2002 Magic Invitational Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Tomi Walamies had trouble in the Online Extended portion of the finals Saturday Players
Jens Thoren in the finals Saturday Players
Thoren and Walamies are friends... Saturday Players
...but that doesn't mean they'll play nice with the finals on the line! Saturday Players
Tomi Walamies is menaced by a dragon Saturday Players
Magic Invitational Finalist Tomi Walamies Saturday Players
Magic Invitational Finalist Jens Thoren Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman and Brian Davis eat lunch before the afternoon gunslinging Saturday Players
Before the finals, the Thoren and Walamies enjoy a glamorous lunch Saturday Players
Gary Wise Saturday Players
The finals of the Magic Invitational draw extra attention Saturday Players
Ace reporter Josh Bennett finds something amiss Saturday Players
Going into Round 15, Jon Finkel still had a chance to make the finals Saturday Players
We have no idea what this picture is supposed to mean Saturday Players
Jon Finkel is used to being photographed Saturday Players
Eivind Nitter enjoys Magic Online Saturday Players
Jens Thoren considers the game Saturday Players
From his desk, Randy Buehler provides live play-by-play in a Magic Online chat room Saturday Players
In the players' lounge, players lounge Saturday Players
Carlos Romao reacquaints himself with the feel of physical Magic cards Saturday Players
David Price's Round 15 match draws a crowd Saturday Players
David Price explains his game state to Aaron Forsythe and Josh Bennett Saturday Players
Jens Thoren watches Gary Wise lose horribly Saturday Players
Chris Pikula tries to stay focussed Saturday Players
David Price is hypnotized by Magic Online Saturday Players
Brian Kibler takes delight in smashing his opponent Saturday Players
Olivier Ruel in a rare "down" moment Saturday Players
Gary Wise settles in for a long game Saturday Players
Invitationalist Gabriel Nassif Saturday Players
Invitationalist Dave Humpherys Saturday Players
Invitationalist Jens Thoren Saturday Players
Pooh's badge means that security will not be escorting him off the premises Saturday Players
Gary Wise watches Dave Humpherys's game Saturday Players
Each room tends to take on the feel of a team, with people rooting for their neighbors Saturday Players
Mmm . . . donuts Saturday Site
A careful analysis of Invitationalist behavior at the buffet suggests that they prefer M&Ms to bagels Saturday Site
At the Magic Invitational, competitors compare notes and have a good time Saturday Players
Invitationalist Brian Davis Saturday Players
Invitationalist Brian Kibler Saturday Players
Invitationalist Carlos Romao Saturday Players
Invitationalist Eivind Nitter Saturday Players
Invitationalist Alex Shvartsman Saturday Players
Invitationalist Chris Pikula Saturday Players
Invitationalist Gary Wise Saturday Players
Invitationalist Diego Ostrovich Saturday Players
Invitationalist Tomi Walamies Saturday Players
Invitationalist Itaru Ishida Saturday Players
Invitationalist Olivier Ruel Saturday Players
Invitationalist Jon Finkel Saturday Players
Invitationalist David Price Saturday Players
When an Invitationalist's game is over, he only has to lean over to watch someone else's Sunday Players
Josh Bennett, Monty Ashley, and Thomas Pannell talk about something small Sunday Staff
Alex Shvartsman is victorious! Sunday Players
Brian Kibler celebrates while other games are still going on Sunday Players
Eivind Nitter might not have fully woken up yet Sunday Players
David Price tries to keep a straight face Sunday Players
Chris Pikula has been to more Magic Invitationals than anyone except Mark Rosewater himself Sunday Players
Brian Kibler smiles a lot Sunday Players
Tomi Walamies seems pleased Sunday Players
Gabriel Nassif made his appearance on the pro scene by finishing second to Kai Budde in back-to-back events. With Kai absent, can Nassif take the top spot? Sunday Players
Alex Shvartsman is quietly confident in his abilities Sunday Players
Jens Thoren is all business Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel seems to be enjoying himself Sunday Players
Brian Davis, in the middle of a game Sunday Players
Dave Humpherys represents Your Move Games Sunday Players
Gary Wise tries to convince us he's a tough guy Sunday Players
This is what Gary Wise looks like to his mouse Sunday Players
Itaru Ishida and Carlos Romao consult on a tricky play Sunday Players
Josh Bennett takes care of the coverage with flair and panache Sunday Staff
Itaru Ishida, the only Invitationalist from Asia Sunday Players
Carlos Romao has the air of a World Champion Sunday Players
Does Jon Finkel have what it takes to reclaim the title of "Best Player in the World" from Kai Budde? Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich is ready for anything Sunday Players
The players in this room are playing the people in the other room. That way, all the smack-talk is done online so you can see it on the replays! Sunday Players
Olivier Ruel is all over Gary Wise! Sunday Players
The Sixteen Invitationalists Sunday Players
A happy David Price Saturday Players
Draft Pod A Saturday Players
Wizards of the Coast, home of the 2002 Magic Invitational Saturday Site
The Rochester Draft, as seen through the eyes of Jens Thoren Saturday Players
Draft Pod B Saturday Players
Draft Pod B, continued Saturday Players
Jens Thoren watches Tomi Walamies play in round 11 Saturday Players
This is how Eivind Nitter sees the Magic Invitational Saturday Players
Brian Kibler, Eivind Nitter, and Jon Finkel Saturday Players
Diego Ostrovich, Brian Davis, Alex Shvartsman, and Carlos Romao stand around David Humpherys Saturday Players
Worth Wollpert, Aaron Forsythe, and Gabriel Nassif watch Jon Finkel play Saturday Players
Gary Wise tries a novel tactic to gain a competitive advantage Saturday Players
Mark Rosewater announces the pairings for round 8 Saturday Players
Tom Walamies Saturday Players
Chris Pikula bears down Saturday Players
Itaru Ishida Friday Players
Gary Wise, Magic Player Friday Players
Aaron Forsythe checks out Dave Price's screen Friday Players
Itaru Ishida and Alex Shvartsman Friday Players
Eivind Nitter and Carlos Romao Friday Players
Olivier Ruel and Pooh Bear Friday Players
Even in the middle of the Invitational, Gary Wise finds time to go on IRC Friday Players
Diego Ostrovich in profile Friday Players
The back of Diego Ostrovich's head Friday Players
The Invitationalists walk through the Wizards of the Coast campus Friday Players
The buildings at Wizards of the Coast are connected by habitrails Friday Players
The Invitationalists wander through the halls Friday Players
Gary Wise checks out the Wizards of the Coast exercise facility Friday Players
Aaron Forsythe enjoys a refreshing Mountain Dew Friday Staff
World Champion Carlos Romao is eager to play Friday Players
The Point of View of an Invitationalist Friday Players
Olivier Ruel is a happy guy Friday Players
Jon Finkel multitasks, talking on the phone while crushing his opponent Friday Players
Thomas Pannell and Alan Comer watch Alex Shvartsman and Dave Price Friday Players
World Champion Carlos Romao builds his deck Friday Players
Thomas Pannell talks to Brian Davis Friday Players
Gary Wise contemplates his next move Friday Players
The Point of View of David Humpherys Friday Players
Brian Kibler Friday Players
Great Magic players, all in a row Friday Players
In the computer lab, there is time for contemplation Friday Players
Eivind Nitter watches Gary Wise's screen Friday Players
Brian Davis and Itaru Ishida. In the background, Mike and Jeff Donais prowl. Friday Players
Olivier Ruel and Gabriel Nassif represent France Friday Players
Half of the competitors play in the Wizards of the Coast R&D Computer Lab Friday Players
Dave Price and Chris Pikula have been teammates so long, they don't even need to look at each other. Friday Players
Jens Thoren and Tomi Walamies Friday Players
Diego Ostrovich and Carlos Romao are roommates at the event and teammates in round one's Two-Headed Giant Friday Players
Brian Kibler: Happy. Jon Finkel: Glowering. Friday Players
Alex Shvartsman and Dave Humpherys in their stylish Your Move Games shirts Friday Players
Half of the competitors play in a Wizards of the Coast meeting room Friday Players
At the Invitationalists' hotel, there's a make-your-own-belgian-waffle station. Classy! Friday Site
A handful of Invitationalists Friday Players
Olivier Ruel, Itaru Ishida, and Eivind Nitter at dinner Friday Players
Seattle's magnificent Cinerama theatre, home of digital projection and very comfortable seats Friday Site
Scott Larabee, David Price, Renee Roub, and Chris Pikula enjoy some sidewalk dining Friday Players
Pike Place Market Friday Site
Thomas Pannell, Brian Kibler, and David Humpherys go for a walk Friday Players
The Invitationalists, on their own in Seattle, go off to have wacky adventures Friday Players

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