2002 Grand Prix São Paulo Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on July 13, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

The creature that ruled the tournament.SundayMisc
Olivier Ruel covering the finals.SundayPlayers
It might not look like it but Brazilians are hard workers.SundayPlayers
Massaro and Desirati in the semifinals.SundayPlayers
Quarterfinals between Antoine Ruel and Rodrigo Castro.SundayPlayers
Gunther tries to peak at the other tables while Massaro shuffles.SundayPlayers
Shirozono and Caligaris in the quarterfinals.SundayPlayers
The Brazilian crowd giving Desiderati a pat in the back.SundayPlayers
The champion and his trophy.SundayPlayers
Caligaris working up the crowd!SundayPlayers
Barreto and Desiderati shuffling up.SundayPlayers
Desiderati and Caligaris playing in the finals.SundayPlayers
Juan Del Compare: the argentinean way to Head Judge!SundayStaff
Argentineans literally crawling over their countryman Caligaris.SundayPlayers
Semifinals action between Antoine Ruel and Gabriel Caligaris.SundayPlayers
Felipe Desiderati and Andre Barreto getting the Head Judge's attention.SundayPlayers
Luis Massaro showed up late but still won the match.SundayPlayers
Massaro and Pustilnik sideboarding for the crucial third game.SundayPlayers
Everyone wans to see the OMS-Shirozono match.SundayPlayers
Sergio Longo needs a new shirt... this one only has four stars (one for each World Cup)!SundayPlayers
The winner of the last Brazilian Grand Prix, Guillerme Svaldi.SundayPlayers
It's the right time to wear the national shirt.SundayPlayers
Rodrigo Castro and Leopoldo Moreira fighting it out.SundayPlayers
Luis Massaro gives Sergio Longo food for thought.SundayPlayers
Jose Barbero tripping while shuffling.SundayPlayers
Julian Brown-Santirso is one cool cat.SundayPlayers
Jose Barbero and Julian Brown-Santirso catching up on all the PT gossip.SundayPlayers
William Possato against Victor Galimbertti'sSundayPlayers
William Possato's sleeves match his jacket.SundayPlayers
Diego Ostrovich in the other Feature Match table.SundayPlayers
Victor Galimbertti getting a bit scared of the crowd.SundayPlayers
Steve OMS' Mongrel trying to outstare two Familiars and a Deed.SundayPlayers
Bernardo Cabral is at the top of the standings but will have to leave in an hour to catch a plane.SundayPlayers
Carlos "Jabaiano" Romao and Bernardo Cabral on the Feature Match area.SundayPlayers
The sun welcoming players to the second day of the Grand Prix.SundaySite
Ante match: the winner makes day two.SaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel: a rare moment of quiet meditation.SaturdayPlayers
Former Brazilian National champion, Marcos Tanaka.SaturdayPlayers
A very crowded Feature Match area.SaturdayPlayers
Florent Jeudon retouching his sideboard.SaturdayPlayers
Steve OMS once ruled the ship in L.A.SaturdayPlayers
Argentinian Gabriel Calagaris against Brazilian Carlos "Jabaiano" Romao.SaturdayPlayers
Rumor has it that these two sometimes smile: Steve OMS and Florent Jeudon.SaturdayPlayers
Can you blame Calagaris for flinching away from Jabaiano's 300 hundred pounds (50 kilos)?SaturdayPlayers
Some of the top Brazilians players formed a team dedicated to stopping Alex Shvartsman.SaturdayPlayers
A rare sight: Pustilnik without a smile.SaturdayPlayers
Brazilian Andre Barreto about to face Pustilnik.SaturdayPlayers
Andre Barreto and Michael Pustilnik shuffling up.SaturdayPlayers
William Possato against Antoine Ruel.SaturdayPlayers
Antoine Ruel and Ricardo Barros were our first Feature Match.SaturdayPlayers
These two played the Top 8 in GP Curitiba: Raphael Gunther and Jose Mangueira.SaturdayPlayers
Antoine Ruel doesn't like to lost the first game.SaturdayPlayers
Ricardo Barros is always a happy camper.SaturdayPlayers
Olivier Ruel keeping a close eye on Florent Jeudon.SaturdayPlayers
At the end of they day, if everything works out, you will get a round-by-round report in French!SaturdayMisc
Brazilian judge Fabio tells us all about wishing.SaturdayStaff
Organizer Flavio solving all kinds of problems.SaturdayStaff
Local distributor Devir's Luis Mauro gives his welcome speech.SaturdayStaff
This is what all of the are fighting for.SaturdayMisc
Glen Angus' visa didn't come through but the original art of Parid Firecat is here.SaturdayMisc
One of New York's finest: Mikey P.SaturdayPlayers
Somewhere in the room their teammate Florent Jeudon is getting ready as well.SaturdayPlayers
The Ruel brothers take over from Alex Shvartsman as the Grand Prix globetrotters.SaturdayPlayers
A brazilian with a Spanish shirt?SaturdayPlayers
Even buildings under contruction have flags.SaturdayCity
The tournament site: named after a Syrian city.SaturdaySite
Brazil's economical heart.SaturdayCity
Avenida Paulista in the early hours.SaturdayPlayers
Guess won just won a World Cup.SaturdayMisc
... and the the judges opened the doors!SaturdayPlayers
The calm before the storm...SaturdaySite
Strangely most big buldings have these at the top.SaturdayCity
London isn't the only foggy town around.SaturdayCity
The busy streets of Sao Paulo.SaturdayCity
Head Judge Juan Del Compare and miracle man Flavio going over the details.SaturdayStaff

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