2002 World Championships Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on August 13, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
The artists do something a little special for the judges Sunday Staff
First Place in the Teams competition: Team Germany! Sunday Players
The Top 4! Sunday Players
Carlos Romao holds up his swag Sunday Players
Second Place in the Teams competition: Team U.S.A! Sunday Players
Singles Competition Day Winners Sunday Players
Finally, Latin America has arrived Sunday Players
The Latin Alliance rushes the stage to congratulate their Champion Sunday Players
Victory! Sunday Players
Even the staff can't wait to see how this one ends Sunday Staff
Everyone's captivated Sunday Players
Symbols of excellence Sunday Players
Carlos Romao sums it up with a shrug and a smile Sunday Players
Ziegner's Team Finals rush is starting to run out Sunday Players
Romao waits for the go-ahead Sunday Players
Duress scores Edict Sunday Players
Ziegner and Forsythe, an apprehensive pair Sunday Players
Carlos Romao, 2002 Magic World Champion! Sunday Players
Budde and Harvey go over their mutual rules mistake in game 2 Sunday Players
Budde and Ziegner slap hands Sunday Players
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat Sunday Players
Kai Budde wishes Harvey the best of luck on his following turn. He'll need it. Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey is in trouble. Ranks and Franz know it. Sunday Players
Budde's teammates watch from a safe distance Sunday Players
Soon, it's just Harvey vs. Budde for all the marbles Sunday Players
A crowd's-eye-view Sunday Players
All eyes are on Franz-Schneiders Sunday Players
Franz can taste this match win already Sunday Players
Ziegner defeats Ranks, and is overcome! Sunday Players
Kai Budde really doesn't want to screw this one up Sunday Players
Team Finals Action: Eugene Harvey [USA] vs. Kai Budde [DEU]. Perhaps you've heard of them? Sunday Players
Team Finals Action: Felix Schneiders [DEU] vs. Eric Franz [USA] Sunday Players
Eric Franz is unflappable Sunday Players
Things just aren't going Schneiders's way Sunday Players
Felix Schneiders has punk chic Sunday Players
Team Finals Action: Andrew Ranks [USA] vs. Mark Ziegner [DEU] Sunday Players
Andrew Ranks grins like a madman Sunday Players
A cocky Ziegner hands it back to Ranks Sunday Players
Carlos Romao defeats Diego Ostrovich to make the finals! Sunday Players
Ziegner poses with his dwindling library Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Diego Ostrovich [ARG] vs. Carlos Romao [BRA] Sunday Players
Carlos Romao loves the spotlight Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich's exasperation is apparent Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Ziegner vs. Humpherys. Reporter Toby Wachter doesn't care who wins, so long as it's quick Sunday Players
The Vintage Draft is serious business Sunday Players
All the action, all the time Sunday Players
Mike Donais and Thomas Pannell root for opposite sides of the team final Sunday Staff
Mark Rosewater, Randy Buehler, and Brian Kibler delight listeners with their commentary Sunday Staff
It's a big production in the Ostrovich-Romao semifinal Sunday Players
Mark Ziegner turns it over Sunday Players
Dave Humpherys can't believe he heard that right Sunday Players
The now-classic Anime-style tokens Sunday Players
KOMPRESSOR sez: Electrical Cord Shows Industrial Might! Sunday Site
It's a bit of a tough carry Sunday Players
The winner, and his glittering prize Sunday Players
Joe Hauck calls out the winning numbers in the "Museum of Magic" Raffle Sunday Staff
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais displays his elfin good looks Sunday Staff
The U.S. Team builds their last limited decks of the tournament Sunday Players
Mark Ziegner gives the thumbs-up to this pack. Kai is forced to agree with that assessment Sunday Players
Harvey and Ranks exchange signs Sunday Players
The Germans have everybody thinking that the U.S. Dynasty is finished Sunday Players
The Americans look to extend their streak to 6-0 Sunday Players
John Larkin in a bind Sunday Players
David Humpherys, with his new beard and Psychatog deck, is starting to look like Ryan Fuller Sunday Players
From overhead, things look somewhat less glamorous than on film Sunday Players
Diego Ostrovich is flush with power Sunday Players
"KK" is having a ball Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Ken Krouner vs. Diego Ostrovich Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Mark Ziegner vs. Sim Han How Sunday Players
Mark Ziegner knows this one's in the bag Sunday Players
Sim Han How has all the energy Aaron Forsythe lacks Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Tuomas Kotiranta vs. Carlos Romao Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: John Larkin vs. Dave Humpherys. Slow and steady wins the race Sunday Players
Tuomas Kotiranta is well focussed Sunday Players
Carlos "The Brazilian Huey" Romao busts up the quarterfinals Sunday Players
Nick Wong shows off his Antiquities pack Sunday Players
Who dares play the Shaharazad gambit? Sunday Players
JUZAM! Sunday Players
Camel is far from solid gold Sunday Players
Everybody loves Force of Nature, particularly in black border Sunday Players
Beta Booster Draft. Cracking Volcanic Island, nice! Sunday Players
The Worlds 2002 Top 8 Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor John Larkin Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Diego Ostrovich Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Ken Krouner Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Carlos Romao Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Sim Han How Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Mark Ziegner Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor David Humpherys Sunday Players
Top 8 Competitor Tuomas Kotiranta Sunday Players
Exhausted, tense, everything on the line, and still at the top of their games. Saturday Players
Harvey and Cleeman duke it out Saturday Players
This one's for most of the marbles! Saturday Players
Collin Jackson calls the playoff draft Saturday Staff
Now that's a personalized badge! Saturday Players
Franz pulls out the win against Schneiders Saturday Players
The U.S. are fired up and ready to win Saturday Players
The Danish are showing the strain of the lengthened day Saturday Players
Mark Ziegner [DEU] vs. Andrew Ranks [USA] Saturday Players
Felix Schneiders [DEU] vs. Eric Franz [USA] Saturday Players
Champion on Champion: Kai Budde [DEU] vs. Eugene Harvey [USA] Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Gabriel Michelena [ARG] vs. Jonas Cleeman [DEN] Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Gabriel Caligaris [ARG] vs. Peter Laier [DEN] Saturday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Diego Ostrovich [ARG] vs. Allan Christiensen [DEN] Saturday Players
Kazuhiko Mitsuya [JPN] vs. Simone Rossi [ITA] Saturday Players
Michihisa Onoda [JPN] vs. Dario Minieri [ITA] Saturday Players
Yusuke Sasaki [JPN] vs. Stefano Fiore [ITA] Saturday Players
The Germans have already secured their spot with 3-0. A chance to beat the U.S. is just gravy Saturday Players
The U.S. Team looks to make it 4-0 on the day Saturday Players
The Danish have surprised everyone, and need just one more win Saturday Players
The Argentineans, one draft away from the finals Saturday Players
A player cheers on his teammates, somewhat halfheartedly Saturday Players
The madding crowds of Friday are absent Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Edward Ross [SCO] v. Eric Franz [USA] Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey [USA] v. Douglas Penman [SCO] Saturday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Andrew Ranks [USA] v. Gary Campbell [SCO] Saturday Players
Michihisa Onoda swarms Florent Lefranc Saturday Players
Sylvain Lauriol's Mirari frustrates Kazuhiko Mitsuya Saturday Players
Christophe Haim frowns it up against Yuusuke Sasaki Saturday Players
In mental sports, it's important to start early Saturday Players
Australian Open players find their next victim Saturday Players
Fatties smash! Rah! Saturday Players
Tons of action in side events Saturday Players
Alex Shvartsman shows off a dangerous draft deck Saturday Players
Gary Wise crushes the opposition Saturday Players
Players get a chance to best Antoine Ruel Saturday Players
Joe Hauck and Gary Wise throw down in the gunslinging booth Saturday Staff
WotC Poobahs Chris Galvin, Scott Larabee and Dale Aitken Saturday Staff
Kids line up to purchase prints of their favorite cards Saturday Players
Diego Ostrovich is on a tear Saturday Players
The Scottish enter pack three Saturday Players
And there it is, white-red beatdown Saturday Players
Ranks, Harvey and Franz in a silent conference Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Schneiders [GER] vs. Cornelissen [NLD] Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Budde [GER] vs. Boeken [NLD] Saturday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Ziegner [GER] vs. Van de Logt [NLD] Saturday Players
Ben "By-The-Numbers" Bleiweiss fights against a tide of decklists Saturday Staff
The Dutch National Team. Intimidation Personified. Saturday Teams
The Dutch build their decks Saturday Players
You could get lost in there, if you were very little Saturday Site
Flags spice up the Team Matches Saturday Site
The Finnish Team are one of many wrecking balls Saturday Players
The Irish consider their options Saturday Players
Ziegner takes his card as Schneiders and Budde calculate Saturday Players
Opinions from Boeken, Cornelissen and van de Logt Saturday Players
Draft two, and again the Germans are in the Feature Match Area Saturday Players
The Dutch are a hot pick to win the teams competition Saturday Players
The Danish National Team Saturday Teams
The Turkish National Team Saturday Teams
The Irish National Team Saturday Teams
The Swiss National Team Saturday Teams
The Swedish National Team Saturday Teams
The French National Team Saturday Teams
The Finnish National Team, with "Jelly" Walamies in his trademark hat and shirt Saturday Teams
The Icelandic National Team Saturday Teams
The Slovak Republic National Team Saturday Teams
The Mexican National Team Saturday Teams
The Norwegian National Team Saturday Teams
A child is awestruck by the proceedings Saturday Players
The Canadian National Team Saturday Teams
Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett abandons his day job and pursues his lifelong dream of becoming a cat-burglar. Behold, the first profits! Saturday Staff
All this without the benefit of mind-altering substances Saturday Players
Guest Artist Ben Thompson mans the booth Saturday Staff
A symbolic matchup Saturday Players
England vs. Brazil Saturday Players
The Germans are focussed on the task ahead Saturday Players
Diego Ostrovich tangles with Mark Ziegner Saturday Players
Kai Budde prepares to dispatch Gabriel Michelena Saturday Players
Felix Schneiders and Gabriel Caligeris go at it Saturday Players
The Japanese Team refuse to get their hopes up Saturday Players
The Swiss Team take a dispassionate view Saturday Players
Michihisa Onoda versus Christian Kreher Saturday Players
Yuusuke Sasaki faces Raphael Gennari Saturday Players
Michael Mayer against Kazuhiko Mitsuya Saturday Players
The South Korean National Team Saturday Teams
The Brazilian National Team Saturday Teams
The Ukrainian Natioanal Team Saturday Teams
The Thai National Team Saturday Teams
The Chinese Taipei National Team. Notice the Nefarious Doctor Wong Saturday Teams
The New Zealand National Team, headed by their diminutive Captain, Cole Swannack Saturday Teams
The Israeli National Team. Living it up at Worlds Saturday Teams
The Scottish National Team Saturday Teams
The Argentinian National Team. Looking for big things both today and Sunday Saturday Teams
The Hungarian National Team Saturday Teams
The German National Team Saturday Teams
The Japanese National Team Saturday Teams
The English National Team. Notice the Ronaldson good-luck jersey Saturday Teams
The Australian National Team. Yes, those are Justin West's real eyes Saturday Teams
The South African National Team Saturday Teams
The Italian National Team Saturday Teams
Carrying the dynasty, The U.S. National Team Saturday Teams
The Venezualen National Team Saturday Teams
The Hong Kong National Team Saturday Teams
The Uruguayan National Team. All riled up. Saturday Teams
The Czech Republic National Team Saturday Teams
The Malaysian National Team Saturday Teams
The Spanish National Team Saturday Teams
The Belgian National Team Saturday Teams
A surly Scott Larabee, honorary member of the Australian National Team Saturday Staff
Kai Budde dispenses wisdom to his teammates during deck construction Saturday Players
Argentina is all energy in the first draft of the day Saturday Players
Side Events is jam-packed Saturday Players
Pros descend on the Australia Open like a scourge Saturday Players
From above, it's still just as frantic Saturday Players
A flurry of signs and counter-signs Saturday Players
The Spanish Team needs to discuss this one Saturday Players
The Hungarians take it slow Saturday Players
Team Germany can draft your socks off Saturday Players
Show Manager Renee Roub poses in front of The Pit Saturday Staff
Zvi Mowshowitz suffers a little extra humiliation Friday Players
Round 18 Feature Match: Van de Logt vs. Humpherys Friday Players
Dave Humpherys makes it happen, albeit in slow motion Friday Players
The Handshake, the sigh of relief, and the resignation. Friday Players
Everyone wants to see how this one turns out Friday Players
Ken Krouner, even with all those bears, is apprehensive Friday Players
A lethal attack Friday Players
Gentle Giant Tom van de Logt is looking for a repeat performance Friday Players
Anton Jonsson is really disappointed with Suntail Hawk Friday Players
Randy Buehler shares the good word with David Price as Sim Han How and Nick Wong look on Friday Players
Judges console one another as their champions jockey for position Friday Staff
With a shrug and a smirk, Mowshowitz is out of Top 8 contention Friday Players
Round 17 Feature Match: Mowshowitz vs. Humpherys. YMG infighting! Friday Players
Dave Humpherys dodges! Friday Players
Round 17 Feature Match: Levy vs. Swannack Friday Players
Precocious Cole Swannack is two wins away from Top 8 Friday Players
Raphael Levy takes delight in crushing the dreams of children Friday Players
Sideboard Reporter Aaron Forsythe takes a relaxed attitude towards work Friday Staff
Sideboard Japan Star Reporter Koichiro Maki is overseen by Masahiko Morita Friday Staff
Round 16 Feature Match: Ruel and van de Logt Friday Players
Antoine Ruel, lost in thought Friday Players
Tom van de Logt only does well at one tournament each year. Fortunately, it's Worlds Friday Players
Round 16 Feature Match: Levy v. Larkin Friday Players
Round 16 Feature Match: Humpherys and OMS Friday Players
Swoosh! It's Raphael Levy! Friday Players
SteveO only looks like he's resigned to his fate Friday Players
Irish National Champion John Larkin smashes with blue-black Braids Friday Players
Hump-Bot 2000 makes a run at Top 8 Friday Players
Three days, and already Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett looks like half a man Friday Staff
This earnest smile tells you "I can win it all" Friday Players
Sim Han How wears his trademark bemusement Friday Players
Tsuyoshi Ikeda is on a roll Friday Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Ikeda vs. Tomecek Friday Players
Thomas Tomecek, Slovakian National Champion Friday Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Mowshowitz vs. OMS Friday Players
Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz, greek scholar Friday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz fades into the shadows Friday Players
R&D's Randy Buehler watches the OBC action unfold Friday Staff
Still more Brian Kibler Friday Players
Perspective warps Brian Davis Friday Players
Round 15 Feature Match: Davis vs. Kibler Friday Players
Terry Lau makes up for lost time Friday Players
Bigwigs powwow Friday Staff
Zebra Patrol Friday Players
Canadians don't get down, they get mad Friday Players
Ed Fear, and role model Nosferatu Friday Players
The Mighty Dutch Friday Players
Who ordered the large, bearded Judges? Friday Players
Kai Budde and Nicolai Herzog duke it out at Table 66 Friday Players
Bram Snepvangers is mesmerised Friday Players
Right where you need it Friday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Richards Friday Players
Brian Kibler waits for the go-ahead Friday Players
Grisly. Friday Players
Scott Richards has something of the shaman about him Friday Players
Shvartsman hands over his graveyard to Hegstad's Echoes Friday Players
Brian Hegstad rolls his eyes Friday Players
Alex Shvartsman is watched by the specter of Eivind Nitter Friday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: Hegstad vs. Shvartsman Friday Players
Round 14 Feature Match: How vs. Mowshowitz Friday Players
Cheery Goofus Zvi Mowshowitz Friday Players
Sim Han How goes from smile to pout and back again Friday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Krouner vs. Pustilnik. Battle of the Draft 6-0's Friday Players
Mike Pustilnik, a gamer's gamer Friday Players
Ken "KK" Krouner, on a nine-match winning streak Friday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Thoren vs. Jonsson. All Sweden, all Punisher action Friday Players
Anton Jonsson is as giddy as a schoolgirl Friday Players
Jens Thoren and plains, actual plains! Friday Players
Round 13 Feature Match: Levy vs. How, Take 4 Friday Players
Malaysian National Champ Sim Han How is out in front, and plans to stay there Friday Players
Ever cautious, Raphael Levy Friday Players
Players tackle judges as they try to post the standings Friday Players
Everywhere you turn, it's World Championships Friday Site
Crowds gather to root for Swannack Thursday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Levy vs. Huey Thursday Players
Raphael Levy shows how Mongrel wins games Thursday Players
A disinterested Huey Thursday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Guevin vs. Shvartsman Thursday Players
Alex Shvartsman gets busted Thursday Players
Tom Guevin, without the benefit of stimulants Thursday Players
Sylvain Lauriol, doing whatever that is Thursday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz mopped up in about five minutes Thursday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Lauriol vs. Mowshowitz Thursday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: John Larkin vs. Cole Swannack Thursday Players
How many pros can you recognize from their typical trappings? Thursday Players
From on high, you can still pick out Gary Wise and Noah Boeken Thursday Site
Bird's-eye-view of the struggle below Thursday Site
Ancient Treasures Thursday Site
Crowds of happy competitors Thursday Players
Sometimes you just need to zone out for awhile Thursday Players
Having trouble this weekend, Zev Gurwitz and Eric Franz exchange half-hearted high-fives Thursday Players
Former Canadian National Team Member Terry Lau, and the love of his life Thursday Players
Tournament Manager Jeff Donais shows off his new friend Thursday Staff
Mother and son at a side event. How unusual. Thursday Players
A very wary Anton Jonnson Thursday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Larkin vs. Jonsson Thursday Players
Kai Budde turns his men Thursday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Budde vs. Boeken Thursday Players
John Larkin and a wicked grin Thursday Players
Noah Boeken hands it over Thursday Players
Rob Dougherty consults with Judge Manager James Lee Thursday Players
The Huey Mirror! William "Actual Huey" Jensen vs. Carlos "Brazillian Huey" Romao Thursday Players
Carlos Romao wears a mask of resolve Thursday Players
William Jensen is in a tough spot Thursday Players
Perhaps the most unflattering picture of Brian Kibler yet Thursday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Szigeti vs. Kibler. Notice that Kibler always knows where the camera is Thursday Players
Peter "PTR" Szigeti looks like a kid in a candy store, for once Thursday Players
Even Judges like to take a moment to drink in the action Thursday Players
That may or may not be a scotch tape noose Thursday Players
That grin is as much a part of Antonio DeRosa as the rest of him Thursday Players
Anton Jonsson shares a quiet moment with draft deck #2 Thursday Players
John Larkin and "a beating" Thursday Players
Eivind Nitter flashes a Call he just busted Thursday Players
Baby Huey has predicted 6-0 on Day 2. He's already 3-0, and now he has these guys to help him Thursday Players
Possible picks Thursday Players
National Champions: Anton Jonsson of Sweden and John Larkin of Ireland Thursday Players
Full-on draft action Thursday Players
Aaron Forsythe watches Huey do his thing Thursday Players
Impromptu Sideboard Conference: Randy Buehler, Thomas Pannell, and a mysterious third figure Thursday Staff
The Reverend Toby Wachter basks, possibly in glory Thursday Staff
Pros line The Pit, watching Cole Swannack dismantle opposition twice his age Thursday Players
The German Juggernaut, trying his best to appear nonthreatening Thursday Players
Yep, that's Zvi Mowshowitz, all right Thursday Players
Raphael Levy turns on the charm Thursday Players
Jonny Magic himself Thursday Players
Chris Benafel is alert. Perhaps too much so. Thursday Players
Canada's Jeff Fung. Such a nice young man Thursday Players
Late-night last-minute testing has its consequences Thursday Players
Olivier Ruel, like some sort of Renaissance Woodsman Thursday Players
Svend Geertsen dreams of untold possibilities Thursday Players
Guest Artist Terese Nielsen shows off Sonic Seizure Thursday Staff
At Side Events, players struggle with their Sealed Decks Thursday Players
Cole Swannack is irrepressible. Look at that smile! He's a born champion. Thursday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Swannack vs. Clegg Thursday Players
Dan Clegg finds himself in a bit of a sticky wicket Thursday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Boeken vs. Guevin. Beware of trashtalk Thursday Players
Tom Guevin, dazed and confused Thursday Players
Noah Boeken looks for confirmation Thursday Players
Just call him "Superman" Thursday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Canu vs. Ben Rubin. Rubin is so used to bluffing despair that it's second nature to him Thursday Players
Franck Canu switches styles for Day 2 Thursday Players
Noah Boeken is distracted by a light and motion Thursday Players
Albertus Law refuses to pose Thursday Players
Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz, in 3/4 profile Thursday Players
Fine upstanding citizen Ed Fear Thursday Players
John Ormerod, caught in the headlights Thursday Players
Bunch of wise guys, all of 'em Thursday Players
Australia's Ben Seck. Yes, THE Ben Seck Thursday Players
Brian Hegstad could not care less about the clubbering he's handing out Thursday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Budde vs. Odegaard Thursday Players
All confidence, and why not, Kai Budde Thursday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Jensen vs. Kearney Thursday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: "Maru-P" vs. Ishida Thursday Players
William "Baby Huey" Jensen, live and in color Thursday Players
Mop-top and Japanese Sensation Itaru Ishida Thursday Players
Dave Kearney can't stifle a pout Thursday Players
Nutty Professor Mike Pustilnik Thursday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Wise vs. Ruel Thursday Players
Gary Wise weaves Thursday Players
Oyvind Odegaard of Norway zooms in Thursday Players
An unkempt Antoine Ruel practices endorsing an appropriate candy bar Thursday Players
The Irish National Team, as fine a bunch of lads as you'll ever see Thursday Players
Oh, we got Trouble, right here in River City Thursday Players
Chris Galvin shows he can hang with the big boys Thursday Staff
Australian National Champ Justin West deserves all the special effects he can get Thursday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Levy Thursday Players
Raphael Levy doubles up on Chainflingers Thursday Players
Jin Okamoto ponders Thursday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Van de Logt vs. Harvey Thursday Players
Eugene Harvey is unexcited Thursday Players
A somewhat skeletal Tom Van de Logt Thursday Players
Diligent Judges tear through draft decklists Thursday Staff
Behold, The Pit! Thursday Players
Players huddle over their decklists, terrified of making a mistake Thursday Players
Raphael Levy has textbook red-black Thursday Players
Japanese National Champion Kazuhiko Mitsuya, his first Pro Tour and he's started off 4-1-1 Thursday Players
Jin Okamoto likes how this one turned out Thursday Players
Eugene Harvey hopes this'll do the job Thursday Players
Despite a shaky two-slot, Swannack's deck is busty Thursday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz is not only smug, but smug about being smug Thursday Players
Head Judge Collin Jackson calls the draft Thursday Staff
Jin Okamoto and Raphael Levy fight it out in Pod 1 Thursday Players
Sideboard Reporter Aaron Forsythe keeps tabs on a pair of Champions, Van de Logt and Harvey Thursday Players
A look that says "Things are going badly." Thursday Players
Cole Swannack is thirteen years old, 5-1, and has everyone cheering for him Thursday Players
Day 2 starts as it always does, in a crush to find one's seat Thursday Players
Always serious, the Okamoto Djinn himself Wednesday Players
Carlos Romao can intimidate at the drop of a hat Wednesday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Romao Wednesday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Levy vs. How Wednesday Players
Sim Han How of Malaysia is giddy with his 5-0 record Wednesday Players
You can practically hear Raphael Levy click his tongue in disdain Wednesday Players
Action, everywhere you look Wednesday Players
Eric "EFro" Froehlich has probably beaten you on Magic Online Wednesday Players
Reigning World Champion and Giant, Tom Van de Logt Wednesday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Froehlich vs. Van de Logt Wednesday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Law vs. Mori Wednesday Players
Even captured on film, Katsuhiro "Twitchy" Mori refuses to stand still Wednesday Players
Singaporean powerhouse Albertus Law Wednesday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Wise vs. Swannack. No one is rooting for Wise Wednesday Players
Gary Wise simply cannot believe he's losing this match Wednesday Players
Cole Swannack is more than meets the eye Wednesday Players
Just because you're on vacation doesn't excuse that hat Wednesday Players
These are the players leading the charge to Japanese Pro Tour Excellence Wednesday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Geertsen vs. Herzog Wednesday Players
Svend Geertsen tries to play the innocent Wednesday Players
Poor Nicolai Herzog, he's going to have to face these three Wednesday Players
Personalities rage in The Pit Wednesday Players
Hegstad hands it back Wednesday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Brian Hegstad v. Jan Tomcani Wednesday Players
Jan Tomcani isn't above rubbing in a little salt Wednesday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Larkin vs. Canu Wednesday Players
Franck Canu can't help but seem vacant Wednesday Players
Three-time Irish National Champion John Larkin Wednesday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Schneider vs. Tenenbaum Wednesday Players
Amiel Tenenbaum is apprehensive in his new haircut Wednesday Players
Pleasant young man Ollie Schneider Wednesday Players
Busting deals, facing wheels Wednesday Players
Hanging around side events Wednesday Players
Mark Tedin and his recent work, Treacherous Werewolf Wednesday Staff
Artist Matt Cavotta shows off Anavolver Wednesday Staff
Sideboard Online Content Manager Thomas Pannell has words with Head Judge Collin Jackson Wednesday Staff
Jelger Wiegersma hides his true identity behind a snazzy chapeau Wednesday Players
John Ormerod sums things up nicely Wednesday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Richards vs. Mowshowitz Wednesday Players
The always-cherubic Zvi Mowshowitz Wednesday Players
New Zealand sensation, Scott Richards Wednesday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Nitter vs. Humpherys Wednesday Players
The now-bearded and therefore evil Dave Humpherys enjoys a chuckle Wednesday Players
Eivind Nitter gets creepshow, wearing a snake around his neck Wednesday Players
As you can see, Jin Okamoto is delighted Wednesday Players
William Jensen yields priority expertly Wednesday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Okamoto vs. Jensen Wednesday Players
Smiling faces lead the ceremonies Wednesday Players
Australian National Champion Justin West is, more than anything, terrifying Wednesday Players
The Flag Bearers look austere Wednesday Players
The Flag Ceremony celebrates the many countries in attendance Wednesday Players
The call of the Digeridoo leads the musical performance Wednesday Site
Music! Lights! Dance! The Opening Ceremonies are something to behold Wednesday Site
Vice President of Wizards-Owned Trading Card Games, Joe Hauck Wednesday Staff
The opening speech fires up the crowd Wednesday Players
Judges mediate a dispute between William "Baby Huey" Jensen and Chang Ming Tung Wednesday Staff
Everybody crowds around the Davis - Maher finale Wednesday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Wise vs. Boeken Wednesday Players
The always-uneasy Noah Boeken Wednesday Players
Frumpy ol' Gary Wise Wednesday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Davis vs. Maher Wednesday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Nassif vs. Fujita Wednesday Players
Brian Davis glowers Wednesday Players
Gabriel Nassif in his trademark hat Wednesday Players
Bob Maher, Jr. turns his glance inward Wednesday Players
Tsuyoshi "Mr. Rolly" Fujita does some hasty arithmetic Wednesday Players
This one belongs to the Champ Wednesday Players
Old School Product Wednesday Site
Guest Artist Ben Thompson displays his work Chainer's Edict, sure to be in a couple matches Wednesday Staff
Magic Thugs joke around Wednesday Players
The Israeli National Team Wednesday Players
Head Judge Jackson lays down the law in the Stokinger - Lauriol match Wednesday Staff
An impromptu conference between Judge Coordinator James Lee and Head Judge Collin Jackson Wednesday Staff
In a startling turn of events, Zvi Mowshowitz is wearing the YMG red & black Wednesday Players
Froehlich tries to fight his way out Wednesday Players
Harvey's way is just peachy Wednesday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Eugene Harvey vs. Eric Froehlich Wednesday Players
Secret Agents, or scorekeeping staff? Wednesday Staff
A beautiful custom playmat frames the action Wednesday Site
The competition is fierce Wednesday Players
Oh, it's Worlds all right! Wednesday Site
Katsuhiro Mori's look this weekend is "jaunty" Wednesday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Kibler vs. Mori. Kibler grimaces as if he can see the Fact and Demise Wednesday Players
Brian Kibler is stunned! Wednesday Players
Easygoing Justin Gary takes his medicine with a smile Wednesday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Justin Gary vs. Alex Borteh Wednesday Players
Alex Borteh ponders his next move Wednesday Players
  Wednesday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Dr. Mike Pustilnik vs. Kamiel Cornelissen Wednesday Players
"Mikey P" is dismayed Wednesday Players
Kamiel Cornelissen displays Repulse Wednesday Players
Nicolai Herzog basks in the glow of Tournament Manager Jeff Donais Wednesday Players
Taking Magic to The Outback. Yes, that is a wild Kangaroo. Wednesday Site
This marquee hardly does the excitement justice Wednesday Site
The Head Judge, Smilin' Collin Jackson Wednesday Staff
The Keepers of Order Wednesday Staff
The diligent Judge staff gets pumped up for the event Wednesday Staff
One of the displays in the Museum of Magic Wednesday Site
Outside the Hordern Pavilion, home of the 2002 World Championships Wednesday Site

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