2002 World Championships Team Final Draft Packs

Posted in Event Coverage on August 17, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Careful StudySeafloor DebrisSyncopateBog WreckageRavaged HighlandsRites of Refusal
SimplifyMorbid HungerAven CloudchaserAngelic WallAven CloudchaserKamahl's Desire
Overeager ApprenticeInnocent BloodSimplifyMorgue TheftDedicated MartyrAngelic Wall
Whispering ShadePrimal FrenzyPhantom WhelpLife BurstOvereager ApprenticeMorgue Theft
Timberland RuinsTouch of InvisibilityEarth RiftCabal InquisitorPrimal FrenzySpringing Tiger
DreamwinderPatriarch's DesireThermal BlastLeaf DancerEscape ArtistZombie Assassin
Ghastly DemiseMystic ZealotPatriarch's DesireAether BurstAnarchistCartographer
ShelterWild MongrelMystic ZealotScorching MissilePilgrim of VirtueAether Burst
Muscle BurstZombie AssassinDematerializeMystic ZealotNantuko DiscipleWild Mongrel
Escape ArtistCartographerScorching MissileRabid ElephantCephalid ScoutAven Windreader
AnarchistAether BurstAuramancerRepelFireboltReckless Charge
Darkwater CatacombsDivertChance EncounterBurning SandsMirariCephalid Shrine
Screams of the DamnedSylvan MightBeast AttackBeast AttackMagma VeinCrashing Centaur
TwigwalkerSkeletal ScryingPulsating IllusionMalevolent AwakeningStandstillAven Smokeweaver
WhipkeeperNimble MongooseSkyshooterStill LifeSphere of TruthSphere of Truth

Obsessive SearchRancid EarthCephalid SnitchEnslaved DwarfAven TrooperCephalid Aristocrat
Restless DreamsPay No HeedCarrion RatsPsychotic HazeKrosan RestorerRestless Dreams
Pay No HeedBarbarian OutcastGhostly WingsTeroh's FaithfulSonic SeizureFrantic Purification
Cephalid AristocratCarrion RatsInvigorating FallsCoral NetCephalid SnitchSonic Seizure
Militant MonkGhostly WingsPsychotic HazeAccelerateRancid EarthCarrion Rats
Crazed FirecatAquamoebaFar WanderingsMesmeric FiendFar WanderingsMesmeric Fiend
GravegougerBasking RootwallaSoul ScourgeBasking RootwallaCabal TorturerChurning Eddy
Deep AnalysisCrippling FatigueMystic FamiliarDeep AnalysisSpirit FlareNantuko Calmer
Krosan ConstrictorAven TrooperFiery TemperCabal TorturerPardic LancerOrgan Grinder
Faceless ButcherPardic LancerGravegougerFloating ShieldMesmeric FiendMilitant Monk
PetravarkShade's FormHydromorph GuardianLonghorn FirebeastChurning EddyCrackling Club
Angel of RetributionSkullscorchInsistPossessed BarbarianHypnoxInsist
Mind SludgeTainted PeakGrotesque HybridBoneshard SlasherGrotesque HybridAnurid Scavenger
BreakthroughFlaming GambitEqual TreatmentCompulsionCircular LogicStrength of Isolation
Teroh's VanguardCabal CoffersCleansing MeditationChainer's EdictCleansing MeditationStupefying Touch

Arcane TeachingsBook BurningGuided StrikeAnurid BarkripperIronshell BeetleEnvelop
Folk MedicineRay of RevelationCagemailIronshell BeetleFuneral PyreCentaur Rootcaster
Lost in ThoughtDefy GravityMental NoteLead AstrayMental NoteBook Burning
Prismatic StrandsIronshell BeetleCanopy ClawsLava DartEarsplitting RatsCagemail
Lava DartFuneral PyreVenomous VinesDefy GravityRay of RevelationToxic Stench
Nantuko TracerMirror WallFlaring PainEarsplitting RatsBattlefield ScroungerPhantom Tiger
Treacherous WerewolfNantuko TracerShieldmage AdvocateVigilant SentryCabal TraineeGoretusk Firebeast
Barbarian BullyFlaring PainHapless ResearcherBattlefield ScroungerSuntail HawkBattlewise Aven
Krosan WayfarerShieldmage AdvocatePhantom TigerBenevolent BodyguardHarvester DruidBattlefield Scrounger
Aven FogbringerHapless ResearcherGoretusk FirebeastKeep WatchWormfang DrakeCabal Trainee
Border PatrolPhantom TigerBattlewise AvenDwarven ScorcherPhantom NomadSuntail Hawk
Shaman's TranceMasked GorgonScalpelexisGloryScalpelexisSutured Ghoul
Krosan VergeCephalid InkshrouderWormfang CrabForcemage AdvocateRiftstone PortalElephant Guide
FilthSerene SunsetKrosan ReclamationKrosan VergeElephant GuidePhantom Centaur
Aven WarcraftWeb of IntertiaCabal TherapyInfectious RageQuiet SpeculationAven Warcraft

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