2002 Pro Tour Houston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on November 9, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

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The Feature Match balcony fills up in the final round. Pro Tour
Gab Tsang graciously accepts defeat at the hands of Asahara, and Worth Wollpert is unimpressed. Pro Tour
Mori and Asahara discuss the previous game's events. Pro Tour
Akira Asahara makes a nervous subject. Pro Tour
Dario Minieri brings punkish charm to the table. Pro Tour
Myrvig is stoic in his quest for the Top 8. Pro Tour
Peter Myrvig and Markus Joebstl were unwilling participants in a final-round Feature Match. Pro Tour
Markus Joebstl takes his beatings with a smile. Pro Tour
Kyle Rose bends the space-time continuum. Pro Tour
Rose and Cornelissen try not to get too excited. Pro Tour
Kamiel pouts for the camera. Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle needs a win to join his teammates in the Top 8. Pro Tour
Keita Mori translates a judge ruling for Asahara in Round 14. Pro Tour
The amiable Gab Tsang asks how you're doing. Pro Tour
Jerry and Jaime West keep the show in order. Staff
Jerry Rubin sports some ass-kickin' shoes. Staff
Carlos Romao's numerous fans turn out to watch him duel in a Feature Match. Pro Tour
"Oh, no, I'm sorry. The answer to number three is 'triggered effect.'" Staff
Various ne'er-do-wells slouch in the chairs outside the Feature Match area. Pro Tour
250 people turned out for the Onslaught sealed PTQ, and at least one of them got a warning. Pro Tour
Europeans holiday at the neighboring cheerleader convention. Pro Tour
There is no section on "Turn Ons", but that doesn't mean you can't write 'em in Pro Tour
Aspiring Zebras Staff
Ugh. I mean ... Delicious! Staff
Noah Boeken caught in mid-Editorial Pro Tour
Every percent counts with this much on the line Pro Tour
Most are hoping there's been a mistake Pro Tour
Myrvig is chilly Pro Tour
Aaron Forsythe, hard at work Staff
Cub Reporter Victor van den Broek Staff
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais and THE Mark Rosewater are mesmerised Staff
Darwin Kastle wins to make Top 8 Pro Tour
Who wouldn't trust a face like this? Pro Tour
Justin Gary, Cauldron of Rage Pro Tour
Latin Sensation Diego Ostrovich Pro Tour
Ostrovich vs. Canu in Round 13 Pro Tour
Rui Marinari poses Pro Tour
Marinari's feelings about his deck are no secret Pro Tour
Rui Marinari takes his beating with a smile Pro Tour
Rob Dougherty and an army of little men Pro Tour
Once again, Zvi Mowshowitz sticks out of the crowd Pro Tour
Asahara and Jorstedt fight out the mind-bending Aluren mirror Pro Tour
Mattias Jorstedt takes his combo slow Pro Tour
Akira Asahara has a shot at Top 8 Pro Tour
Head Judge Rune Horvik and Pro Tour Show Manager Renee Roub enjoy a chat Staff
Sadly, one cannot rock and roll all night AND party every day Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle, at his most menacing Pro Tour
A magical twinkling light catches the fancy of Bob Maher, Jr. Pro Tour
With Maher distracted, Kastle goes for the ol' switcheroo Pro Tour
Here we see Kyle Rose shedding a single tear for Rob Dougherty Pro Tour
Kyle Rose gives up Pro Tour
Dougherty resolves Duress Pro Tour
Turian vs. Romao Pro Tour
Carlos Romao is getting used to the Feature Match area Pro Tour
Mike Turian checks the card text, and wonders Pro Tour
Donato Giancola does some on-the-fly art Staff
Judge Chris Page rummages Staff
Hi-larious! Pro Tour
Working out the last kinks in Team Sealed Pro Tour
Finkel just can't stop looking sad Pro Tour
Finkel takes a moment to search for his lost greatness Pro Tour
Kamiel only ACTS dopey Pro Tour
Larkin's southern belle instincts take over, covering up a girlish giggle with a fan of cards Pro Tour
Ken Krouner's mind wanders, to the delight of fan-captioners everywhere Pro Tour
Victor van den Broek reports on Ken Krouner vs. Kamiel Cornelissen Pro Tour
Finkel and Larkin are more bored than anything else Pro Tour
Dreaming of the PT Pro Tour
Knee-high mizers Pro Tour
YMG let you know who's #1 Pro Tour
Eivind Nitter vs. Olivier Ruel Pro Tour
Zvi Mowshowitz tries on life as an urchin Pro Tour
Nitter lets his cards do the talking Pro Tour
Really, Olivier is just there to hold the cards so Pooh can see them Pro Tour
'Safety First' gets thrown out the window as players charge the pairings Pro Tour
Adoration Pro Tour
Youngsters bust each other up Pro Tour
Proof that PTR has created some kind of mind-switching device Pro Tour
Matt Villamaino, love him or leave him Staff
Noah Boeken shocks Bob Maher, Jr. with his sailor's mouth Pro Tour
Dividing up the spoils, or something Pro Tour
Sweeter than candy, more precious than gold Pro Tour
Mattias Jorstedt is selling ad space on his chest Pro Tour
Day 2 means tense gamers Pro Tour
Baberowski and Ishida lock horns Pro Tour
Dirk Baberowski is angry, he's just hasn't decided why Pro Tour
There's an elfin quality Itaru Ishida today Pro Tour
Dougherty vs. Jorstedt Pro Tour
Rob Dougherty likes everything just so Pro Tour
Kastle wows the crowd with impromptu bird calls Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle faces Ben Stark, who apparently doesn't deserve a name plate Pro Tour
Ben Stark looks like he just saw someone kick his dog Pro Tour
Like something out of Lost Highway Pro Tour
High-intensity gaming requires constant rehydration Pro Tour
Oh, and their third is The Hump. Pro Tour
Huey and The Hump yuk it up in their street clothes Pro Tour
No coaching, please Pro Tour
From the outside looking in, it's far less thrilling Pro Tour
It's like some sort of Sweatshop of Justice Staff
GP Philly Champ and polite young man Jeff Cunningham Pro Tour
Eugene Harvey searches for a way out Pro Tour
The Heart and Soul of the US and Canada Pro Tour
Jonny Magic is as surprised as anyone at his recent success Pro Tour
Ruel isn't a religious man, but he'll give it a shot Pro Tour
Antoine Ruel is entranced by Jon Finkel's soft skin Pro Tour
The Sealed Deck Qualifier draws a good crowd Pro Tour
Gab Tsang has a good time, win or lose Pro Tour
Tsang does a little math against Geertsen's Sligh deck Pro Tour
Svend Geertsen is like smugness modelled in porcelain Pro Tour
Superhero Feature Match: Superman Ben Rubin vs. Eivind "The Beast" Nitter Pro Tour
Eivind Nitter dresses seemingly at random Pro Tour
Ben Rubin bluffs uncontrollably Pro Tour
Michael Bower tries to figure out what the hell is going on Pro Tour

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