table Saturday Players
Jittery cameraman sabotages Dave Williams's Photo-Op Saturday Players
Stark doesn't know if it's even possible to beat Williams's deck Saturday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Stark v. Williams. Stark shows you what it's really all about Saturday Players
Da Hump Saturday Players
Do Not Trust Ed Fear Saturday Players
Canada's Poster Boy, Jeff Cunningham Saturday Players
Iron Mike Turian has but one pose Saturday Players
Jack Stanton tries his best to appear friendly Saturday Players
Happy-go-lucky Zvi Mowshowitz Saturday Players
Tony Tsai Saturday Players
There is only one PTR Saturday Players
Doctor P finds the best line of play Saturday Players
A blasé Tony Tsai Saturday Players
Kibler's eyes are less than patient Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Szigeti v. Pustilnik Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Kibler v. Tsai Saturday Players
Head Judge Sheldon Menery, the voice of reason Saturday Staff
Judge Chris Wong is asked a hard question Saturday Staff
Diligent Judges receive their orders Saturday Staff
EDT sports the black shirt of a poet/hobo Saturday Players
Phil Freneau holds back a sneer Saturday Players
Bob Maher cannot get excited about his sealed deck Saturday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Yoo v. Bongiovanni Saturday Players
Mauro Bongiovanni and a sinister grin Saturday Players
John "Daddy" Yoo steps out of retirement Saturday Players
Sloganed T-Shirts hit a new low Saturday Players
The Beautiful Venue Saturday Site
The pros use their byes to test their builds Saturday Players
Troublemakers make trouble Saturday Players
Crazy mood-lighting action Saturday Players

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