2002 Pro Tour Houston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on November 4, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

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Jens Thoren dares Eric Froehlich to get out of this one Masters
Gary Wise drills Raphael Levy in the semifinals Masters
Just because there's thousands of dollars on the line doesn't mean friends can't have a good time Masters
Wise could sleepwalk through this match, and will if need be Masters
With everything on the line, Nitter upgrades to the close-fitting shirt Masters
Thoren is ... not thrilled Masters
Things are good for Shvartsman. Maybe a little too good. Masters
Catapult Squad makes for some bad times Masters
Jonsson gets the sinking suspicion he'll need more than 1/2's to win out. Masters
Shvartsman needs a closer look Masters
Jonsson throws out a Death Pulse Masters
Wiegersma is going to be violently sick from this beating Masters
Jens Thoren has four busty red rares in front of him, and still, the corners of his mouth barely head north Masters
Gary Wise can taste this win. It may or may not taste like a Christmas Ham Masters
Wiegersma seems caught off-guard Masters
Raphael Levy throws out a smile, but his heart's not in it Masters
Froehlich runs with elves Masters
Alex Shvartsman flashes some goods Masters
Nitter hides his wild side with a fisherman's hat Masters
Anton Jonsson is far from pleased with how things went Masters
In the foreground, the back of Masters Head Judge Mike Donais. In the background, drama. Masters
Jelger Wiegersma and Raphael Levy take a little extra time with this one Masters
Eivind Nitter and Eric Froehlich at the final table Masters
Hmmm, eight mana, win the game. You know, I had eight mana once. Masters
"I coulda ..." "But then I woulda ..." This sort of thing can go on all day if need be Pro Tour
Side Events bustles with zaniness! Really! Pro Tour
A handsome man, who is well-liked by all Pro Tour
The shy and wiry Cornelissen Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Cornelissen vs. Kastle, for the right to be undefeated Pro Tour
Kastle's dilemma demands more than a stroked goatee, so he goes for the full face Pro Tour
Budde must break him Pro Tour
Round 7 Feature Match: Rubin vs. Budde, winner makes Day 2 Pro Tour
Rubin turns stoic once the action starts Pro Tour
Ben Rubin gets ready to crush some KaiB dreams Pro Tour
Gary makes sound effects to go with his imaginary gun Pro Tour
Justin Gary knows Nassif is up to something. Something sneaky Pro Tour
Gabriel "Yellowhat" Nassif skips the poker face Pro Tour
Frederico Bastos loves those curse words Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski brandishes his damaged finger Pro Tour
Donato Giancola, looking like something of a woodsman Pro Tour
Notorious Hatman, Satoshi Nakamura Pro Tour
Takao Higaki, happy to be here Pro Tour
Jeff Fung decides to mize Pro Tour
This Rune Horvik is a wax dummy to distract the players Staff
On their off time, Judges share stories about the rubes they had to deal with Staff
Judges rule quickly and justly Staff
Canada's Jeff Fung. Accept nothing less Pro Tour
Noah Boeken and his impish grin Pro Tour
Thoren vs. Romao: Invitational Action Pro Tour
Throw a suit on him and Jens Thoren would make a fine contract killer Pro Tour
World Champion Carlos Romao Zooms! Pro Tour
With no other options, Okamoto goes beatdown on Haim Pro Tour
The Feature Match area is where the action is Pro Tour
Behind the scenes, there's a lot less glitz Site
Jelger Wiegersma, aspiring Muppet Pro Tour
Wiegersma's Diabolic Edict gutshots Mike Turian Pro Tour
No, no jokes here. Just Mark Rosewater and his daughter. Staff
Kyle Rose hopes a shy smile will help dodge Duress Pro Tour
Okamoto and Haim slug out the intolerable Aluren mirror Pro Tour
Marco Blume dwarfs Mike Turian, but his smile is gentle like summer rain Pro Tour
Battle of the Big Men: Rose vs. Blume Pro Tour
Jin Okamoto goes through the combo kill Pro Tour
Iron Mike Turian splits Fact or Fiction Pro Tour
It is now mandatory for Frenchmen to wear a silly hat and an equally silly expression Pro Tour
The Baby-Faced Assassin shows how he got his name Pro Tour
You'll notice this side of the competition is frowning. They're the ones with losses Pro Tour
Round 3 Feature Match: Ishida vs. Krouner Pro Tour
Itaru Ishida, the blank-faced killer Pro Tour
Ken Krouner, perhaps employing some sort of Auric Goldfinger technology Pro Tour
Wise has nothing left to say Pro Tour
Victor van den Broek looks a little too innocent Pro Tour
Look away, children, look away! Pro Tour
Head Judge Rune Horvik dispatches a minion to do his bidding Pro Tour
A bunch of troublemakers Pro Tour
Patrick Mello in a typical pose Pro Tour
Gerardo Godinez loves a good time Pro Tour
Zvi has a response Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz gets ready to bust Gerardo Godinez Pro Tour
Kibler needs something good, he's not gonna lie Pro Tour
Street Thug Brian Kibler throws down with Patrick Mello in a Feature Match Pro Tour
It's lonely at the top for scorekeeper Kevin Endo Staff
You can always tell the new guy Pro Tour
The Aluren mirror match: Kill you? In response, kill you. Pro Tour
Judges aren't made of stone, they like artist prints just like regular human beingsT Staff
Tradewind Rider plays Father Christmas Pro Tour
Registration is a busy time Pro Tour
The PT rarely seems so classy Pro Tour
Send in the gamers! Pro Tour
Inside this building, the game's best fight it out Site
Literally last-minute changes Pro Tour
The hard-working crew take a well deserved break Staff
Deck Check Penalties come early Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Dougherty vs. Pustilnik Pro Tour
Rob Dougherty plays for blood Pro Tour
There's nothing so sad as a dismayed Mikey P Pro Tour
Action everywhere you look Pro Tour
All eyes are on the games Pro Tour
Even during the first round The Pit is lined with spectators Pro Tour
Round 1 Feature Match: Finkel vs. Budde. No rigging of the pairings was involved Pro Tour
Kai Budde takes great joy in smacking Finkel around Pro Tour
"Classic" Jonny Magic Pro Tour
Marc Hernandez sports a new, possibly accidental, hairstyle Pro Tour
The Keepers of Order Staff
Head Judge Rune Horvik sets the tone for this weekend's Justice Staff
Diligent Judges receive their instructions Staff
Clash of the Invitationalists: Ishida vs. Humpherys Masters
All-French action: Ruel vs. Levy Masters
Eivind Nitter is bored with winning Masters
Brian Davis doesn't like this one bit Masters
Jelger Wiegersma's trip back to the future has unforseen consequences Masters
Walamies sends it back to Froehlich, as Sideboard reporter Brian David-Marshall looks on Masters
Kibler vs. Thoren Masters
Wise checks the past Masters
Allan Shuldiner drops his guard for a second Masters
Wise calls for a rip Masters
Brotherly Love at its least creepy Masters
Meraghni vs. Shvartsman. No points for guessing who's winning Masters
Jonsson takes one in the face Masters
The Hump taxes Jonsson's patience Masters
And then there's Zev Masters
Some players are still a little shocked to be here Masters
Gary Wise and Eivind Nitter, fast friends since the Invitational Masters
The Staff at registration are a jolly bunch Staff
Marco's glower lowers the lights Masters
Jens Thoren in a rare expressive moment Masters
Bram Snepvangers, up close and personal Masters
Brian Kibler makes himself at home Masters
Itaru Ishida employs a delicate touch Masters
A world-weary Dave Humpherys Masters
Baberowski and Mello share sob stories Masters
The last-chance qualifier turns no-one away Masters
Jin Okamoto betrays nothing Masters
Eivind Nitter in the midst of a shocking discovery Masters
Szigeti has no time for nonsense Masters
Mello turns on the concentration Masters
Olivier Ruel, clown college graduate Masters
Trying to make sense of the chaos Masters
Possible bad times ensue Masters
Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett tries his hand at Budde's trademark Game Face Staff
Baberowski slumps Masters
Good times rule in Pustilnik vs. Walamies Masters
Allan Shuldiner draws Kai for his first Masters match Masters
Jens Thoren refuses to be intimidated by Marco Blume Masters
Gary Wise goes for "Dainty" as Patrick Mello makes a play Masters
Eric Froehlich makes Christophe Haim uneasy Masters
Baberowski struggles with a broken finger against Raphael Levy Masters
Brian Kibler turns a sly eye on Bram Snepvangers Masters
Anton Jonsson tears up Jin Okamoto Masters
And in the corner, away from the spectators, two PT Champs fight it out Masters
Rob Dougherty and Pierre Malherbaud square off like a funhouse mirror Masters
Harvey and Davis ponder their moves away from prying eyes Masters
An anesthetized Antoine Ruel can't even take pleasure in Jelger Wiegersma's misfortune Masters
It's dress-up day on the masters series. PTR is a shaven Chas Tenenbaum to Eivind Nitter's "Member of The Hives" Masters
One word: Hardcore Masters
Alex Shvartsman tries to avoid J.T. Money's bad side Masters
Aaron Forsythe studies at the arm of Budde Staff
With so much on the line, everyone's furrowing their brow Masters
Hard to find a scrub at these tables Masters
Onslaught draft favors the prepared Masters
A hail of cards greets the photographer Masters
The 32 Masters Competitors Masters
Amateur Allan Shuldiner bests Superman Ben Rubin to earn a spot on the Masters Series Masters
Peter "PTR" Szigeti wins his pod to qualify for the Masters, and all of Europe frowns with David Brucker Masters

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