2003 Dutch Nationals Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

And this is the Dutch National Team as they will battle it out at Worlds this year!
The battle for the crown
Rogier Maaten hasn’t played a Pro Tour yet, but he’s taking down Jelger
Jelger Wiegersma facing his favorite for the title – Rogier Maaten
But Maarten Ferguson stood in his way
Frank van de Hanenberg in the losers bracket desperately trying to make the team
The top 4 poses charmingly for Stan
Maarten Ferguson just qualified for his second Pro Tour!
Rogier Maaten working his way to the finals
Jelger Wiegersma trying to make the Dutch team
Frank van de Hanenberg – now qualified for Worlds
Major designer of the B/G deck, Maarten is winning his quarterfinals with just that
Matthijs van Wageningen has to play Maarten Ferguson
Tom van Ravensteijn playing in the lower profile quarterfinals
Rogier Maaten
Rogier Maaten – Jelger’s favorite to take the title
Frank Karsten in his quarterfinals
Jelger Wiegersma has the toughest opponent in the quarterfinals
Alexander Witt against Jelger Wiegersma in the quarterfinals
Rogier Maaten
Tom van Ravensteijn
Frank van de Hanenberg
Matthijs van Wageningen
Maarten Ferguson
Jelger Wiegersma
Frank Karsten
Alexander Witt
Alexander Witt in the final round
Sven Dijt battling it out for top 8
Bas Postema
Noah Boeken
Tom van de Logt has his own reporter
Jelger Wiegersma and Bart Genders trying to win table 2
Bas Postema and Tom van de Logt trying to stay in contention
Kamiel Cornelissen, the most famous of the family
A sight to look forward to
Jeroen Remie vs Kamiel Cornelissen – the battle of mispronunciations
Jeroen Remie, Holland’s latest superstar
Who said Rift got worse with Legions?
A former World Champ and Jelger Wiegersma building their decks
Sexy Dutchmen caught on camera
Random assorted Dutchmen
No cheating allowed! – the Judging Staff
As all highlevel judges qualified we had to import Rune Horvik and Peter Coenen
Magic players come in all shapes and sizes. This is Noah! (but not Boeken)
Team www.lowlandgames.com is dominating the swiss
A battle of the Frank’s
Frank van de Hanenberg in round 9
Frank Karsten in round 9
Warmenhoven vs. van Leeuwen
Arjan van Leeuwen in round 8
Tom van de Logt playing a Cornelissen brother
One of the three Dutch homeboys – Ruud Warmenhoven
The two 6-0 players Rogier Maaten and Frank van de Hanenberg face off
GP Gothenburg winner Jos Schreurs
These two GP winners face off in round 7
GP Helsinki winner Noah Boeken
Bart Genders
Frank Karsten vs Bart Genders in round 6
Supersplitter Frank Karsten
Jelger Wiegersma turning into a Goblin
Maybe if I stare at them long enough they will go away!
The new superreporter – Stan van der Velden
Ruud Warmenhoven quick interview
Bas Knapen, a local talent
Jelger fighting Bas Knapen
Jelger Wiegersma in his first feature match of Nationals 2003
Pieter and Noah battling it out in round 4
Noah Boeken
Pieter Pesie
The least known Cornelissen brother, Stijn
Victor van den Broek brought the trademark Bubbles to Nationals
Victor van den Broek and Stijn Cornelissen square off in round 3
Ruud Warmenhoven in his round 2 Feature Match
Ruud and Jesse facing each other in round 2
Jesse Cornelissen, one of the Cornelissen brothers
Wessel Oomens
Kamiel Cornelissen
Jeroen Remie
Jelger Wiegersma
Frank Karsten
Bram Snepvangers
Alexander Witt

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