2002 Pro Tour San Diego

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By Wizards of the Coast

[view] The Trophies double nicely as weapons

[view] The Top 4 get a little silly

[view] Success looks good on Meraghni

[view] The French swarm the pit in celebration

[view] Both Finalists are exhausted

[view] Elephant Ambush is one more step towards victory

[view] Firecat takes down Beast and Elephant

[view] Jens Thoren is saddened by Savage Firecat

[view] The Finals in process

[view] Central Control isn't what you'd expect

[view] The commentary team tries to rile up the crowd

[view] PT San Diego 2002 Champion Farid Meraghni

[view] Finkel did manage to win ONE match this weekend

[view] Garfield wonders what went wrong

[view] Crazy Ol' Uncle Richard

[view] Evil Finkel sneers

[view] Nouveau Finkel

[view] Wolf wishes Thoren good luck in the finals

[view] Gallitz gets even with Spellbane Centaur

[view] Andrew Wolf doesn't care one way or the other

[view] Thoren vs. Wolf is a carnival of carnage

[view] Jens Thoren

[view] Gallitz throws in the towel

[view] The French go wild over Meraghni's every move.

[view] Donnie Gallitz thinks, but in his heart of hearts he knows he can't take this one

[view] The Mod Squad. Can you guess which one is Link?

[view] Gallitz's match is paused, so he tunes in to Thoren vs. Wolf

[view] Overhead shot of the semifinals

[view] The Pro Tour and Masters are held simultaneously to keep the crowds' attention

[view] A rather pensive Meraghni

[view] Donnie Gallitz is loving this, really

[view] Farid Meranghni overcomes the language barrier

[view] Eric Taylor swore that if Kai won New Orleans, he'd eat his hat. Today is that day.

[view] Taylor needs the full force of his body to choke down the first slice of hat

[view] This doesn't seem like it will help

[view] Taylor boasts the smile of an honest man

[view] Jeff Cunningham is innocent! Look at him!

[view] Andy Wolf offers Cunningham a choice

[view] This is as animated as Jens Thoren gets

[view] Froehlich doesn't even bother doing the math

[view] Farid Meraghini is casting Rites of Initiation, and probably winning as a result

[view] That Looter is trouble for Thoren's dwindling library

[view] Jens Thoren vs. Eric Froehlich. More creatures than will fit

[view] Reeves is taking this one, and loving it

[view] Neil Reeves extends the hand to a relieved Meraghini

[view] Overrun is resolving. Gallitz is frowning

[view] Bastos pumps the fist at his ability to draw and cast Overrun

[view] Back from the early days of the Tour, Donnie Gallitz

[view] Gallitz fails to realize Careful Study is a sorcery, and reacts accordingly

[view] Spectators tune into to the wacky commentary from Buehler and Kibler

[view] Jin Okamoto and his cronies oversee the quarters. That could have been him down there!

[view] Eric Froehlich is being Overrun. His blocking is somewhat ... unorthodox

[view] Neil Reeves making his top 8 deck.

[view] Andy Wolf glad to be back in the Top 8.

[view] Overrun is quite a mise.

[view] Eric Froehlich shows off his grip.

[view] Farid Meraghni has the only green deck in the top 8 without Overrun.

[view] Canada's finest Jeff Cunningham

[view] Donnie Gallitz ponders Pilgrim of Virtue.

[view] Jens Thoren is splashing for Last Rites.

[view] Andy Wolf wonders which good red-green card Bastos will take. Little did he know it would be Krosan Beast.

[view] Top 8 draft action

[view] Donnie Gallitz picks his card.

[view] Eric Froehlich is serious about the card he's picking.

[view] Pro Tour San Diego Top 8

[view] Neil Reeves

[view] Frederico Bastos

[view] Eric Froehlich

[view] Jens Thoren

[view] Farid Meraghni

[view] Andy Wolf

[view] Donnie Gallitz

[view] Jeff Cunningham

[view] They only come out at night

[view] "Whiskey Jim" gets advice from an astute judge

[view] Mark Rosewater rules the Quiz Show with his microphone and dangerous voice

[view] Tragedy of tragedies! Jin Okamoto finishes ninth! The Japanese go mad!

[view] The Okamoto Djinn gets razzed for coming in ninth

[view] Jeff Fung dismisses the skills of Dan Burdick

[view] A buncha thugs congratulate Donnie Gallitz on his Top 8

[view] Froehlich enjoys serving

[view] Hovi's Star Wars cards make peachy tokens

[view] Round 13: Eric Froehlich v. Tommi Hovi

[view] Andrew Wolf is on the comeback trail!

[view] Baberowski could swear he drafted better cards than these

[view] Dirk Baberowski receives a beating by Andrew Wolf

[view] Hiltunen seems to hold all hits

[view] Round 13 Feature Match: Jin Okamoto v. Arto Hiltunen

[view] Arto Hiltunen shines like the moon

[view] A pair of sleeping beauties

[view] Okamoto isn't going to make it easy on Wee

[view] Pang Ming Wee gets uppity with Aven Windreader

[view] Jin Okamoto, oasis of calm

[view] Higashino lets Katsuhiro Mori and Masahiko Morita know his true feelings

[view] Dan Clegg really wants this win

[view] Jeff Cunningham is gonna put this in Clegg's eye

[view] Helicopter shot of the Clegg-Cunningham match

[view] Nicolai Herzog, suedehead

[view] Eric Froehlich, lazy AND surly

[view] Herzog vs. Froehlich in a brawl for it all

[view] Tommi Hovi, part-time vampire

[view] Fung and Hovi, two wins from glory

[view] Biting your nails is a sure sign something's gone horribly, horribly wrong

[view] Finkel and SteveO drown their sorrows in a money-draft

[view] The harsh lights of The Pit wear everyone out

[view] Climbing for the cash, Okamoto and Littlefield

[view] Glen Littlefield targets with Flame Burst haphazardly

[view] Jin Okamoto scoops, perhaps in triumph

[view] Rob Dougherty vs. Andrew Wolf

[view] Rob Dougherty. Not for the faint of heart.

[view] Andrew Wolf likes winning, and it shows.

[view] Jens Thoren vs. Donnie Gallitz. Everyone in their pod needs to sweep.

[view] Jens Thoren gets ready to stomp Gallitz's Top 8 hopes

[view] Give Gallitz a long, thin moustache and he'd be a classic villain

[view] Table four: Humpherys, Maher, Ruel.

[view] The weekend really takes it out of its competitors

[view] With so much on the line, no one feels like smiling

[view] Old-Schooler Donnie Gallitz

[view] All-stars desperate to win out

[view] Dirk Baberowski goes with the flow

[view] Bastos can't make up his mind

[view] Frederico Bastos gets chummy with Dan Clegg

[view] Aaron Forsythe won't even bother to check if Toby Wachter is dead

[view] Noah Boeken tries to be E.T., and succeeds

[view] It's a rush for free cookies! Unsurprisingly, Mike Turian leads the charge.

[view] The Art of the Deal

[view] Smooth Criminal Jeff Fung

[view] Tom Guevin probably stole that Snapple from a child

[view] Mike Turian is in contention, and damn happy about it

[view] Jeff Cunningham is taking this tournament by storm

[view] Terry Tsang's mind wanders

[view] Worlds Finalist Alex Borteh forces a smile, holds burgers

[view] Hey, you'd smile too if you were in fifth!

[view] Gary Wise is a saucy number

[view] Eric Taylor shows off his all-too inedible hat

[view] "The People's Champion" and Kai Budde's only Masters victory, Sol Malka

[view] Unfeatured Action: Jin Okamoto versus Christoph Lippert

[view] Christoph Lippert can't believe Okamoto's going to the dome

[view] APAC Champion Jin Okamoto

[view] Round 11: Bob Maher, Jr. vs. Rapahel Levy

[view] Jensen is guarded by a strange force

[view] Comer tries a Flame Burst

[view] Alan Comer has trouble with Fung's THREE Shelters

[view] Canada's Comeback Kid, Jeff Fung

[view] Levy's Zombie Infestation was good to him

[view] Maher sees the damage coming his way

[view] Zvi likes things to be "just so"

[view] Zvi and Huey, giggle against glower

[view] How does YMG's Darwin Kastle get his hair to do that?

[view] Ryan Fuller relaxes into a sneer

[view] Kurt "Fat Man" Hahn, inventor of 5-Color Magic

[view] Brock Parker, plain and simple

[view] Pro Tour skinny guy, Pat Chapin

[view] Tomi "Jelly" Walamies is empowered by his madcap shirt and hat

[view] "Jelly" Walamies and Anton Jonsson, one-fourth of PT New Orleans's Top 8.

[view] Only Budde could be this confident when he needs to win out

[view] Dirk Baberowski tries to do too much at once

[view] Two of Europe's best: Baberowski and Cornelissen

[view] Aaron Forsythe's secret shame.

[view] Kamiel Cornelissen and most of Worth Wollpert

[view] Humanitarian Ryan Fuller

[view] Where's Overrun when you need it?

[view] Something is fundamentally wrong with Gary Wise's Reality

[view] Words simply cannot express

[view] "Li'l Mizer" Noah Boeken

[view] Gary Wise and Noah Boeken make earthquakes

[view] Richard Garfield shows off his deck for the upcoming "Garfield Versus Finkel" Showdown

[view] Ben Rubin senses something is amiss

[view] Bob Maher, Jr. moves from "gloomy" to "stern"

[view] Seriousness rules Maher vs. Rubin

[view] Van de Logt doesn't know what the hell's going on

[view] Behold Budde's janky board!

[view] World Champions Collide! Kai Budde vs. Tom Van de Logt

[view] Fuller turns the beats up to eleven

[view] Five Damage makes Higaki frown

[view] "Random" Ryan Fuller sends in the clowns against Takao Higaki

[view] Munchkin Becky Hiebert is more cartoon than human being

[view] Judge Sheldon Menery demonstrates his death wish

[view] Mark Rosewater just loves that microphone

[view] Budde needs this to be a big one.

[view] Sunao Ueda has two tappers, healer and Chainflinger. Some good.

[view] Kai Budde seems out of place in an unfeatured match

[view] Round 8 Feature Match: Dan Clegg vs. Scott Richards

[view] Dan Clegg plays Rites of Refusal, and feels shame

[view] Scott Richards doesn't need his beard to win this one, but it helps.

[view] Justin Gary is terrified that his Filthy Cur has to go the distance

[view] Gary only smiles when he's winning

[view] Alan Comer. Distracted. Distracting.

[view] The realization dawns on Jens Thoren that he's getting brutalized

[view] Kamiel Cornelissen turns sideways

[view] Who will be the sole undefeated, Thoren or Cornelissen?

[view] Finkel versus Higaki: The business of slaughter

[view] Jonny Magic breaks down and dons his PT shirt

[view] Takao Higaki and his plunging neckline are straight out of the seventies

[view] Some sort of Muppet or Scooby Doo villain

[view] Triple-Mongrel earns a small smile from Cornelissen

[view] Gary Wise likes this "combo"

[view] Time stops, but only for the drafters

[view] Check out Table 8!

[view] Top Table, you say? No! Jon Finkel, Tom Van de Logt and Ryan Fuller slug it out in the trenches

[view] Kai Budde and Svend Geertsen also face a long road

[view] Dan Clegg uses his full allotted time to draft

[view] Polin knows he's in a bad way

[view] "Art is what you think it is": Right on, Reiji!

[view] Justin Polin gets ready to mise against Reiji Ando

[view] Chris "Bonecrusher" Zantides and Christopher Wong vogue

[view] Chris Benafel enjoys a heart-to-heart with black-shirted goons.

[view] Thoren seems a bit of a stickler

[view] Round 7 Feature Match: Dirk Baberowski fights Jens Thoren for the right to be 7-0

[view] Dirk Baberowski gets ready to cock an eyebrow

[view] Jon Finkel is just plain bored with winning

[view] How can this mild-mannered Murray Evans also be The Mauler?

[view] Jonny Magic vs. The Mauler. Give it a rhyming name and Don King would be proud

[view] Cormier's tongue isn't going to do the job

[view] Budde, in the act of not taking prisoners

[view] Quebec's Francis Cormier needs to topple The German Juggernaut to make Day 2

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Dave Humpherys vs. William Jensen

[view] Dave Humpherys may have held this pose for most of the round

[view] Frankly, Harvey can't take much more of this

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Eugene "Eubroken" Harvey vs. Alan Comer

[view] Alan Comer's shirt is more colorful than real life

[view] Baby Huey plus five o'clock shadow equals Chick Magnet

[view] Tamblyn strains to hear the soft-spoken dutchman

[view] Cornelissen mumbles through a spell

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Mitchell Tamblyn vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

[view] Donnie Gallitz shows no fear in the face of Budde

[view] Eric "Danger" Taylor lies defeated

[view] A downright evil Kai Budde

[view] Japanese sideboard editor Keita Mori makes sure Tsang doesn't pull any shenanigans

[view] Ishida really hopes this works

[view] Itaru Ishida and Gab Tsang. On either side, a quiet mastermind.

[view] Somehow, Donnie Gallitz makes his mouth seem bigger than it is

[view] Eric Taylor appears to have some non-trivial voltage running through him

[view] Ol' Doom & Gloom, David Price

[view] Price is shocked by Taylor's insistence on playing spells

[view] Itaru Ishida, on the threshold of a beer-buying moustache

[view] Shvartsman watches Frank Gilson bring the Old School

[view] Finkel grabs

[view] Zvi needs most of his massive brain for this one

[view] Huey and Rubin, resigned

[view] Jeff Donais teaches Content Coordinator Thomas Pannell that reading IS fun!

[view] Labarre does his best not to look sinister

[view] Alex Borteh considers a life as a miniature Marco Blume

[view] Reiji Ando is about to break this one wide open

[view] Reiji Ando tests his might against Alex Borteh

[view] Round 4 Feature Match: Zvi Mowshowitz and Scott Johns pal around

[view] A rather nauseous Zvi Mowshowitz

[view] Scott Johns sez: "Getting brawled never felt so great!"

[view] Noah Boeken wouldn't hurt a fly

[view] Tsang has definetly seen better days

[view] Round 4 Feature Match: Noah Boeken vs. Gab Tsang. Tsang has apparently been punched in the gut

[view] Mark Brill subs in for Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons

[view] Daren Bader goes for "creepy"

[view] Chris Pikula, enemy of women

[view] Alex Shvartsman's smile shines like a thousand suns

[view] Kai Budde and his sweater

[view] Zvi Mowshowitz is smug, surprising no one

[view] Slacker extreme, Trevor Blackwell

[view] Marco Blume can't help but be threatening

[view] Peter Szigeti is like attitude wrapped in a rich, velvety coating

[view] Dan OMS, the bleariest

[view] Olivier Ruel keeps the joke to himself

[view] Andrew Johnson: Former US President or PT Miser?

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Nicholas Labarre

[view] Nicholas Labarre gets all ScienceFiction-like

[view] Mike Turian sports the goofiest of grins

[view] Andrew Johnson gets ready to apply

[view] Cornelissen is on the edge of his seat!

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Andrew Johnson

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: William Jensen vs. Ben Rubin

[view] William "Baby Huey" Jensen's eyes let you know he's got nothing up his sleeve

[view] Ben Rubin in his trademark shirt

[view] Colin Jackson is almost Frankenstein's monster

[view] Jeff Donais quells a heated discussion

[view] Eric Taylor does his best to dodge this photo

[view] Surprisingly, Benafel is cast in an angelic glow

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Eric Taylor vs. Chris Benafel

[view] Higashino prepares to bowl Wise over with his Thug Styles

[view] Rookie of the Year Katsuhiro Mori perches above the Feature Match area

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Gary Wise vs. Masayuki Higashino

[view] Gary Wise mulls over his blocking options

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Sol Malka vs. Jon FInkel

[view] Jonny Magic tries to still the voices in his head

[view] Malka plucks

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Dave Humpherys vs. Bob Maher, Jr.

[view] Warm lighting makes Dave Humpherys thirty percent more mysterious

[view] Bob Maher, Jr. humiliates himself for your amusement

[view] Your Move Games's Rob Dougherty playing in round 1

[view] Brian Kibler chats about Dragons during his round 1 feature match.

[view] Chris Pikula examines his opponent's card carefully.

[view] Tommi Hovi checks out some of Matt Vienneau mistakes while shuffling for his match against Chris Pikula

[view] The totally wacky John Ormerod

[view] Nicolai Herzog calculates damage.

[view] John Ormerod and Nicolai Herzog in a round 1 feature match.

[view] Chris Pikula and Tomi Hovi in a round 1 feature match.

[view] Matt Vienneau's play in this match wouldn't qualify him as the best drafter in anyone's basement.

[view] Matt Vienneau and Brian Kibler were full of banter.

[view] Keeper of the Feature matches Mark Rosewater.

[view] Players examine the pairings.

[view] Ben Stark makes his "Oooh"-face for double-Overrun

[view] Mire Turian pauses while laying out the pack

[view] Gary Wise and Katsuhiro Mori. No one's happy

[view] Tommi Hovi's determination contrasts Chris Pikula's nervousness

[view] Budde frowns at Szigeti's pick. Hacker makes a thinking face.

[view] Thinly-veiled chaos

[view] All-star overhead: Budde and Hacker work it out

[view] The Madding Crowd

[view] Brock Parker displays his affection for Dan Clegg as Matt Linde looks on

[view] Peter Szigeti and Jon Finkel get ready for fisticuffs

[view] Andrew Johnson jumpstarts his morning with java

[view] Doctor Chris Benafel's rage transforms him into a beast known as The Incredible Hulk

[view] Your diligent Judging staff

[view] Japanese players relax before Day 1

[view] Backpacks are a clear giveaway to being a Magic player

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