2002 Grand Prix Philadelphia Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on October 24, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

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Jon Becker captures the elusive blue envelope. Sunday Players
Winner Jeff Cunningham with runner-up Shaun Doran. Sunday Players
Grand Prix Philadelphia Champion Jeff Cunningham. Sunday Players
The pros gather to watch the finals: Tsang, Williams, Stroud, Maher, Reeves, and Franz. Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham, his zombie, and his elf are enjoying the finals. Sunday Players
Shaun Doran stares down Jeff Cunningham in the GP Finals. Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass in the semifinals. Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham in the semis. Sunday Players
Nat Fairbanks makes a ruling in the Douglass/Cunningham Semifinal. Sunday Players
Doran vs. Krempals in the Top 8. Sunday Players
The complicated board of Doran/Krempals. Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass vs. Nick Eisel - quarterfinals. Sunday Players
Eisel summons Battering Craghorn. Sunday Players
Eli Aden and Patrick Sullivan in the Top 8. Sunday Players
It's Clerics agaianst Beasts in the Aden/Sullivan match. Sunday Players
Rabinowitz slams down Elven Riders. Sunday Players
Cunningham and Rabinowitz in the quarters. Sunday Players
Top 8: Craig Krempals Sunday Players
Top 8: Jeff Cunningham Sunday Players
Top 8: Shaun Doran Sunday Players
Top 8: Jacob Rabinowitz Sunday Players
Top 8: Patrick Sullivan Sunday Players
Top 8: Morgan Douglass Sunday Players
TOp 8: Eli Aden Sunday Players
Top 8: Nick Eisel Sunday Players
Eisel makes a pick. Sunday Players
A pack is reviewed. Sunday Players
The top 8 draft. Sunday Players
Morgan Dougalss drafts. Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham in the Top 8 draft, pinched by TOGIT players. Sunday Players
Wise and Sullivan are awarded a time extension. Sunday Players
Gary Wise in a must-win match. Sunday Players
Patrick Sullivan shuffles in round 14. Sunday Players
Tom Kelleher, gracious after defeat. Sunday Players
Morgan Douglass in the final round. Sunday Players
Chris Manning's 7/7 Elementals were no match for Matt Severa's double-Gratuitous Violence-fueled Centaurs. Sunday Players
A crowd got to witness Huey steal Bob's Butcher Orgg with Peer Pressure, only to have it die to a 6-point Explosion. Sunday Players
Boston-area infighting: Zvi, Justin Gary, Danny Mandel, and Joel Frank in round 13. Sunday Players
Taking a break from Magic, Frangiosa, Kowal, Chapin and the gamg turn to Risk. Sunday Players
Turian vs. Wise is a Potato Nation battle. Sunday Players
Mike Turian tries to stop the Sparksmiths. Sunday Players
Gary Wise is solemn in his match with Mike Turian. Sunday Players
Cunningham vs. Eisel, Round 13. Sunday Players
Jeff Cunningham sports his game face. Sunday Players
Nick Eisel plays in Round 13. Sunday Players
Chris Pikula has met his 6-match quota for the year already. Sunday Players
Manning and Wise record damage in Round 12. Sunday Players
Gary Wise studies the game state. Sunday Players
Chris Manning's morph creatures match the tablecloth. Sunday Players
Tsang vs. Kelleher in Round 12. Sunday Players
Gas Tsang and his lovely turquoise sleeves. Sunday Players
Tom Kelleher: lawyer, spellcaster. Sunday Players
Franck Canu looks on as Eugene Harvey battles Christophe Haim. Sunday Players
Nat Fairbanks serenades the crowd. Sunday Staff
For finishing 65th, Brian David-Marshall earns... a job covering drafts. Sunday Staff
Manning, Turian, and Wise - one of them needs to 3-0. Sunday Players
Mike Turian lays out his pack. Sunday Players
Turian and Wise yuk it up. Sunday Players
Jensen lays out the booster. Sunday Players
Jensen and Maher draft as Dave Humpherys and James Stroud look on. Sunday Players
Gab Tsang drafts at table 1. Sunday Players
The staff cavorts and enjoys smoothies. Sunday Staff
Antonio DeRosa in Round 11. Sunday Players
Brian Kibler, the outback hippie. Sunday Players
Antonio DeRosa wants no part of "Crocodile" Kibler. Sunday Players
Maher and Jensen fill the table with monsters. Sunday Players
William Jensen prepares to peel. Sunday Players
Bob Maher in Round 11. Sunday Players
Phantom Deadguy David Bartholow slugs in out in the PTQ. Sunday Players
Brain Kibler and his Mark Rosewater hat. Sunday Players
Eisel vs. Frank in Round 10. Sunday Players
Eisel's pantsed Angel comes in for six. Sunday Players
The unrattleable Joel Frank. Sunday Players
Nick Eisel chomps his pen. Sunday Players
Mandel and Wise in a thinking-man's match. Sunday Players
YMG's Danny Mandel in 1 round 10 match. Sunday Players
The Wise One struggles in round 10. Sunday Players
Alex Borteh and Neil Reeves watch Huey battle Igor. Sunday Players
Maher and Frayman are not receptive to the camera. Sunday Players
Igor Frayman shuffles 'em up. Sunday Players
Bob, Turbo Bob. Sunday Players
Jon Sonne battles his "Slay - Pillage - Gerard" teammate. Sunday Players
Gerard Fabiano adjusts the life total. Sunday Players
Fabiano vs. Sonne in Round 8. Sunday Players
Nick "ThatsGameBoys" Eisel in Round 8. Sunday Players
Zvi's Machine Gun: Lightning Rift and nine cycling cards. Sunday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz and his draft deck. Sunday Players
Nick Eisel sleeves it up. Sunday Players
Cards signed by the artists in attendance. Sunday Players
Pat Chapin (foreground) and his Miracle-Gro deck went undefeated in Type 1. Saturday Players
Mello vs. Stern in round 8. Saturday Players
Germany's Patrick Mello battles for day 2. Saturday Players
Jon Stern, Canadian team member. Saturday Players
Haim vs. Kibler for undefeated rights. Saturday Players
Christophe Haim decked out in tribal scarves. Saturday Players
Brian Kibler says, "Nnnnggggoo." Saturday Players
The three big-name Europeans: Christophe Haim, Franck Canu, and Patrick Mello Saturday Players
Pacifico and Mikey P in round 7. Saturday Players
Magical relic Andrew Pacifico. Saturday Players
Mike Pustilnik in round 7. Saturday Players
Kibler/Gary in Round 7. Saturday Players
Justin Gary seems confident. Saturday Players
Kibler and his all-star Grinning Demon in round 6. Saturday Players
Aaron Forsythe - prematurely gray from stress. Saturday Staff
Mike Turian, the Mighty Potato. Saturday Players
Kartin' Ken. Saturday Players
Kyle Rose and PTR: Write your own juvenile caption and post it to your favorite fan site. Saturday Players
The Ferrett does match coverage. This is what he really looks like. Saturday Staff
Fear vs. Rubin in Round 6. Saturday Players
The devious Ed Fear. Saturday Players
Ben Rubin has taken a solemn vow to never look pleased. Saturday Players
Y-M-Zvi Saturday Players
American hero Eric Franz. Saturday Players
Eric Franz and Zvi Mowshowitz in the Brainburst Premium Feature Match Saturday Players
Michael Scheffenacker busts out the power for a Vintage side event. Saturday Players
Maher/Cuneo attracts quite a crowd. Saturday Players
Maher vs. Cuneo in Round 5. Saturday Players
Bob Maher, GP Copenhagen champ. Saturday Players
Andrew Cuneo furrows his brow. Saturday Players
Froehlich vs. Wise in Round 5. Saturday Players
Gary Wise, charismatic green mage. Saturday Players
EFro in round 5. Saturday Players
Linde vs. Parker in a Maryland grudge match. Saturday Players
Matt Linde, hunky quarterback. Saturday Players
Brock Parker in round 4. Saturday Players
Humpherys ponders his attack step. Saturday Players
Tsang vs. Humpherys in Round 4. Saturday Players
Gab Tsang, still at 20. Saturday Players
Dave Humpherys in round 4. Saturday Players
Jeff Cunningham smiles for the camera. Saturday Players
Peter Szigeti sports the Mike Schmidt look. Saturday Players
Eric Taylor, brainchild. Saturday Players
BDavis chills. Saturday Players
Dave Price, happy he isn't losing. Saturday Players
Mikey P, unaffected. Saturday Players
Lisa Rightmare and Mark Mazella of Gray Matter work side events/goof off. Saturday Staff
Bruce Johnson, one of the owners of Neutral Ground New York. Saturday Staff
Alex Shvartsman pulls double duty as player and dealer. Saturday Players
Ben Bleiweiss, decklist typer extraordinaire. Saturday Staff
Moskovich and Frangiosa in Round 3. Saturday Players
GP Cleveland winner Valentin Moskovich. Saturday Players
Richie Frangiosa in Round 3. Saturday Players
Round 3: Taylor vs. Price. Saturday Players
Dave Price tries to muster the Stare of Death. Saturday Players
edt ponders the board. Saturday Players
Reitzl vs. Jordan in Round 2. Saturday Players
Paul "Little Darwin" Reitzl. Saturday Players
Stalking Tiger Hidden Gibbon's Paul Jordan. Saturday Players
Bennett agonizes against Horowitz in Round 2. Saturday Players
Miami's Steve Horowitz in Round 2. Saturday Players
Super-reporter Josh Bennett sets aside the laptop to play in this event. Saturday Players
Brad Swan, right, with his younger brother Greg. Saturday Players
The Your Moves Games cadre: Mandel, Kastle, Gary, Mowshowitz, and Shvartsman (seated) Saturday Players
Local enigma Richie Frangiosa. Saturday Players
Artist Alan Pollack of Golden Wish fame. Saturday Staff
Adam Rex, illustrator of cards. Saturday Staff
Artist Ron Spears, backed by Syphon Soul. Saturday Staff
Artist Ed Beard, Jr., creator of Nicol Bolas and other marvels. Saturday Staff
The venue: The Valley Forge Scanticon. Saturday Site
The masses search frantically for signs of six-mana Legends. Saturday Players
Worlds T8'er Ken Krouner builds his sealed deck. Saturday Players
Head Judge Nat Fairbanks and scorekeeper Scott Larabee glower. Saturday Staff

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