2002 Pro Tour Houston Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on November 10, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

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Justin Gary, Pro Tour - Houston Champion Pro Tour
The Top 4 - Dougherty, Gary, Kastle, and Larkin Pro Tour
Justin Gary adds PT Champion to his resume Pro Tour
Dougherty does some explaining Pro Tour
Gary is euphoric as Cognivore takes him to the title Pro Tour
The finals, with guest stars Jeff Cunningham, Rune Horvik, and Josh Bennett Pro Tour
Justin smiles when he's winning Pro Tour
Dougherty takes stock of Gary's character Pro Tour
Justin Gary, live on film Pro Tour
Kastle admits defeat in the semis Pro Tour
YMG vs. YMG, cheered on by YMG Pro Tour
REM's Mike Mills turned up for some side event action Pro Tour
Gary Wise enjoys the spotlight like no other man Masters
Jens Thoren, attentive with the big bucks on the line Masters
Thoren in the finals Masters
Wise sizes up the Silent Assassin Masters
Gary Wise falls in two straight to Jens Thoren in the Masters finals Masters
Jens Thoren, the Masters' Master Masters
Thoren and Wise accept the big money payout Masters
Dougherty feels safe behind Engineered Plague Pro Tour
Kastle in the semifinals Pro Tour
Zvi laughs at anything. Trust me. Pro Tour
Darwin Kastle speaks with his Elves Pro Tour
Rob Dougherty's "Sapling" tokens are not in line with brand values Pro Tour
Dougherty reacts violently to the 73rd Cabal Therapy of the match Pro Tour
John Larkin and Justin Gary in the semifinals Pro Tour
John Larkin's impish grin Pro Tour
Gary knows something his opponent doesn't Pro Tour
Justin Gary is a man of confidence Pro Tour
Someone stitched an angel on a towel or something Pro Tour
Aaah! Oath of Druids in untimed rounds! Staff
Keita Mori explains where Gary went wrong in the finals Pro Tour
John Larkin shakes hands with the defeated Peter Myrvig Pro Tour
Gary reacts to Jens's decklist: "Oh dear. AND Starstorm." Masters
Jens Thoren and everyone's favorite 7-mana 4/4, Bronze Horse Masters
Masters finalist Gary Wise Masters
Quarterfinal Action: Remie vs. Gary Pro Tour
Remie asks for a moment Pro Tour
Justin Gary AK's, possibly for three Pro Tour
An austere Rob Dougherty Pro Tour
Quarterfinal Action: Dougherty vs. Maher Pro Tour
Larkin gives a little something for the ladies Pro Tour
Myrvig imposes Pro Tour
Kastle pulls out all the stops when asked for his Oh Face Pro Tour
Jorstedt overcomes adversity with a smile Pro Tour
Quarterfinal Action: Jorstedt vs. Kastle Pro Tour
Bob Maher and a tricky decision Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Jeroen Remie Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: John Larkin Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Peter Myrvig Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Justin Gary Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Rob Dougherty Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Mattias Jorstedt Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Darwin Kastle Pro Tour
Top 8 Portrait: Bob Maher, Jr. Pro Tour
The Nerve Center Site
Kibler, Buehler and Rosewater make with the funny-funny Staff
That's no shanty! That's the Commentary Booth! Site
Spectators watch the excitement unfold Pro Tour
The Hoopla of the Top 8 Pro Tour
Head Judge Rune Horvik leaps into action Staff
John Larkin certainly isn't above this Pro Tour
Pro Tour - Houston Top 8 Pro Tour
YMG relax after two days of cracking skulls Pro Tour
Masters Top 2: Gary Wise Masters

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