2002 Grand Prix Taipei Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on July 9, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Life Imitates Art. This time it's Judges, and Mercadian Masques Disenchant by Adam RexSundayStaff
All that and style tooSundayPlayers
The Champ!SundayPlayers
The Top 3SundayPlayers
The Head Judge hands Champion Hsia his trophySundayPlayers
Chiang is a little overcome as he accepts his trophySundayPlayers
Head Judge Jacky Yang hands Joe Wang his awardSundayPlayers
Semifinalist Albertus LawSundayPlayers
The Winning CombinationSundayPlayers
The Finals: Kang Nien Chiang vs. Sheng Hsun HsiaSundayPlayers
Chiang is at full-mullSundayPlayers
Hsia's board position is "Strong"SundayPlayers
Chiang wants this match, and he knows he's got itSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Wang vs. HsiaSundayPlayers
Semifinal Action: Chiang vs. LawSundayPlayers
Albertus Law knows only one poseSundayPlayers
Just a handful of the Adam Rex originals on displaySundayPlayers
Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett transforms chemical energy into complete sentencesSundayStaff
No-one wants to miss a second of the actionSundayPlayers
Side Events bustlesSundayPlayers
Tangible GlorySundayPlayers
Song and Hsia dive for the life totals simultaneouslySundayPlayers
Morris Song can't help but to intimidateSundayPlayers
Sheng Hsun Hsia shuffles up his monstrositySundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Wen Jien Hwang vs. Albertus LawSundayPlayers
Quarterfinal Action: Joe Wang vs. Lucifar SunSundayPlayers
Crowds mob the straggling matchesSundayPlayers
Round 13 Feature Match: Hsia vs. Wang. Winner makes Top 8SundayPlayers
Sheng Hsun Hsia tries to find the right play. The crowd holds its breathSundayPlayers
Ming-Chih Wang is surrounded by loyal fansSundayPlayers
Round 12 Feature Match: Yue-Wei Yang vs. Bruce PaiSundayPlayers
Pai puts the pieces togetherSundayPlayers
Yang's expression ranges somewhere between "Focused" and "Lobotomized"SundayPlayers
Fuel for diligent judgesSundayStaff
Round 11 Feature Match: Lee vs. LawSundayPlayers
Ping Long Lee usually likes to liven up his losing, but here he just frownsSundayPlayers
Albertus Law appears to be carved from stoneSundayPlayers
Masahiko Morita and Katsuhiro Mori are BFF!SundayPlayers
Joe Wang hides his nerves wellSundayPlayers
Round 9 Feature Match: Tung vs. WangSundayPlayers
Chang Ming Tung came ready to ponderSundayPlayers
Round 8 Feature Match: Satoshi Nakamura vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita. Check out those "Removed From Game" piles!SundayPlayers
Nakamura's sweater assaults your sanitySundayPlayers
Fujita considers his optionsSundayPlayers
Singapore's Nick Wong, the height of poiseSaturdayPlayers
Round 7 Feature Match: Morris Song vs. Nick Wong, for 7-0!SaturdayPlayers
Song mullsSaturdayPlayers
Wen Jien Hwang administers a surly beatingSaturdayPlayers
Kang Nien Chiang hardly knew what hit himSaturdayPlayers
Chang Chua practically hums with intensitySaturdayPlayers
Singapore's Sam Lau sports a quality T-ShirtSaturdayPlayers
Round 5 Feature Match: Chua vs. LauSaturdayPlayers
Visiting Japanese superstars joke aroundSaturdayPlayers
Round 4 Feature Match: Chen-Yu "Doctor Wong" Weng vs. Tzu Ching KuoSaturdayPlayers
"Nefarious" doesn't begin to describe the dastardly Doctor WongSaturdayPlayers
Kuo treats the match like the composing of a symphonySaturdayPlayers
The diminutive Chang wears a mask of resolveSaturdayPlayers
Round 3 Feature Match: Tobey Tamber vs. Andy ChangSaturdayPlayers
Tamber attempts a little psychokinesisSaturdayPlayers
Breakdancing Rappers Who Long strut their stuff in the opening ceremoniesSaturdaySite
Kageyama is hard to recognize when not in his Sideboard Japan shirtSaturdayPlayers
Yang's methodical approach to the game clashes with his red-green beatdownSaturdayPlayers
Round 2 Feature Match: Yue-Wei Yang vs. Tarou KageyamaSaturdayPlayers
Who Long pose for the camerasSaturdaySite
Head Judge Jacky Yang commands orderSaturdayStaff
It's utter madness as Round 1 draws to a closeSaturdayPlayers
Sadly, this throng of people are not here to play MagicSaturdayPlayers
Busy people swarm NYNYSaturdaySite
The New York New York Shopping Complex, home of GP TaiwanSaturdaySite
Welcome to ManhattanSaturdaySite
Artist Adam Rex treats his adoring fansSaturdayStaff
The Media are out to see the Grand Prix in actionSaturdayPlayers
The beautiful city of TaipeiSaturdaySite

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