2003 Canada National Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Semi-Finalist Richard Hoaen Sunday Players
He may be the man about town, but he's not too standoffish to miss a chance at the guns Sunday Players
Champion Josh Rider Sunday Players
Success has Josh Rider a little giddy Sunday Players
Finalist Nathon Braymore Sunday Players
Ladies and Gentlemen, your Canadian National Team Sunday Players
The Finals: Braymore vs. Rider Sunday Players
Now that he's definitely on the team, Nathon Braymore has loosened up considerably Sunday Players
Josh Rider is haunted by the ghost of Phil Samms Sunday Players
3rd/4th Place Playoff: Daoust vs. Hoaen Sunday Players
Head Judge Hernandez watches Guillaume Daoust like a hawk Sunday Players
Hopefully Richard Hoaen won't hate this picture Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Nathan Braymore vs. Guillaume Daoust Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Richard Hoaen vs. Josh Rider Sunday Players
Josh Rider throws a sly look Sunday Players
Richard Hoaen preps his punching fist Sunday Players
Nathan Braymore finds an acceptable mulligan Sunday Players
Guillaume Daoust prepares himself, mentally Sunday Players
Sideboard Reporter Brian David-Marshall fuels up for the long day ahead Sunday Staff
Quarterfinal Action: Rider vs. Cardin Sunday Players
Josh Rider, a man on a mission Sunday Players
Guillaume Cardin, happy to be here Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Boulanger vs. Daoust Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Wolfman vs. Hoaen Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Braymore vs. Pollock Sunday Players
Elijah Pollock doesn't get nervous anymore Sunday Players
Nathon Braymore makes a few post-Duress notes Sunday Players
"The Wolf" waits for the right moment to strike Sunday Players
Richard Hoaen, looking like he always does Sunday Players
Vincent Boulanger, far and away the best-dressed player in the Top 8 Sunday Players
Guillaume Daoust loves this pose Sunday Players
The 2003 Canadian National Top 8 Sunday Players
Round 12 Feature Match: Fung vs. Boulanger Saturday Players
Boyd Hardie, WAY TOO CLOSE Saturday Players
Smooth Operator Vincent Boulanger Saturday Players
Richard Hoaen in the final round Saturday Players
Jeff Fung, one win away Saturday Players
Jon Stern plays for Top 8 Saturday Players
Francis Cormier: Thinktank Saturday Players
Sam Lau, on the verge of back-to-back Nationals Top 8's Saturday Players
Josh Rider keeps it mellow. He has to. Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Cardin vs. Cormier Saturday Players
Guillaume Cardin, nearing the end of a long day Saturday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Steven Wolfman vs. Benjamin Page Saturday Players
No expense was spared Saturday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Christiensen vs. Monast Saturday Players
David Monast waits for confirmation Saturday Players
Jordan Christiensen can't stop doodling Saturday Players
Steve Wolfman is eager to kill Saturday Players
Benjamin Page was caught unawares, he didn't think he'd be doing this well Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Jeff Fung vs. Paul Russell Saturday Players
Round 9 Feature Match: Josh Ryder vs. Elijah Pollock Saturday Players
Josh Ryder hits you with The Guns Saturday Players
Elijah Pollock goes for "The Stare", but just ends up looking wistful Saturday Players
Paul Russel stays focussed Saturday Players
A very serious Jeff Fung Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Gary Wise vs. Francis Cormier Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Louis Boileau vs. Sam Lau Saturday Players
Gary Wise fondly recalls drafting his deck Saturday Players
Francis Cormier zooms in for a better look Saturday Players
Louis Boileau drives the ladies wild. Assuming there are ladies Saturday Players
Sam Lau and his chiseled features Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Matt Vienneau vs. Richard Hoaen Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Guillaume Daoust vs. Gab Tsang Saturday Players
It's not Matt Vienneau's fault he looks shifty Saturday Players
Gab Tsang works his massive brain Saturday Players
Richard Hoaen caught in the headlights Saturday Players
Guillaume Daoust considers suicide Saturday Players
The last few players finish their deck reg Saturday Players
Despite the early hour, there are some spectators Saturday Players
It's all smug looks at Table 1 Saturday Players
The always-diligent Reid Schmadeka Friday Staff
Cover of the 2004 "Judges of Canadian Nationals" Calendar. You'll never guess who's January Friday Players
Sam Lau is under fire from Gab Tsang Friday Players
Ben Roth, apparently a reanimated corpse Friday Players
Francis Cormier notes his busty graveyard Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Ross vs. Daoust Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Ruggiero vs. Cardin Friday Players
Pasquale Ruggiero dares Cardin to make a move Friday Players
Guillaume Cardin hopes things go right Friday Players
Lesslie Ross makes a note Friday Players
Rising Quebec star Guillaume Daoust Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Seve Cassell vs. Elijah Pollock Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Gary Wise vs. Louis Boileau Friday Players
With a countenance this grizzled, Steve Cassell must have led a hard life indeed Friday Players
2020's Elijah Pollock Friday Players
A pensive LouisB Friday Players
Gary Wise gives Boileau "The Stare" Friday Players
Drafters do their thing Friday Players
Wise & Boileau at Table 1 Friday Players
Check out the contemplation in Pod 1! Friday Players
Phil Samms gives nats a thumbs-up Friday Players
Free and easy in the 0-3 pod: Fuller, Radonjic, and reigning National Champ Jurgen Hahn Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Nathan Braymore vs. Josh Ryder Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Vienneau vs. Fuller. Sparks fly! Friday Players
The ineffable JoshR of the IRC Friday Players
Ontario PTQ king Nathan Braymore Friday Players
Ryan Fuller claims his 0-2 start is all part of the plan Friday Players
Old-Schooler Matt Vienneau stares Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Tsang vs. Rood Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Stern vs. Cunningham Friday Players
Even "God of Blue-Green" Jeff Cunningham isn't safe from its tempermental mana Friday Players
Jon Stern, sporting the same glower that got him Top 16 at Yokohama Friday Players
New Canadian Icon David Rood Friday Players
"The Dead Pool" Friday Players
Buncha thugs Friday Players
Competitors congregate Friday Players
Gab Tsang, the original Juggernaut Friday Players
The tournament site is downright austere Friday Site
Montreal welcomes you! Friday Site
Round 1 Feature Match: Hoaen vs. Fung Friday Players
Steven Wolfman, asleep at the switch, as usual Friday Players
Head Judge Marc Hernandez, direct from France Friday Staff
The Player Meeting catches everyone bright-eyed Friday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: The Mauler vs. The Wolf Friday Players
Murray Evans wears a mask of concentration Friday Players
Richard Hoaen in baseball chic Friday Players

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