2003 Australia Nationals Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 29, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Last minute draft practise!
Everyone wants their face on sideboard.com
Constructed grinders provide a last ditch gateway
Decisions, decisions....
The last grinder of the night features our soon to be National Champ
Lee Copus pilots his u/g deck in the final grinder
Defending champ Justin West spreads his pack
Oks finishes sleaving his deck at the feature match table
Nadebaum demonstrates his pile shuffling skills
A few select prayers before a match can never hurt
The National Convention center home to the tournament for 3 years
West always packs his best death stare
Explosive Vegetation always helps when youre splashing Visara
Everyone loves trophies!
Just making sure everything is in order
Seck is always full of life and witty anecdotes.
Seck looks at his deck for answers
Not all the action takes place at the feature match table
Jiang studies the "pile of garbage" he just draft
Nadebaum stares in disbelief at the "pile of garabge"
U/R is a favourite of many pros and Robertson demonstrates why
Copeman hides behind a large 5/5 Stinger
Jiang summons more men
Rocking back in your chair is always a good way to help the thought process
Ahhhh stalemates, you just gotta love em
Theres always some sort of side tournament running
Look at all those eager gamers
Trevilyan attempts to stop the undefeated run of Seck
Seck stares longingly at his deck as it deserts him
The view is much better from ear!
Gotta love that haggard beard.
Fleming hopes that Wrath of God wont be making an appearance
Connolly thinks long and hard before his next move
And the side events just keeeeeep oooooon rolling
Look at all those dead Looters
Sideboarding is always a good diea
Strike a pose theres nothing to it...VOGUE!
Another match....another death stare.
Neeman shuffles up for his match with West
Maybe one day Nathan will shave that raggedy beard
Musolino has all the answers in these games
Gamers just love Urza's Saga
Side events, side events everywhere so lets all grab a deck
The Solar Blast wrecking ball
Lightfoot talks it up with West and does the impossible
Is that...no it couldn't be...a picture of West smiling!?!
The cool calm and collected Robertson
Musolino hopes his deck can give him the goods
Bryce makes sure everything is in order before presenting
What a weekend its been for Andrew Varga
Allen and his red green monsters
Dont let anyone tell you any different, Chris Nadebaum is just a floating head
Team sealed is always a popular choice for those not in day 2
Tiffany and her little Nantuko Husk are going ALL THE WAY!
Everyone is deep in thought trying to give their team the lead
The boys from Adelaide are always a team to watch out for
Why watch the finals when you can game!
Andrew Varga presented his first place trophy
Nothing like a big trophy to put a smile on your dial
Thats one happy chappy folks
Chris Allen receives his second place plaque
Allen poses with the clock
Bryce Trevilyan receives his third place plaque
And here we have Tiffany and her Nantuko Husk yet again
Bryce poses with the clock
The Australian National team to represent us at worlds 2003
Its almost impossible for West not to look mean!
West and the death stare pose with his plaque
Australian Nationals top 4 finishers
West's 20 second review shows him his draft is going to plan

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