2003 Event Horizons Invitational Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on June 7, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

A big hand of applause for Don James and Tim Weissman
A literal nail biter for the Dave Humphries of Texas
Aaron Rzepka cant believe his hand
Aaron Rzepka failed the test but won the draft
Adam Bernstein ponders his next move
All sixteen competitors after a long weekend
Another Zanman shot
BDM covers the event
Bryan Lyons cant buy a win in Your own Set of Rules
Bryan Lyons wins 4 way solomon
Carl Lobato
Complete the Block Champ Trent Boneaa
Complete the Block Trophy
Dave cheers Neil toward victory
Dave Williams works on the Tog proof
Don James proctors the MQ test
Finalist Trent Boneau
Four way Solomon trophy
Friends of Ben Bleiweiss wear funny hats
Grading the MQ tests was an all night job
Haibing Hu asks for permission
Horse's Ass Trophy
Horse's Ass winner Sterling Savage
How lucky Aboshan
Jeff Taylor and Mike Musser review the cards
Jeff Taylor is stumped
Jeff Taylor taps his mana
Jonathon Pechon hears a high pitched sound
Lawing cant beleive how good Lyons deck is
Mousetrap Trophy
MQ trophy
MQ winner Aaron Rzepka
Neil gladly takes a second pick Sparksmith
Neil ponders the Willbender
Neil Reeves asks way a card does
Neil Reeves mugs for the camera
Neil will have to come with a new pose when he wins a Pro Tour
Not the only trophy Neil would leave with this weekend
Pechon laughs as he tries to play Tog
Sceadeau and the Governor sit down for a feature match
Sceadeau is pronouced shadow
Second place trophy
Show all work
Sideboard reporter BDM watches Dave add up Tog damage
Sportsmanship Trophy
Sterling laughs at his trophy
Testing their MQs
Texas Guildmage Rob Lawing
The Brass Ring
The five format winners
The Governor had the worst score
The Governor is amused as he draws a third Vindicate
The MQ test is grueling
The Zanman
Trent rereads Willbender
Trents opinion of second place
Who knew Ancestors Chosen had first strike
Williams makes the 13 card pile
Your own set of rules trophy

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