2002 World Championships Quick Interviews

Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

"What beats Psychatog?"

Albertus Law: "Squirrel Prison" Zvi Mowshowitz: "Deep Analysis" Kai Budde: "Another Psychatog"

"Which Invasion block card will you miss the most when they rotate out?"

Raphael Levy: "Rushing River" Jon Finkel: "Salt Marsh" Svend Geertsen: "Yavimaya Coast"

"Name one person you’ll vote for for the Magic Invitational."

Jon Finkel: "David Price" Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz: "Peter Szigeti" Kai Budde: "Mike Turian"

"What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?"

Jeff Fung: "Goldmember" Albertus Law: "Star Wars Episode 2" Ed Fear: "The Road to Perdition"

"Which Worlds format is the most difficult?"

Raphael Levy: "Block Constructed" Zvi Mowshowitz: "Draft" Noah Boeken: "Three-man Team Rochester"

"How much Magic Online do you play?"

Noah Boeken: "None." Chris Benafel: "One draft per day." Ed Fear: "60 or 70 hours per week."

"What's the third best deck in Odyssey Block Constructed?"

Ed Fear: "Solitary Confinement" John Ormerod: "Blue-black Infestation" Ben Seck: "Green-white Glory"

"Who will win Worlds?"

Kai Budde: "Raphael Levy" Ben Seck: "Baby Huey (William Jensen)" Steve OMS: "The Brazilian Huey (Carlos Romao)"

"In a perfect world, who would your teammates be for PT Boston?"

Chris Benafel: "Eric Froehlich and Franck Canu" Svend Geertsen: "Ryan Fuller and Jon Finkel" Jeff Fung: "Tyra Banks and Britney Spears"

"How long did it take you to get to Sydney?"

Steve OMS: "25 hours" Kai Budde: "45 hours. We spent the night in Singapore." Ben Seck: "Five minutes"

"Which two teams will be in the finals?"

Noah Boeken: "Netherlands and Germany" Svend Geertsen: "Denmark and Sweden" Albertus Law: "USA and Ireland"

"What is the best Judgment common card in limited?"

Jon Finkel: "Wormfang Drake." Zvi Mowshowitz: "Finkel's wrong. Arcane Teachings." John Ormerod: "I have no idea how to draft. Probably one of the white ones."

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